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  1. cheap flights watch: jetstar are doing a sale on meattime flights until the 19th
  3. @BeatLeSS
  4. been enjoying this kinda vibe atm
  5. pretty dope to watch
  6. why bring a chick all that way when u can just bury her in canberra
  7. LOL @ mastering in a minute
  8. Resell on higher end turntables is usually pretty good - technics especially, scrounge around and you can pick up a couple cheap enough you could make a profit selling them on.
  9. The cash system is just rewards for posting - every post you get $1 in basic, you can trade in $10 (i think) basic for $1 prestige cash, and then trade in 100 prestige cash for actual money to spend on the store
  10. welcome (back) m8
  11. I'm based out west, if you wanna link up and do some mixing shoot me a pm
  12. Sorry man, listened to it when you first posted it but forgot to say anything Sounded all good to me, I wasn't listening super critically but it flowed pretty well, good energy about it and no obvious fuckups or trainwrecks
  13. I'm in Syd and kinda at the same stage - did a lot of mixing a few years back but motivation dropped off. @dflux4 is also a sydney lad but haven't heard from him in a minute. Whereabouts in syd are you from?