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    RichoKidd is a local DJ/Rapper/Producer residing from and growing up in Perth, W.A

    He has been following the local hip hop scene since around late 2008/early 2009, and was a fan of international hip hop for many years before that. After listening to releases from artists like Hunter, Downsyde and Drapht (as well as acts from all over Australia), RichoKidd instantly fell in love with not only the music, but the culture that hip hop represents.

    By 2010 RichoKidd had been watching people he looked up to perform, and write music he loved, for around two years. He thought to himself; "I want that! I want the admiration that I give to these guys. I want to be up there performing my heart out to a crowd of people who all know my name". For a long time he felt he would never go anywhere and kept his music pretty much to himself and would occasionally freestyle in front of close friends and parties. It wasn’t until one night after a gig he was freestyling to his friends and a stranger complimented him and said “do you write music, cause I’d love to hear it?”

    After a few years of laziness and half-assness (not even a word) he decided it was time to actually put some effort in. So he started working on his first project Next Level. A FREE digital mixtape featuring some original beats and some jacked. After performing unheard music from the mixtape he decided to take some time off performing to put together the free release.

    After the initial release of Next Level, and a positive reception, he chose hung up his pad and pen and put his hands back on the decks.

    Now its 2015 he has decided to continue with both elements of this thing called hip hop. Currently working on his debut E.P with production from local Perth producer/MC Soma as well as DJing for Parkbench Philosophers and many other projects, I would suggest keeping an eye out for this kid, as he has nowhere but up to go!
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    2x Stanton T62 Turntables
    1x Pioneer DJM 250 Mixer
    1x Traktor Kontrol X1
    1x Traktor Kontrol S4
    1x Steinberg Ci1 Sound Card
    1x AKG P220
    1x NI Machine Mikro
    1x NI Kontrol S4
    1x NI Kontrol X1

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