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Upgrading Speakers - A few questions

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Hi all,

Just a couple of quick question in regards to speakers.

Currently I have American Audio 15” 550Watt passive speakers and RCF ED1100 amp. These go great, very loud, heaps of bass, never had an issue in the 10 years I have had them. But the downside is it is a very heavy system to cart around.

I have an opportunity to buy 2 x RCF art 322a off a friend.

I do a lot of functions, weddings, and various events, some outdoor beer garden work, etc.


Does anyone have these speakers or know about them and would they recommend for my use?

Is $1k good price for a pair in good condition?

My mixer has 2 sets of outputs (Master 1 and Master 2), could I run these active speakers and my old passive speakers for a larger event? And would the sound of 2 entirely different speaker types work or not work together?

The RCFs have 12” and I feel that I could get a 15” JBL, behringer, Mackie for the same price range. What do people think about these?

Any advice is apreciated... Thanks

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IMO I would grab those RCF's quick smart.

They are a great speaker with an awesome reputation in the industry.

Reliable, excellent sound, quality build and will last forever.

And loud but quality loud. :-)

Nuf said.

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