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  1. That apartment one in the city would be an absolute dog box and not good for larger groups. If you want to make noise, Flemington would be the way to go. Port Melbourne can be a tad 'precious' so would steer clear of this.
  2. If in Melbourne I can say a quick hello during the day on Friday
  3. andyman

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    Just snagged tickets to this. Amsterdam will kill me. http://lovelandfestival.com/line-up/
  4. andyman

    ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    I'm achaly in Aus for this, but have a wedding on in Melbourne. Think I missed this years meat by a week as well haha.
  5. andyman

    Any tips on mixing Techno?

    @Mitch will elaborate
  6. andyman

    Biggest Ghost 2016

    Fuck I escaped this one!
  7. andyman

    Bedroom Dj ready for the next step!

    Keep an eye out for open decks nights, they're a good place to start. The Vic used to do them, and I think Grumpys do as well.
  8. andyman

    The 2016 ADJF Awards discussion thread

    Needs best international user. 2 horse race with me and @eggssell
  9. andyman

    NOMINATIONS: Quiet Achiever of 2016

    Mitch. Since I left the rotor boys he's gotten some killer gigs, supported plump DJ's, Revolver, etc.
  10. Have a couple of podcasts or something to chuck on early in the night whilst you wait for a few people to get there. personally I'd mix quick(ish) because 18 year olds have the attention span of a goldfish at times. be prepared to play some super shit music, because that's what the people want.
  11. andyman

    ADJF Instagram

    @buykxy Mine is mainly pictures of food and travel things now.