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  1. And it’s coming full circle once again. Get ready Sydney. WE’RE COMING BACK
  2. OxyKon

    Hi I'm new (:

  3. Welcome, seen you in chat but I mainly ghost in there
  4. OxyKon

    ADJF Spotify playlist

    mine is oxykon, go figure
  5. OxyKon

    ADJF Soundcloud Pro fees due

    yep i get paid this Wednesday so will send it through then
  6. OxyKon

    ADJF Meat 2018 Mega Mixes

    we should sync some of these for FNCP this week, or maybe just do actual FNCP lol
  7. OxyKon

    How to get your name around - Need Feedback!

    fucking bots
  8. OxyKon

    ADJF Meat 2018 Mega Mixes

    All sets have now been uploaded in the order they were originally recorded.
  9. OxyKon

    ADJF 2019 Meat - Sydney March 22-25

    Ahk, we’ve always done the 3rd week of March, hence why I set it at that
  10. Get ready Ysm, we're bringing the party to you this time
  11. Yeah 1 of my non DJ friends is hell keen to catch up on the saturday which is St Patricks Day
  12. What is the plan again for Friday and Saturday, are we hitting the town at all?
  13. Put me down for now, payday is next week and that’s my window for plane tickets, that means I’m in
  14. what have we decided on with places, if i'm buying my plane tickets out of shitty Perth it'll be next week
  15. that feels like it was directed at me....
  16. OxyKon

    This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    Decent footage won’t be a problem this year, I have a GoPro and a stabilizer that I’m bringing to get video, can edit it up nicely
  17. if we want anything close to night spots or rotorcraft, then we need to be in the cbd, just saying.....
  18. i think this settles it then?
  19. OxyKon

    This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    I do agree with this, the Perth dnb group is barley even posted in anymore, which used to be massive, and yea, i haven't mixed since @BeatLeSS was over for my wedding back in August, before then, it was the meat, I've spent a lot of time listening to my roots which is Heavy Metal, but i have been finding over the last few weeks that i'm listening to more and more mixes. I personally don't want to see this happen, I know some of us have a lot going on so we can't make it around as much, but i still love this forum, you're all my family as far as i'm concerned, and a lot of us have been through a shit load together, especially when it comes to the meats, a few of us also have put in a lot of money to keep this place running and i personally know i do not want to see this place go.
  20. Lol poor af and still goes to Thailand this month let me me see what I have tomorrow when I get paid
  21. The place we had last time was perfect, 3 bedrooms and perfect walking distance from every night club
  22. Dere, but it’s gonna be tight, I won’t be able to book flights until 3 weeks before which is never smart coming from Perth. also am keen for the Melbourne idea