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  1. Cupe

    CDJ 800 MK2 | DJM 800 | Pioneer Case

    You giving up DJing or moving onto a better setup?
  2. Cupe

    Pics of your Set-up

    Post pics
  3. FOR INSTANCE I entre l'addresse in the chate
  4. Cupe

    ADJF Spotify playlist

    Yo i made an ADJF Spotify playlist. Post your username below and I’ll invite you so you can start adding tracks to it.
  5. Cupe

    ADJF Soundcloud Pro fees due

    Soundcloud is being a fucking dipshit right now, so you still have time to pay. Anyone that wants VIP access to the Soundcloud account (or doesn't want to be a freeloading cunt) please send $20 to https://www.paypal.me/ausdjforums/20 Thanks fam Reason for joining ADJF VIP SoundCloud*: Lasts an entire year Upload endless mixes and tracks and share them to your FREE account We have more followers than you Get promoted across our other social media platforms Be recanized instead of being a fagot your whole life Support the forum that always supports you (unless you're ysm) * You need to already be a VIP on the forums, so no random strangers that will mess up our shit. So far I have confirmed: Cupe OxyKon BeatLeSs Mitch TPG
  6. Cupe

    ADJF Soundcloud Pro fees due

    From what I can see, so far Soundcloud VIP consists of: Cupe Mitch OxyKon BeatLeSs I'll give it one more week then change the password and provide to those that have sent payment. Cheers
  7. Yep, now it does Also IP for if u don't want to be a fagot
  8. Everyone who is currently using Soundcloud Pro (which has a fee of $20/year) needs to send it through again or lose access. I think right now it has @Mitch @NitroMonkey @OxyKon maybe @LabRat I can't remember who else. Tag them for payment. When I pay for most of it no doubt I'm changing the password and providing only to those that have paid. THANKS
  9. Chat is now hosted at: Update your phone apps and shit.
  10. Cupe

    ADJF 2019 Meat - Sydney March 22-25

    All good. Start saving $0.70 a day and you'll have enough to attend MEAT 2019.
  11. Cupe

    ADJF 2019 Meat - Sydney March 22-25

    Updated the dates to the next week. Should be closest to the 23rd. Pepper your angus.
  12. u have to spin vinyl only then