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  1. If you're finding it difficult to get your hands on a pair of rack ears for your XR16 / XR18 / SD16 / and Midas MR16, MR18, XR12 or Midas MR12, we can help.Our brackets are 3D-Printed in two tough material options:1. Polycarbonate and Carbon Fibre plastic and overengineered for strength - stiffer overall with a more engineered, professional finish.2. Polycarbonate only. More ductile (a little extra flex) than the premium PC and Carbon Fibre material option and not quite as aesthetically appealing. But save money!Arguably, our rack ears are superior to stock because they feature:- Oversized holes in each bracket for tidy cable routing through to the front panel- Extra mounting holes to allow the unit to be set further into the rack for better cable clearances.Links here:XR18/XR16: https://seigidesign.com/collections/fro ... -mr16-mr18andXR12: https://seigidesign.com/collections/fro ... tal-mixers**** NOTE: We recommend that you choose a shipping option with tracking. ****In the midst of this pandemic, there are often delays to shipping services and tracking helps us help you get your products on time.
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