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  1. Yeah, I always ask first... they can isolate the alarm for that room in some venues...
  2. Yeah, I was wondering if it's something I should add to the Lighting box... I was mentally just thinking of something I could probably mount up high on a T-pole - but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how it'd hang or how to shine a pin-light on it! Meh... too hard! Cheers, TG
  3. Hi Guys, In the many years I've been DJing, I've never been asked for a Mirror ball to be used - but I've got a gig in 3 months time, they want a big mirror ball... Do they make them for mobile DJs? I've seen the big roof mounted ones before, but do they make anything decent for a mobile DJ? something portable? I've seen the rotating LED "Mirror Balls" - but the videos I've seen don't cut it... Cheers, TG
  4. Hi Guys, Some advice please... My trusty old (wireless) microphone setup has died... has been showing its age the last 12 months... What's everyone using these days? Nothing over the top, single mic, double if affordable.. Anti-feedback? is that built in these days? Any help recommended! Cheers, TG
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