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  1. Spinifex

    Hey yo!

    Sweet, cheers guys. Yeah I'll see you wed @OxyKon Feelin' welcome!
  2. Spinifex

    Hey yo!

    Hey there guys, just welcoming myself to the forum I'm Andy, a mate of @BeatLeSS, living with him at the moment. Ive been trying to wrap my head around production for a couple of years and have been starting to do more mixing lately. Anyways, Lance has been banging on about the forum for ages, and I could always use some help with finding tunes and mixing. More into the 4/4 generally, but I get down to whatever filthy, bassy or groovy shit is playing. <3 the boogie, <3 the cheeky old psychedelic influences, more the tekkers than the hekkers, and the ol' Hi-tech will make me ragequit the dancefloor. Anyways, nice to meet you guys and girls in advance Big Love, Andy
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