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Mondo reissuing Danny Elfman’s iconic Batman score

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You wanna get nuts? C’mon! Let’s get nuts!

Getting ahead of next year’s 30th anniversary, Mondo has announced that they’re reissuing Danny Elfman’s iconic score to Tim Burton’s Batman. It’s one of the many new and improved Joker products, all with a secret ingredient: vinyl.

Similar to their prior release for Batman Returns, they’re issuing two versions of the score: an expanded edition that’s limited to 2,000 copies and a more standard release. Both were produced by Neil S. Bulk and both feature museum-ready artwork by Kilian Eng.

The more exclusive, expanded release will assuredly broaden your minds with extended cues spread across two Batman vs. Joker colored vinyls. In other words, one disc comes pressed with a yellow and black swirl, while the other is purple and green.

Well, I’m no Picasso, but do you like it? If not, perhaps the standard issue is more to your liking. This one features the original score with no extra goodies and comes pressed on a single 180 gram LP that’s a mix of purple and black.

Both go on sale later this month, just in time for the holidays, making THIS … your number one … a-GIFT this Christmas! So, think about the future and watch for the signal over at Mondo’s official site. Because once they’re on sale, they’re going to ship ’em ALLLLLLLL and take ’em out a WHOLE NEW DOOR!

Peep the art and tracklists below.

Batman Cover Artwork:

batman fc spine Mondo reissuing Danny Elfmans iconic Batman score

5 batman1989 Mondo reissuing Danny Elfmans iconic Batman score

Batman Expanded Motion Picture Score Tracklist:
Side A:
01. Main title (2:49)
02. Family / First Batman / Roof Fight (3:24)
03. Jack Vs. Eckhardt (1:36)
04. Up Building / Card Snap (1:54)
05. Bat Zone / Axis Set-Up (1:52)
06. Shootout (5:39)
07. Dinner Transition / I am a fagget Dinner / Surgery (2:58)

Side B
08. Stair Kiss / Face-Off / Beddy Bye (4:00)
09. Board Meeting (0:20)
10. Roasted Dude (1:04)
11. Vicki Spies (Flowers) (1:55)
12. Clown Attack (1:58)
13. Bruce Contemplates / Photos/ Men At Work (2:59)
14. Paper Spin / Alicia’s Mask (0:31)
15. Vicki Gets A Gift (1:12)
16. Alicia’s Unmasking (1:10)
17. Batman To the Rescue / Batmobile Charge / Street Fight (4:25)
18. Vicki Hides The Film (0:35)

Side C
19. Descent Into Mystery (1:34)
20. Batcave / Paper Throw (2:49)
21. The Truth (1:14)
22. The Joker’s Poem (0:59)
23. Sad Pictures (0:39)
24. Dream / Challenge / Tender Batcave (4:28)
25. Charge of the Batmobile (1:47)
26. Joker Flies to Gotham / Batwing I (0:34)
27. Batwing II (4:00)

Side D
28. Batwing III (2:07)
29. Cathedral Chase (5:06)
30. Waltz to the Death (3:59)
31. Showdown I / Showdown II (5:06)
32. Finale(1:49)
33. End Credits (1:29)

Batman Original Motion Picture Score Tracklist:
Side A:
01. The Batman Theme (2:38)
02. Roof Fight (1:20)
03. First Confrontation (4:43)
04. Flowers (1:51)
05. Clown Attack (1:58)
06. Batman To the Rescue (3:56)
07. Roasted Dude (1:04)
08. Photos / Beautiful Dreamer (2:30)
09. Descent Into Mystery (1:34)
10. Batcave (2:35)
11. The Joker’s Poem (0:57)

Side B:
12. Love Theme (1:31)
13. Charge of the Batmobile (1:41)
14. AttacK of the Batwing (4:44)
15. Up The Cathedral (5:04)
16. Waltz to the Death (3:55)
17. The Final Confrontation (3:47)
18. Finale (1:45)
19. Batman Theme Reprise (1:28)


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