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  1. That apartment one in the city would be an absolute dog box and not good for larger groups. If you want to make noise, Flemington would be the way to go. Port Melbourne can be a tad 'precious' so would steer clear of this.
  2. If in Melbourne I can say a quick hello during the day on Friday
  3. until

    Ew Well we're just down the rd so let us know m8!
  4. until

    All g chief. We should have a Sunday arvo gig coming up in Feb some time. They're pre chill and usually have guster food things
  5. until

    So we play tomorrow night but the set is at 1:30AM for 1 hour, so technically Sunday AM. Fak
  6. until
    Ello lads, Mitch and I are bringing the feels with some of our favourite tracks from 2000-2010 tomorrow night at Brown Alley. Spacey Space is on headline duties, and for those of you that have heard the name before - you know he is Melbourne royalty. @Cupe, @LabRat etc, if you're keen to come down for a bev hit us up for free entry. Churr.