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    Introduced at a young age to a large variety of music, in the sleepy town of Bellingen on the Mid North Coast of Australia, where its atmosphere, energy and range of music that filled the streets enhanced and nurtured Matt Ingle's curiosity, leaving him exposed to styles ranging from Hip Hop to Heavy Metal. This soon lead to the discovery that Matt possessed a talent that could not be taught, a natural ear for music that blossomed when his father Bryan Ingle gave him his first guitar, and he taught himself his favourite songs.

    The naivety of a younger Matt first experienced trance at the global festival held in Bellingen where he didn't recognise the style of music but was immediately drawn into the journey that was presented before him enticed by the range of melodic sounds. This encouraged Matt to expand his musical interest and knowledge through experimenting and creating music with the help of software programs until when in a life altering move to Sydney, Matt found his true calling and begun producing progressive, melodic and psychedelic sounds in his own interpretation of Trance.

    Matt soon caught the attention of respected trance event organisers and landed his debut gig at Unity held at Arq Nightclub. This soon followed by other gigs at renowned venues such as: Sublime (Home Nightclub), Above The Bourbon, Phoenix, Midnight Shift, Sky Room (Open Air Venue) and he currently holds residency at The Plantation Hotel in Coffs Harbour. Matt’s aim is to build his profile and become a national DJ Icon and hit the global stage playing around the world.

    ‘Live Essentials of Trance’ is Matt Ingle's very own Progressive and Uplifting Trance radio show sponsored by BAM Radio. Matt Ingle is committed to providing the very best and latest tracks hitting the Trance scene in his live recorded mixes.
    What sets Matt's show out from others is that it is recorded live. This means that from start to finish you will hear Matt Ingle in his element as if you were there when it was recorded to give you the true Matt Ingle DJing experience.
  • Equipment
    15 years of experience starting on vinyl, CDJ's and now a Pioneer DDJSX2.
    Also running a whole heap of studio gear which would take too long to list...

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  1. Hoping I can make this one. Unfortunately my future is a little unclear right now, so I'll have to wait and see.
  2. Hence my witty reply
  3. This happens all to often mate. There needs to be balance, gotta give to take.
  4. Hey all, here is my mix I recorded live for our Friday Night Mix Up Download like, track list to come.
  5. Hi generic, let me respond generically. Google it? Also, probably best to introduce yourself in the Introduction section of the forums before asking for advice on your first post?
  6. Umm... If you have it mapped for either traktor or serato they have built in record options.
  7. Not even mate, you should see my desktop layout. I need the screen space!
  8. Needs more cowbell! Nice work mate
  9. Hey mate, I am listening to this as I write my comments. I couldn't help to notice that the piano/vocals sound warped? I can hear the pitch being bent? As for the rest of the track; It is really beautiful, I love it. Really good balance with all your elements as always. Really nice flow, and great use compression. Only thing I can pick on you is there doesn't appear to be much going on in your stereo image, very centre panned. I'm a sucker for well placed stereo imaging.
  10. I also re-uploaded a revised version as I had time this morning to mix down the track and do a fair bit of tweaking. Let me know what you think of the fine tuned version @LabRat
  11. Hey LabRat, cheers for taking the time on listening and reviewing my remix. Yeah I am starting to think I followed the original too closely, but then again you can't improve something already so great I guess my ultimate goal with this version was to reboot the track. I'm thinking I might do another version where I take the track in an entirely different direction.
  12. As the title states, I have embarked on an incredible journey to remix a legendary track and I am here to share my first 6 hours on the project. So far I have nutted out most of the elements trying to keep most of them as close to the original as I can. Some I chose to vary and give new life. I have not used any midi files to re-create the melody, this was plotted all by ear, and the vocals were cut directly from the original. So, I would really like to hear what you all think of what I have so far?
  13. Yeah, try using the search function before posting a question. More than likely someone has already posted an answer for you. But in reply to your question; Serato is my preferred. I have used both very extensively since switching from CDs. They're both very similar, but I found that Traktor would crash and glitch audio randomly whereas Serato just worked without a problem. That's purely on a technical operating basis.
  14. I had a set of Technic SL-1200MK2 that I had to get rid of before leaving Sydney years ago. Honestly, the Technic decks are by far the best in the industry. Reliable, easy to service yourself with regularly available parts and just an all-round quality bit of gear. I think they're up to MK5, but I haven't looked at vinyl in years.
  15. Take note the name of the track and you will understand