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57 pieces of Vinyl Records Soulful Jazzy House Crossover

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the ananda project - cascades of colour
the ananda project - cascades of colour remix
blue six - music and wine
little louie vega feat blaze - elements of life
blaze - elevation
abstract truth - we had a thing
abstract truth - get another plan single
abstract truth - get another plan ep
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - jazzie speaks joe claussell remix
monday michiru - higher joe claussell remix
joe claussell - je ka jo
bah samba - reach inside
soul dhamma - flower
a:xus - baghdad cafe
tom & joyce - vai mlnha tristeza
yoshizawa hajime - i am with you
pushim - like a sunshine, my memory eol remix
nuyorican soul - you can do it
maw feat louis salinas - pienso en ti
da lata - pra manha
cesaria evora - sangue de beirona joe claussell remixes EP
cesaria evora - sangue de beirona joe claussell remixes single2枚組
4 hero - escape that ron trent remix
4 hero - star chaser masters at work remix
mondo grosso feat bird - life
mondo grosso - souffles h
yasushi ide feat mondy michiru - a certain peace remix
yasushi ide - plein soleil maw remix
groove collective - it's all in your mine
bird - 空の瞳
dj tools ibadan
indigenous - music (ibadan)
afrikan jazz - stubborn problems
abstract afro lounge 1
abstract afro lounge 2
incognito - nights over egypt maw remix
beanfield - the season
be be winans - thank you maw remix
stoshi tomiie - inspired
ken hirai - one love wondrful world
mr hermano - vasco da gama
frankie valentine - the fox congo strutt
chari chari - across the universe frankie valentine
frankie valentine - life your soul
gabin - azul anil da lata remix
sylk 130 - when the funk hits the fan the remixes
femi kuti - what will tomorrow bring
nuyorican soul - the nervous track
jephte guillaume - kanpe
jephte guillaume - priye-a 2枚組
at jazz - wind & sea
miyazawa - the afrosick ep rainer truby remix
su-paka-pooh - kurage 
exdus - analu (ibadan)
fantastic plastic machine - there must be an angel
ECD - 俺たちに明日は無い
xantone blacq - search for the sun

Price: $400

Contact: Stevie 0468678110

Cheers everyone, 

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