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  1. That apartment one in the city would be an absolute dog box and not good for larger groups. If you want to make noise, Flemington would be the way to go. Port Melbourne can be a tad 'precious' so would steer clear of this.
  2. If in Melbourne I can say a quick hello during the day on Friday
  3. Yeah I fly in arvo on the 16th, and will leave on the Monday.
  4. Can you get booked 17 September and I can make a cameo? wont mix, will just drop stingers.
  5. Just snagged tickets to this. Amsterdam will kill me. http://lovelandfestival.com/line-up/
  6. I'm achaly in Aus for this, but have a wedding on in Melbourne. Think I missed this years meat by a week as well haha.
  7. Keep an eye out for open decks nights, they're a good place to start. The Vic used to do them, and I think Grumpys do as well.
  8. @buykxy Mine is mainly pictures of food and travel things now.
  9. Welcome. Redline til ya headline.
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