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  1. Got it sorted. Had it going through a USB hub which had no issues with previous laptop & OS X Yosemite... Different combination of cables/adapters etc. got it sorted
  2. Yeah, latest driver (via mix control app download). Focusrite website says it's supported. Haven't made time to get back to it yet, so still working on the old one for now.
  3. Definitely all works fine so ti's If you have a newish macbook on and you can try plug your Focusrite in that would be ace... I know my sound card is fine because it works on my old laptop into the same USB hub without issue.
  4. I know there are a few Focusrite Scarlett users on here.. Anyone have theirs working on Mojave? Got a new laptop, plugged it in and it sounds like scratchy AM radio, heaps of static etc. Downloaded latest driver from website but still no dice.
  5. Mitch


    It’s not unheard of for an iTunes update to cause issues with rekordbox integration.. I haven’t personally updated to the latest versions yet. May be worth checking pioneer site for any known issues
  6. Mitch


    Are they both the latest versions?
  7. http://photosnap.com.au/buy/booths/ These guys look to be in Perth
  8. Can’t give any specific recommendations, but a quick search online brings up a few Australian places. Also had a look on gumtree, and there seem to be a few units on there that may be of interest. Main constraint I assume will he budget (they are more expensive than I thought they’d be)
  9. Mitch


    Correct. FAT is FAT32 on Mac. HFS will be faster though.
  10. Mitch


    The answer to both is yes* *some of the newer players might need a newish version of the recordbox software to talk properly, such as nexus 2. It really depends on what version you have currently, and what equipment you’re playing on
  11. Mitch

    Website halp?

    Given its wix, they normally handle and renew SSL automatically. I’d check and confirm all your DNS records match what they should be, then contact wix support
  12. I do some house stuff. What part of Melbourne are you talking?
  13. I know they don't run the stream at certain times, as it's basically a store room above a club. Will find out.
  14. Don’t have to be right in CBD to be a good spot, but you won’t find anything without neighbours within a couple of hrs of the city
  15. This. iTunes keeps the folder structure in check based on the metadata. Tech is trends are moving toward less caring about folders, more about metadata, as it’s more efficient. Get on board, or be left in the dust
  16. Never used wireless mic. Still got my SM58
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