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  1. *drools*... wish i could justify buying these right now! Cannot afford. Moved to buy and sell section
  2. whoa! You might need to do a reintroduction yourself for some of the young ones @Tomy
  3. Hey There's a few on here from up your way. Hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Welcome
  5. Welcome
  6. Don't really know trance, but production seems good
  7. Yeah exactly, you can do whatever you want. Maybe some light compression and a simple fx chain (to your liking, reverb or distortion maybe?) on the mid and tweaking the volumes on each component? I find doing some things this way easier/better than fiddling with an EQ8 forever, and you don't have to bounce anything out into separate tracks. You can also obviously solo out each component when tweaking to get a better idea of what you're doing.
  8. As for the track, sounds cool some bits sound a bit distorted. if intentional, cool @tafoz is on teh money with his feedback. keep it up
  9. You can do this super simple in ableton! I'm sure it would be fairly similar in other DAWs too: Drop an audio effect rack onto the track. Drag 3 x EQ three into the audio effect rack. Rename them low / mid / high. Then on each one, kill the respective EQs (for low, kill mid and high, etc.). Then you can add fx down the chain that only apply to the low/mid/high, as well as adjusting the volume, panning, etc... once you've done this once, save it as a template to make it super quick as you'll end up using it all the time
  10. We have no idea what you're talking about
  11. ror
  12. vote 1: rotorcraft
  13. I know