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  1. Thanks for your thoughts Dell link all the 8gb pretty xxxy so looking for a cheaper option ? this computer will only be used for ableton live lite ,novation bass station and v station that all came with Novation Launchkey mini mk 2. The ableton website lists requirements as muticore processor 4 gb ram 3 gb free disc space but I wanted a users opinion so thanks for your help, it all scared me after reading complaints about the program freezing from other users I will connect to the internet once to download from ableton site and never connect again and export what I make to a memory stick. I will probably not download any samples as the virtual instruments are what I need. I don't care how big the laptop is I just want to be sure it will run it successfully and not be a desktop. I have just looked on ebay and there is a lot of laptops for sale but i'm still unsure any laptop brands and models recommended ? Thanks everyone
  2. Thanks for the quick reply labrat, I am going to buy a dedicated computer thingy and how much gb ram memory is my question?
  3. My second post here was a virgin until 2 minites ago. I use novation mini launchkey mk 2 with ableton to mix some background noise I don't use loops from other sources but I do record my own. With my home computer so filled up with other stuff I've decided to by a mobile computer thingy. After searching for a tablet/laptop I realise I have no idea what I am looking for, what would do the job ? It will be dedicated to noise no downloading other trash, just homemade noise like virtual instruments and some recorded loops I want to use windows as I understand it a little bit So what do I require I don't want to spend a $1000 if I only gotta spend $200? thanks old man
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    Hi that usually gets people to have a look, I've been lurking for a while and now i have some ?'s so join i did.
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