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  1. Sorry man, listened to it when you first posted it but forgot to say anything Sounded all good to me, I wasn't listening super critically but it flowed pretty well, good energy about it and no obvious fuckups or trainwrecks
  2. that last/2nd last track (cant remember now) is fuckin sick
  3. wots cookin' good lookin'

  4. Your best bet would be to upload the .wav file to or, then post the link in a new thread.
  5. welcome to the forums man
  6. welcome
  7. Welcome
  8. welcome m8
  9. If I asked for anything else I like it would mysteriously disappear very quickly over the weekend
  10. Lorf Just a decent bottle of sangria pls
  11. I'm international at time of nomination #scottie2016 #makeDJHQgreatagain
  12. Hey mate. There's a few regular nights for dnb in Sydney, if you're on Facebook look for the Sydney drum n bass group, lots of gigs posted on there and like-minded people sharing tunes and info
  13. welcome mate
  14. welcome m8