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  1. tbh you could def offer this as a service to people. Anyone with scratched up old decks this will give them an epic facelift.
  2. I don't think I'll need upgrade my Rokit 5's for years aye
  3. Fuck yeah what a dope setup
  4. Fuck what a project. That looks fucking epic. All the +rep for progress pics and finished shots!
  5. I need to get a few more designs in the store for the basic shirt to give people incentive. I'll do that first then run a mix comp.
  6. So I'm thinking of giving away a T-Shirt to active members on the forum every month. Any ideas of how this can work? You'd need to have at least like X amount of activity in the month to be in the running for it. I will also email all users about it to get some people to come back hopefully. Any ideas?
  7. Sick 1 thanks for posting solution +rep
  8. You can use the Buy/Sell Stores section at the bottom of the main forum to link to your products etc..
  9. What did you do with all those decks @LabRat
  10. This thread was randomly hidden for some reason, but now it's visible again.
  11. Ok this thread was randomly hidden as well, now it's available again.
  12. I think this thread got hidden for some reason. Can anyone see this that isn't an admin?
  13. UwU

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