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    Started DJ'n in 2008/09, mix mainly Drum & Bass but will mix anything that sounds good.
  1. This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    Life, even I’m guilty of this
  2. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    Just put my leave form in with work for the weekend
  3. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    FYI, we're 4 months to the day when the meat is to be happening
  4. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    Soo I’ll be cutting this meat very VERY close with annual leave, I’m off to Phuket for 2 weeks in the middle of February for my honeymoon, but I need to start looking at fights to see what there is and if I can afford it
  5. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    My pepper is always peppered and prepped, we just need to start looking, scottie has found a few decent places that’s worth looking into
  6. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    Sooo maybe this thread needs a nice BUMP cause we’re passed the half way mark
  7. Hey Guys, I've finally been able to upload this set that beatless and I did after my wedding back in August, on the final night he was in town we smashed out a good 5hrs of all sorts of tunes, we went back to back 1 track each, beatless was using CDJ's and i was using vinyl, towards the end of the mix i switched to CDJ swell cause i don't have that good of music on vinyl lol, anyway, hope y'all enjoy.
  8. Hi all!

    Welcome dude
  9. TOTD?

    Another taken from us too soon, RIP Prodigy of Mobb Deep
  10. The 4 or 8 bar curse

    Moved to Production Section. The Help Corner is for issues regarding the forum issues only.
  11. TOTD?

    RIP Marcus
  12. Hello fellow DJ'ers

  13. The "I just bought.." Thread

    we need more of them of the meat, more recordings the better