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    Having been born and raised on the Gold Coast in Australia, I’ve enjoyed growing up with the dazzling lights of Surfers Paradise as my nightly back drop, early morning surf swims and a relaxed lifestyle which comes with it. I believe that a beautiful city such as this has contributed to my taste for funky house music, tech house and early morning deep house music.

    Having mixed these genres for many years, I can appreciate the feelings of warmth and welcomeness it gives off. Whether it’s a Friday night roof top bar vibe, Saturday night warm-up or a Sunday session to end the weekend, house and tech house will always have the crowd feeling carefree
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    Just your standard XDJ-RX2 and some JBL 308
  1. Cheer for the helping hand Mitch!!
  2. You're kidding me........ I searched there but nothing was found. Scattered Saturday morning hang over strikes once again. Cheer man
  3. Morning fam, Fatima Yamaha - What's A Girl To Do. Some of you may know the song, I'm wanting to buy the song / download 🤐a copy. I don't want to rip it of youtube because we all know how good the quality is doing that haha. The only way I can source a version is by buying the whole album off beatport. Yes yes yes i know it's supporting the artist but I the other song's I'm not a huge fan off. Does anyone have have a copy or know of a site that is selling it individually?
  4. Thanks man, I know it's a small contribution but any traffic flow for the site helps.
  5. No better ay to kickoff the long weenend than with some fnky tech house. All for your listening pleasure. https://soundcloud.com/craigggee/live-tech-funk Showing some loves always helps 😋
  6. I think this mix sum’s up our Friday night perfectly, started out nice and smooth and then progressed rapidly to the dancefloor. This is my live set from pre-drinks, as normal constructive criticism is always welcomed, throw a like, a repost or follow, all the support is much appreciated 🤙 Enjoy!!
  7. @Cupe Thanks mate! Appreciate the support for this community!!
  8. If you're feeling as dusty as I am this morning, I congratulate you on your efforts. Recorded live in the very early hours of the morning, this is my kick on's set. Was an enjoyable night to say the least, seeing the sun rise was also nice a touch tho 👌 As normal, constructive criticism is alway welcomed, throw a like, a repost or follow, all the support is much appreciated 🤙 Enjoy!!
  9. Thanks man, I downloaded a heap of new music and went into the mix not knowing many of the songs 😅 It was a rooftop of an apartment at a friends of a friends place, turned out to be a good time!
  10. Thank mate, will do from now on
  11. Thanks man, appeciate it. Hoping to better this weekend's mix! Cheers NitroMonkey! thanks for the support!
  12. Evening! Below is the link to my most recent private roof top session recored live. Was a nice afternoon to throw some tech house around and I'm not going to lie, it does get a little sloppy in parts as the drinks were being consumed quckly 😂 >>>Soundcloud link<<< Let me know your thoughts on the mix, constructive criticism is alway welcomed. Also if you can throw a like, repost or follow it'd be much appreciated 🤙
  13. @LabRat For me it helps song choice for future events, what sounds good through the headphone in front of a computer isn't always a 5 star at a venue. Hopfully this helps someone else out in the future.
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