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  1. What about the Roland SP 404SX so I don't need a laptop? I heard there were some similar Akai products too?
  2. I'm not a DJ but a musician in a new duo set up where we need a sample pad/sampler/something where we can load a backing track ( consisting of bass, drums, extra synth and harmony vocals) of each song per pad for a set and also have the option of manipulating it (the whole track) with things like reverb to add ambience in instrumentals parts, or maybe play things on extra pads if it's not too complicated. Need something foolproof-ish (I have a baseline knowledge of music tech and sound engineering but I have two weeks to learn it/set it up and need to sing as well), that isn't likely to stuff up on stage. It will only be used in a live setting. We would use a laptop or something but I think the audience likes to see a bit of gear when so many instruments are obviously not being played, and some control (particularly in the future when I know how to use it better) would be a good option. I was thinking Ableton Push, but I think it does too much for what I need. A friend was telling me about his Roland Drum sample pad, but I don't want to stand at the front with a drumstick. Any suggestions on what I should get? Thanks for reading, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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