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  1. Ableton: Can't locate samples

    hmm that's super weird. Did you try a collect & save?
  2. Fresh Meat !

  3. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    Also have wedding things this weekend
  4. 6.35 right angle jacks to female RCA

    Photo may help?

    I got a couple of the NI packs using vouchers I got for free. They had some good sounds. Haven't purchased off any 3rd party sites. There's heaps of free maschine packs available if you look around a bit. Sometimes tutorials have a pack to download that goes with it containing some samples. Perhaps even look at getting 1 or 2 3rd party synths and learning them really well. It may be better (from a learning perspective) to do this, rather than buying komplete and using a fraction of it.
  6. NI just unveiled a free software update for Maschine users that introduces the monophonic bass synth and isomorphic keyboard. Maschine 2.6.8 brings some powerful features for all Maschine hardware. August 22, 2017, Berlin - Native Instruments today releases the MASCHINE 2.6.8 software update, available free for all MASCHINE 2 customers. The update introduces a monophonic bass synth and an isomorphic keyboard. The new MASCHINE bass synth lets users design and shape rich bass tones with intuitive, fun, and fully-automatable controls directly from the hardware. Users will be able to morph seamlessly from sine to saw to square -- and all spots in between – to create their own unique sounds. They can also load presets designed by professional sound designers to get bass tones for any genre, including booming sub-bass or dripping acid. MASCHINE JAM users can also program the signature glides and accents of classic acid directly from the hardware. The bass synth does not replace popular products like MASSIVE and MONARK. Instead, it decreases the barrier of entry, allowing users with limited knowledge of synthesis to create beautiful bass tones using the workflow they know with the quality that comes with Native Instruments’ acclaimed DSP expertise. MASCHINE 2.6.8 also introduces an isomorphic keyboard mode to easily play harmonies and melodies on the MASCHINE JAM 8x8 grid. In this mode, the notes on the keyboard are only the notes from the scale. Additionally, each chord has its own hand shape – regardless of key – so users don’t need to know musical theory to play with perfect pitch. Plus, it’s easier to learn and play than on a traditional piano. Users can easily learn the shape for a chord in one key, and use the same shape in another. A chord guide is available as a free, downloadable PDF to help kickstart the learning process. MASCHINE 2.6.8 is available free for MASCHINE 2 owners. Source: https://ask.audio/articles/native-instruments-releases-maschine-268-new-bass-synth-isomorphic-keyboard

    i'd say some of these loops are top notch m8
  8. Disco Volante 17/08/17

    Did the opening set for Disco Volante to kick off my birthday celebrations. Bit wobbly in parts, but that's disco for you. Enjoy
  9. Ddj sx with cdjs

    Does the back of it look like this? You should be able to plug into any of the channels (e.g. 2 and 3 to use the 2 middle faders), power up and off you go? You may have to set the channels to "through" or something similar in Serato. I don't have serato to provide much useful help on this part though.
  10. Ideas for competitions

    This sounds good
  11. If you uploaded it in the first place, don't you already have it
  12. friday shuffle

  13. xhin mix on dj mag

    I'll give this a run. Xhin is good
  14. A Belated Hello

    Welcome You'll get honest feedback posting tunes in the relevant sections here. Enjoy your stay
  15. monitor help

    What you've described isn't typical symptom of a blown fuse, but definitely worth checking it. Not sure if that model has one that's easy to replace?