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  1. Been digging some of the stuff coming through on promo lately. Keep it up <3
  2. I'm loving this competition
  3. +1. Everyone gets a chance around here to learn how this place works. We're inclusive, not exclusive
  4. I think he means he keeps writing loops that are 4 or 8 bars long, and is having trouble going from that to an arranged track with some variation in it. I tend to start with a loop. Once I think it sounds cool I'll copy it and then add/remove elements out of it, and tweak parameters on the existing elements. If you listen to most dance tracks, they follow a similar pattern. As practice, try load a track you like into a channel in your DAW, and follow a similar arrangement to the track. To transition between loops, you'll probably want some one-hits and fx
  5. purchasing a track is different to subscribing to a streaming service. Spotify = fixed monthly fee to listen to as much as you want. Revenue distributed to labels and artists based on play counts. Stop paying monthly fee = lose access iTunes = pay once off fee, download track. Royalties go to label and artist, you can save that track to your computer and listen to it as many times as you want. Different revenue models = different rights
  6. Unfortunately you only pay for a streaming service, which doesn't allow you to save a copy outside of their ecosystem to do whatever you want. Once you do that, they can't track the play count and calculate the revenue for the artists etc,
  7. **disclaimer: I have no experience with djay2 software on the ipad.** If you're using djay 2 on the ipad, it looks like you can record the mix to the iPad storage. I assume it's that red circle button in the middle up the top once you've finished your mix, you can transfer the recording to your computer. You can see how to do that over here -> NOTE: It's well documented across the Internet that you can only record mixes if playing songs stored locally on your iPad. If you're playing songs from spotify, the licensing restrictions on spotify don't allow the app to record the mix. Unfortunately the controller you have is somewhat limited in this aspect. Your only other alternatives are to plug the DDJ directly into your laptop. I see the controller comes with a basic version of virtual DJ, which has the ability to record a mix for you (I don't personally recommend this software).
  8. Make a new thread and we'll be able to help properly, instead of hijacking this one
  9. have watched/listened to this one many times. V good
  10. Not EDM, but digging back through the archives lately
  11. You've probably figured this out already, but you just need to get from the record out on your DJ mixer (likely RCA) to a line input on your PC. if your sound card has a 3.5mm line in that will work. If you use a mic input, it will give you distorted sound due to the different amplification. Some sound cards allow you to switch the same port between a mic and line in too. Alternatively, a cheap USB sound card with RCA input will work. P.S. also an IT professional what city you in?
  12. Good luck if you do anything cool, post it
  13. The answer to this question, is whatever you like! There's no rules - if you feel like getting back in touch with your mixing roots, do it. If you feel more inclined to focus on production, that's cool too. If you've got the time.... Vinyl mixing is still well about - digital is also popular. What's coolest/best is purely opinion based.
  14. Hi there Welcome back