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  1. soundcloud was purely donezo from a financial point of view. If you weren't keeping up with the news at the time you wouldn't have known anything was amiss. This is different because it actively impacts the users of the site
  2. this will completely kill off mixcloud. Who the fuck is going to keep uploading to mixcloud if their listeners can only listen to the same mix/show 3 times in 2 weeks? or long mixes in some genres where they'll have multiple tracks from the same artist
  3. new ones are about $500-550 for a pair, old ones are going for under 400 for a pair now
  4. they look absolutely shmick
  5. maybe instead of full gold on buttons/tonearm, stick with an easier colour or stock and have gold trim. not sure how easy that'd be though
  6. You could always go the hackintosh route. You'd save yourself a ton on parts but not sure how well they work with production shit that requires low latency + having to learn the ins and outs of OS/software/drivers setup
  7. after a certain point something along the chain will start clipping so you're not going over the max anyway. The limiter you want, was inside you all along - use your brain and watch levels. If you think something like that will happen again, and you can't just keep an eye on levels, unmap the master output volume knob/set up master limiter in traktor/tape off the volume knobs on the monitors - hardware limiters start at nearly $200 and are built for studios, so they're big units for rack mounting.
  8. Maybe this? https://rekordbox.com/_app/files/img/rekordbox4.0.0manual_en1001g.pdf If you update the star rating on the decks, then unplug the USB and then plug it back into the decks, has the star rating stayed updated?
  9. it'll probably save the video but it'll be muted the whole way through
  10. 8====D~~ 0^:

  11. how are you gonna run anything in the old tower if you're moving all your drives over?
  12. didn't you buy a new 650w psu recently? That'll be plenty for this build even with a million drives and upgrading cpu/gpu in a couple years. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/x3wWP3 - just over $1.1k with a new psu, but under 1k without. Cpu is about $20 cheaper compared to scorptec, this uses the less fast ram but is $70 cheaper than scorptec's price, motherboard is $10 cheaper. Cpu cooler isn't 100% needed because the stock one for AMD is okay, but the one in the parts list will be pretty much silent and keep your shit cooler
  13. you'd need to upload to youtube or something then paste the link here
  14. Looks like just an old traktor s2, they don't make them new but you can get them used for less than $200 now. Or if you want to get new, they do a mk2 version which recently also stopped being produced but some places might still have stock, or go for the newest mk3 version. All fundamentally the same, just some additional features and quality of life improvements
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