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  1. new sounds for ya brahs, this would destroy dancefloors, enjoy https://soundcloud.com/illspector/sub-focus-timewarp-vip-rocky download all the tings
  2. footy off my phone from recent joker gig
  3. had alot of skippage in my needles, first time i had played alot of the tracks so i was winging all the trannys most of the mix haha
  4. could go in any genre section of this forum tbh but i guess ill put it here. its a pretty decent mix with a heap of new august tunes of all genres. deff worth a listen, download all teh things no tracklist , but if you ask i can name tracks peace http://soundcloud.com/illspector/august-mix
  5. $199 Three separate products: MASSIVE Download FM8 Download RAZOR Download http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/ ... &page=2850
  6. just buy all your music from legit sources, if you wanna take djing seriously? otherwise just do liek sol^ or rip from youtube or godknows what else people do
  7. no idea where to put this? no section for glitch hop n shit, so i though ide put it in electro with moombahton? should be a midtempo section for moombah 110 glitch hop that kidna stuff..... anyways. heres my promo mix (new one, not a repost) half glitch hop, speeds up into 110 then finishes with some dubstep and some doubletime shit. probs one my my best mixes yet, deff pick it up spesh if u wanna get into slower funky 100bpm shit that's all the rage nowdays. no tracklist as of yet, should be able to give u tracknames if you ask. anyways here u go, enjoy http://soundcloud.com/illspector/promo-june-2012 follow all the pages!!!!!!!! http://www.facebook.com/illspector http://www.soundcloud.com/illspector
  8. keen- if you sling me the tracks needa practice my generic mixing skilllz
  9. not sure what genre to put in coz its like 5 genres goes glitchhop/110/dubstep/dnb/drumstep 1 and a half hours of maddness heres the DL link brahs http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/51087626/file.html
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