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  1. Bounce Audio in Prahran are good.
  2. They probably both run off 2.4Ghz which is common for interference. Microwaves etc. will also cause issue
  3. I'd avoid the 1/4" -> RCA adapters and ensure you're using TRS cables -> whatever your monitors support (XLR or TRS). This will help. This is a decent starting point to run through in order. https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/210293145-How-to-Resolve-Ground-Loop-Issues-Humming-and-Buzzing-Sounds- What I'd do next: -ensure you're using balanced cables and inputs on everything -try the ground lift xlr adapters -try DI box. If you have a mate with the adapters and/or DI box to test first that's always a good way to go.
  4. Desktop or laptop? Is the interface plugged into the computer directly, or via a USB hub?
  5. Comeback is in the works! Stay tuned for revival details.
  6. Moved to buy & sell section. Please post approx. location so people know where they'd have to pick item up from
  7. SSD is definitely the way to go these days! Hope it continues to work for you without trouble going forward 👍
  8. This is probably more for advanced users, but I personally dual boot my laptop with one install for work and general day-to-day stuff, and the other install dedicated to music-related stuff. This is for two reasons: Each install is optimised for purpose. Performance is optimised for music software, no additional programs in the background reducing performance Removes distractions when working on music stuff. This is only a mental thing, but good not to have notifications coming through etc. Some general things you can check on your PC: As Beatless said, ensure all your power settings are set to max performance when DJing Do a restart of your PC right before you start DJing, this ensures minimal stuff is running in background Remove all unnecessary programs from PC startup Check and update system drivers Check and update Windows Check and update Traktor software
  9. This is the track you're talking about. Sounds around 145BPM Most 90's techno/trance-ish songs should go OK. Will post a couple of examples later when on my laptop with music.
  10. The EP used to be up on the bandcamp site with a link to a free download which is when I got it... Just checked back and the link is still there but doesn't work anymore 🙁 I did find the individual track on bandcamp for purchase though https://fatimayamaha.bandcamp.com/track/whats-a-girl-to-do If you can find this JV edit anywhere as well it's a pretty sick version
  11. Looking forward to the end product!
  12. Yeah it's really circumstantial I guess.. I try and keep things that run in the background to a minimum so it runs clean - that helps a fair bit too. Just look forward to paying for all the software upgrades for everything to work on the latest Mac OS (still haven't done most of mine yet $$)
  13. Both are important, however CPU limit is typically hit before RAM. I just personally bought the 13" MBP with top spec CPU and 16GB RAM. Doubt RAM will ever be an issue
  14. You're basically limited by the processor and main board that comes in that model. The new CPUs these days are far more efficient at same/slower clock speeds as the older models. I personally just use a USB-C docking station connected to the MacBook these days. Single cable to charge & connect everything up, single laptop to keep up to date etc.. just depends if you got your laptop with enough spec in it. New Mac Pro's are also coming out in the next few months & they have gone back to the old tower style build (rather than that horrible cylinder) - will be interesting to see what these cost. https://www.macfixit.com.au/docks/docking-stations/thunderbolt/
  15. Yeah, just a different one. I previously had it Focusrite -> USB Hub -> USB-C docking station -> laptop. Changed it to Focusrite -> USB-C docking station -> laptop.
  16. Got it sorted. Had it going through a USB hub which had no issues with previous laptop & OS X Yosemite... Different combination of cables/adapters etc. got it sorted
  17. Yeah, latest driver (via mix control app download). Focusrite website says it's supported. Haven't made time to get back to it yet, so still working on the old one for now.
  18. Definitely all works fine so ti's If you have a newish macbook on and you can try plug your Focusrite in that would be ace... I know my sound card is fine because it works on my old laptop into the same USB hub without issue.
  19. I know there are a few Focusrite Scarlett users on here.. Anyone have theirs working on Mojave? Got a new laptop, plugged it in and it sounds like scratchy AM radio, heaps of static etc. Downloaded latest driver from website but still no dice.
  20. Mitch


    It’s not unheard of for an iTunes update to cause issues with rekordbox integration.. I haven’t personally updated to the latest versions yet. May be worth checking pioneer site for any known issues
  21. Mitch


    Are they both the latest versions?
  22. Mitch


    Correct. FAT is FAT32 on Mac. HFS will be faster though.
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