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  1. Dudes.. what genre would this track fit with? Im thinking like Psydance or yeah, I dunno hey. Starts wiggin out at 2.00 Has been a fun project regardless. Cheers.
  2. Cheers for the replies guys, The track has been on soundcloud for a bit now, I was looking to take it a few steps further and put a copyright on it, get my own label going, get it on iTunes etc. I dont think it will ever get #1 but yeah, who knows... Can be risky from what I've read Heres the track if you're interested - Can you even guess what the clip is from? its the only "vocals" I put in there. Kinda 50/50 on whether I should just do it or not.
  3. Greetings dudes and dudettes, Been browsing online for an Aus based electronic music forum and decided to join up with this one, Hope that's ok with y'all. If you can point out a better place for me to introduce myself, please do Jumping straight into the deep end with a question... I've got this weird/nooby track I've been putting together over the past few months, and I've used 2x 2second audio clips from an older movie(1995). They repeat several times with various effects over the first quarter of the song. Do you think I'll run into issues down the track if I get a copyright on the song and get it out there? Happy to put a link up to the song if you need to hear it.
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