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  1. guys this post is dead. New business is here Disco Techs
  2. I used to be part of this forum years back and had work with another business doing some repairs for some of the users on here. Its been maybe 4-5 years since I've logged onto here, even tried seeing if i could log onto my old account but that email belongs to a former boss which I can no longer access. The purpose of my signing up once again however is to inform some (if not all) of you that my main focus in the industry now is to service and support DJs with their electronic equipment. We are a humble small business based in the south-east of Melbourne and have spent a couple of years building up a base of hard working djs that respect their gear and keep it well looked after. Now I can understand that most of you DJs, work is your livelihood and the way you make an earn in this world. Some of you even might have gone as far as to learn how to service and manage your own equipment over the years. Our purpose here is only to offer our services if needed or if you are not able to maintain your equipment yourself due to your super busy lives (we get it). So if any of you require electronic advice on gear or equipment (decks, speakers, lighting, video etc) do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Disco Techs . Mention you're from this forum and we will happily look after you : ) Many thanks Lukas
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