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  1. Fresh Meat !

    hello my dear show bobs
  2. Yeah Melbourne was cold aye wtf was up with that was it March?
  3. hello 2 day fagat

  4. Just got back from Tassie. You don't need two days to see everything. The main town area is quaint and the only real other thing is MONA which is shit. If we can manage to book a place in a nice location near the water it'll be everything you need other than a small stretch of shops. And I don't reckon it'll be that cold in March, will it @yizzle?
  5. so zero rotorcraft squared presence? worst
  6. Start preparing your pepper
  7. Fuck that first clip is insaasaaane
  8. fark so many broken links
  9. Juliēt Oscar - Platform

    Thanks man. My sound is starting to be really influenced by Brian Reitzell, particularly the kind of shit he made for the Hannibal tv series. Really weird sound design to fuck with your head
  10. Juliēt Oscar - Platform

    Hey man yeah this includes recordings from my trip across Asia/Europe and some other synths and shit that I did in Reason. Most of this includes a train trip in Singapore It has audio over the train speakers in English and Chingaling, train door and air breaks noises, chatter and other shit all field recorded on h4n pro
  11. hello dear show bobs lasagne

  12. Ideas for competitions

    Yeah man soz I have been fucking ramped lately ay
  13. Rap/Hip Hop beat battle.

    I can write lyrics but reading the first post in this thread gave me cancer
  14. Probably listen with headphones while you're coming down and want to be paranoid.