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  1. for the dnb heads https://soundcloud.com/illspector/sub-focus-timewarp-vip-rocky
  2. ill_spector


  3. new sounds for ya brahs, this would destroy dancefloors, enjoy https://soundcloud.com/illspector/sub-focus-timewarp-vip-rocky download all the tings
  4. they filmed a perth one the other night pretty sure, kitpop/ taku
  5. i wanted the cdj's up top but they were too high, could see shiiit, so jsut flipped the tt's so they fit, its an ikea expedit, vika amon top, lack wall shelf and 3 sets of capita legs
  6. http://instagram.com/p/Rmxv_GIkbO/
  7. footy off my phone from recent joker gig
  8. had alot of skippage in my needles, first time i had played alot of the tracks so i was winging all the trannys most of the mix haha
  9. ill_spector


    THE BEST TRACKS RIGHT NOW IMO- dnb-forthcoming and this unreleased monster from shockone (go buy tix for his upcoming tour with phetsta) big toonz!
  10. ill_spector


    this one goes off big drumstepper
  11. could go in any genre section of this forum tbh but i guess ill put it here. its a pretty decent mix with a heap of new august tunes of all genres. deff worth a listen, download all teh things no tracklist , but if you ask i can name tracks peace http://soundcloud.com/illspector/august-mix
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