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  1. Updated first post so Soundcloud displays correctly. You can just paste the mix link then enter down to a new line and it does it automatically
  2. Yeah def agree with that, get them sat at each end of the table pointed at your ears not the wall @Craig
  3. This is hard to manage but will keep at it. #Friends
  4. I started in turntablism after watching sick cunts like DJ Qbert, Peanut Butter Wolf, Cut Chemist, Mix Master Mike et al and got a set of stanton vinyl decks (which I still have over a decade later). Starting in the scratch world taught me heaps of shit valuable shit. I can basically beatmatch anything except I duno how the sync button works still 🤷‍♂️ Now I mix anything. Also like the absolute filth dubsteppy shit probably most than other genres. Also just over 10 years ago I noticed there was no support forum for Australian DJs and made this website.
  5. Cupe

    Help me !

    You probs gotta post more info than that. What even genre does he mix?
  6. Thanks for posting the solution!
  7. Paging @Scottie @OxyKon @BeatLeSS @LabRat
  8. Thanks to every cunt for coming to another annual ADJF Meat. It doesn't exist without you faggots. Time for some big ups. Big ups to everyone that chucked in money, paid their dues, bought shit in advance for cunts, brought activities, paid for groceries, installed annoying apps to order shit, shared ciggies and introduced people to new substance abuses. Big ups to @ThatPartyGuy and @OxyKon for doing most of the vehicular activity. Big ups to @CapFive for making sure we were all decked out in fitted suits. Big ups to @lloydc for getting us sorted for gear and bringing replacement speakers when we fried the first set. Big ups to @AlexJ for dropping by even though his missus was having a whinge. Big ups to @Scottie for helping find such a dope mansion. Big ups to @BeatLeSS for being a constant source of amusement and a great example of why infants shouldn't do drugs. Big ups to @Pending for making bail so he could attend even though he probably missed a few social worker check-ins. Big ups to @yizzle for the length of his toenails. That kind of disgusting dedication is admirable. Big ups to the plasic bag chicken for spending a night in the crab pot. Big ups to Swanky7 for being a mad dog. Big ups to the neighbours for doing so many sick flips into the water. Big ups to another sick af Meat. ON TO 2020!
  9. You need a hosted platform to stream through, butt doesn't do everything, unless it does now but it's not easy to setup
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