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  1. Don’t believe so. Plenty of people use the transformers. Just get something better than your cheapo bargin bin transformer (don’t want it blowing up your tables) and you shouldn’t notice anything different. Turntables are a phono output, so power is just driving the motor.
  2. Had a good lol at this (it’s informational at the same time) Also, what I was actually looking for was a video to post regarding use of returns within an Ableton drum rack, which this outlines pretty well.
  3. Because we all love a sidechain compressor, right?
  4. Nice, will add this to the knowledge base
  5. @LabRat thought you might be interested in this.
  6. Short, sharp and to the point. First time I’ve seen anyone do this.
  7. For people looking to learn the basics of music/sound design, Ableton have brought out a couple of online training modules which are worth checking out: https://learningmusic.ableton.com/ https://learningsynths.ableton.com/ It all runs straight out of your browser, no installs or anything required; even works on mobile.
  8. P.S. I don't think I can transfer the Maschine software without Komplete, so it's probably easiest to sell just the hardware; you can buy the Maschine software standalone now though.. Also comes with the stand (to prop it up on a good angle to play and/or mount to a drum stand) and a deck saver, to keep that dust off. I have the original boxes etc.
  9. Bump - still using Ableton and not using the Maschine enough, going to sell and get a newer midi keyboard and/or a push. Giving first dibs to anyone in the ADJF fan before I advertise elsewhere.
  10. Moved to lighting & visuals forum. Do you have a question, or just sharing? P.S. welcome to the forum
  11. New features seem nice, but price just to get cloud sync is expensive.
  12. Haven’t tried it yet, but saw it mentioned online elsewhere and definitely looks interesting. Not sure how stable it is - I’ll do a bit more investigating.
  13. Anyone used this? https://enhancementsuite.me/
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