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  1. Annual fees have come around and it's a few hundred. I'll be paying it either way but if anyone is still around and can spare any coin a donation would be appreciated. Whatever scottie might con you with, I'm achaly poor af
  2. I work like 12 hours a day but I duno wot to do tbh I'll still keep paying for this place to live tho
  3. Facebook is dying a slow death
  4. Bruh I have about 60 social media accounts
  5. I'm trying to get my other Facebook account unlocked so I can promote it on the groups I have on there They're fuckheads and slow cunts
  6. It's probs a cheap easy fix you inept faggot
  7. yeah it fucken sux
  8. Seeking help from the ADJF family!

    Posted on Facebook with page tag
  9. I remember when there was hundreds of posts a day da fuck happened :<
  10. I'll organise my leave in Jan probs. Flights won't be an issue.
  11. Fresh Meat !

    hello my dear show bobs
  12. Yeah Melbourne was cold aye wtf was up with that was it March?