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  1. #RokitClub
  2. qfnp
  3. Production setup
  4. oh fuck yeah absynth lol @Bristles I've been producing for a long time. Just now it's not on broken PC speakers with a piece of shit everything The only good part about being a grown up
  5. @Doddy Yeah man def setup a thread from the thinking stage and we can all watch it come to life.
  6. hey @Doddy I threw the details for the shelf in here: I basically gave up on trying to fit everything into the one desk. But I now have a boss studio setup. This is how it ended up: Probably haven't used it enough yet to see any issues with it. Maybe make sure you know where you want the legs and what you want to be able to fit through before you set them. Otherwise it's fucking just what I needed. I duno what else I would do with it or any other modifications. Just wish I had a bigger room.
  7. Yeah the little tricks for making and doing different sound manipulation is epic. The sylenth one you linked me was fucking good as
  8. Course we do We should get a few users on board making playlists of all kind of helpful shit.
  9. Yeah I'm not sure if @LabRat has more uploaded somewhere, I duno his YouTube but the one he linked me was really good he should seriously consider creating a series
  10. We did it because a bunch of bots (or fuckwits) were signing up and doing huge spam posts linking to kitchen shops in the UK for some reason a long time ago.
  11. hahaha yeah, there's little easter eggs like that all around the forum. it has a backstory but it's kinda boring kitchen
  12. The old search and find aye. I got your howto clip so I'm gonna watch it soon then have a fuck around
  13. Know any really good ones m8?