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  1. Only PA’s I have experience with is rokit 6’s and 8’s, I own the 8’s. had them for about 10yrs only 1 of them has ever needed repairs highly recommend rokits
  2. is he even still alive, don't see him on socials anymore
  3. should ban this whale
  4. Track Info:Air Kiss - HEFTSun Goes Down feat. Saint Louis (Pola and Bryson Remix) - BceeAbove Time - NuageLost Destination - ParheliaThe Way You Make Me - Silence GrooveNyc - HEFTControl - LQIn Your Eyes - Jaskin, UnevenSoundsDying - The UntouchablesUntitled 4 - Om Unit, Kid DramaHimalaya (Akuratyde Remix) - Monika, AkuratydeLattice - AgzillaHidden Harmonics (Om Unit Remix) - Barclay Crenshaw, Om Unit, AvielaConcrete Schoolyard - Jurassic 5Moment of Truth - GangStarDead Presidents II - Jay-ZCallisto (Theory Remix) - EschatonMarlowe (Brother Remix) - Silent DustFreedom (Original Mix) - Hidden TurnAdventures In Eden - Om Unit
  5. it works for me every time
  6. nice find @Craig, i've never done it that way before, although i always rate my tracks once i purchase them, and i have a different method of rating haha, 1 star means it's just the standard genre of track, 5 stars means it's the most brutal track you've ever heard 😛
  7. i think if anything they just keep making new adjustments to each controller when they release them
  8. Moved to Techno for you champ, always great work you're pushing out 🤙
  9. Pioneer DJ has released a brand new public beta version of Rekordbox 5.4.4 with a wild new feature: track analysis data sharing. The new functionality aims to reduce the overall amount of time that users spend analyzing their music by allowing them to instead download the data from a server. Keep reading for the details so far on this new beta. Rekordbox 5.4.4 Beta’s New Analysis Sharing The popup changelog in the Rekordbox 5.4.4 beta “Let’s share track analysis data for better DJ life!” is probably one of the most hilarious-sounding change log notes I’ve ever read in a DJ software update, but Pioneer DJ really wants users to use this functionality. Essentially, with this new beta, all track analysis data is uploaded to Pioneer DJ’s servers and shared with other users. “The more tracks you analyze, the more users can experience faster track analysis!” Ultimately, this feature has been introduced to create value for Pioneer DJ in the long run. The release notes for this new version make it pretty clear what their goal is: to increase the value of their subscription plans by making this a feature that only paid users get. “We are planning to include this feature in the subscription plan in the future.” How Does It Work? According to the moderators over at the Pioneer DJ forums, here’s how the system will work. As you analyze a song, Rekordbox will “first check to see if a fingerprint of your song already exists in the database, then it will match it and download the analysis file instead of generating it.” If it doesn’t match a fingerprint in the database, it will upload the beatgrid and analysis metadata (apparently not cue points, loops, etc) to Pioneer DJ’s servers for others to use. Right now it’s very much a black box that performs in an unknown way – and so far in my testing, I haven’t been able to get a track to download analysis info (let me know in the comments if you’re able to). This has made it pretty hard to tell what users will get from this functionality. There are a few big open questions that Pioneer DJ hasn’t publicly released the details to, so we’ve sent them over to them and are waiting on official comment. Will Pioneer DJ servers only use one computer’s analysis data for a track, or will it “double-check” the data from multiple sources to make sure it is consistent? How much faster can downloading a track analysis file be versus actually analyzing songs? How will the servers ensure that the data is correct in the event that slightly different tracks with identical tag metadata are uploaded to the server? If re-analyzing a song that already has cues, loops, and other ‘personal’ metadata, will that be shared as well? In the final release, will DJs be able to disable track analysis sharing – especially if they aren’t getting the results back unless they pay for a subscription? How Can Users Turn This Off? While this is just a beta, there is a mildly controversial aspect to it: there’s no way to turn this track analysis data off in the preferences. This means any user who uses this beta is giving Pioneer DJ their beatgrid analysis results. How Can I Try This Out? To try out the feature, you’ll need to download the public beta of Rekordbox, which is available here on Pioneer DJ’s official forums. Important note: This could have a serious impact on your library and collection, so make sure you back it up first before installing the Beta. In Rekordbox, got to File > Library > Backup Library to make sure you’ve got a solid backup. SOURCE
  10. Today Native Instruments have launched the Traktor Pro 3.1 update that they first showed off last month at NAMM. This update marks the first time that Traktor Pro has gotten a major layout revision in regards to waveforms – and parallel waveforms are finally here. Keep reading for the full details on the 3.1 update. Traktor Pro 3.1 Traktor Pro 3.1 started appearing in users’ Native Access app last night, and this morning NI announced that update has been officially released. The new update has a lot of changes – including a number of visual additions to the user interface layout, a new mapping control for S8 and D2 controllers, S4 MK3 standalone mixer mode, and a number of other smaller changes. Here’s the full list of what’s new from the official changelog, along with a few screenshot examples: Traktor Pro 3.1’s single deck preparation layout ADDED Parallel Waveforms: Two new deck size “Parallel Full” and “Parallel Slim” have been added, which optionally replace the side by side waveforms by stacked ones. The parallel options can be enabled for decks A & B and decks C & D separately in the preferences. A layout preset “Parallel” will be added to the user’s list layouts. Tooltips might seem like a small thing, but Traktor’s preferences can be super-confusing. ADDED Tooltips in Preferences and a toggle icon in Application Header: Tooltips are now also available for all preferences panels. Tooltips can be switched on/off in the Global Settings preferences as well as the Global Section. (Editor’s note: it does not appear that there are any tooltips in the Controller Manager section – easily the most confusing page of the preferences) IMPROVED Insert new track to analysis queue: A new un-analysed track loaded into a deck is now prioritized over an analysis queue running in the background. FIXED Keyboard Shortcuts non-functional when exiting Preferences or dialogs The search string in the upper right corner of the browser pane has been grown bigger to improve its readability. FIXED Search by KEY broken: Search by KEY via the refined search dropdown is functional. FIXED D2/S8: Sample Pitch Control Broken: The sample pitch control via the display knobs is functional again on KONTROL D2/S8. Kontrol S4 MK3 Improvements as well! There also were a number of changes made that specifically impact owners of the new S4MK3 controller: ADDED S4MK3 Standalone Mode: S4MK3 can be used as standalone mixer without a computer connected with the latest firmware. FIXED S4: Switching Jog Mode affects Tension: Switching between JOG and TT mode on S4MK3 will no longer affect the jog wheel’s tension. FIXED S4: Haptic Nudges affect Sound during Forward Spins: Haptic nudging will no longer affect sound of forward spins on the S4MK3. IMPROVED S4 MK3 HP Volume: S4MK3’s headphone volume is increased by +6dB in HP-MIX center position with the latest firmware version This new version of Traktor Pro 3.1 is a free update for all owners of Traktor Pro 3, and is available now either on Native Instruments’ website or in the Native Access application. SOURCE
  11. Welcome @Disco Techs Aus, if there's one thing i've found, everyone always will need at some point a place to get their gear serviced, had to have mine serviced a few times. Good looking out dude.
  12. Just FYI on phone, format of the images a stretch like crazy
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