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  1. Firstly, welcome to ADJF :safe: To answer each question: 1) Have used neither of those mixers, but they appear to be the cheapest ones with Serato DVS support inbuilt so either appear the most economical way to go. Doesn't look like there are any Serato interfaces like the SL1-4 still in active production, so only other alternative to what you've already mentioned (or a more expensive mixer again) I can think of would be to keep your current mixer and use Traktor for DVS (can get an interface with the control vinyl and software for just under $450). 2) Hard to say. Can't find any that have sold in Australia recently, but potentially several hundred dollars at a pure guess (assuming there's a willing buyer out there for it). 3) Probably not worth much/anything due to it now being obsolete. 4) I believe you should be able to keep using the same ones.
  2. Ayyy welcome back facebook groups and the like mean the good ol’ Internet forums aren’t as active as they once were, but there’s still a few around.
  3. Yeah for general listening/home use I’d personally go for a passive home theatre setup too. Easy to manage and you’ll still get decent quality and volume out of a smaller speaker more suited to the room. 15” PAs seem huge for a home theatre setup. I have no experience with the model you’re looking at to comment on their quality or any alternatives sorry.
  4. Just picked up "Metric AB" for USD40 (normally 200) https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/adptr_metricab.html. At this price I definitely recommend for mix referencing - it just provides a cleaner/faster workflow compared to what you can do natively in your DAW. Heaps of other stuff on sale as well if you have the urge to buy more plugins.
  5. Hey all, This month I have a mix recorded live from my set at Glamorama Bar last month (pre-lockdown). Enjoy 🎧. https://soundcloud.com/rotorcraftmusic/live-glamorama-9-may-2021 (not sure why auto embed isn't working on this link 🤷‍♀️)
  6. Link no longer works unfortunately Soundcloud (you can get a free account) is the way to go for uploading tracks.
  7. Thanks m9 Everyone else out there, appreciate any listens/likes as it looks like they’ll be more favourably considering the sets with more attention on them - only 10 entries will be selected. I think I offer something unique to a lot of the other entrants.
  8. Hey team, I’ve submitted this mix hoping to get a slot at one of “The Kickons Crew” upcoming parties. Any attention this receives online won’t be the deciding factor on who gets a set, but any online engagement (listens, likes, reposts) obviously helps. Let me know what you think here and in the Soundcloud comments! Thanks fam 😎
  9. RE: malfunction - it’s quite rare but sometimes the players can go a bit funky and need a restart. Always have two USBs minimum with you in case you need to reboot one of them, as you don’t wanna get stuck playing off link and needing to restart that player. Sometimes the network cable might get damaged and the link cuts in and out, so having two USBs saves you from that situation. RE: CDJ settings - if you prepare your USB sticks with rekordbox you can configure all the settings you want on the USB, then when you plug it into the CDJ you can load all your settings to the player. I’ll find some more info/video on how to do it if you need (when I’m on my computer next).
  10. Welcome what part of the country you from?
  11. https://www.storedj.com.au/road-ready-rrlphw-100-lp-case-w-wheels-and-pull-out-handle Something like this is the premium option at our stores in aus. There are some cheaper options - check your local store for an LP “road case” - these will be built better than your standard bag. Something with a solid exterior is definitely preferred for flying/couriers.
  12. Gone a bit harder with some techno tunes this month. Mostly old vinyl that I hadn't listened to in a while, thus it's a bit raw (as you'll hear). Enjoy
  13. Saw Ableton reposted this vid. Collision is probably one of the lesser used instruments in Ableton, but it’s a very interesting tool. Guy makes techno in the vid, but you might get some ideas for other genres too. I also recommend reading the Ableton manual to understand more about Collision - it’s based on mallet percussion instruments, using physical modelling to simulate various real life objects (with some made up ones too).
  14. Came across this last night. It's a bunch of Ableton fx and instrument racks made by James Wiltshire (Freemasons). All uses built-in Ableton stuff so you don't need any third-party VSTs to make it work. Pretty cheap so I might purchase and see how it goes https://www.f9-audio.com/products/f9-live-racks-parallel-suite?variant=32265842433.
  15. With Spotify dominating the consumer streaming market, less people are listening to mixes on Spotify etc... so if you can’t beat them, join them. Made a playlist for people to follow. Will keep it updated regularly with new tracks. Appreciate a follow if you are on the platform 👍. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3Tyoxp0HUtoypllBHUbf5G?si=2LcM-2uLQFeoe-Tdy7qH-w
  16. Had a quick listen, you’ve got a few different styles on the go there. Some intro advice: Melodics is a New Zealand based software company which has a great app to teach finger drumming. Think along the lines of Guitar Hero but teaching you actual music on your own controller. It is compatible with the Maschine MK2 One thing I’ve found which helps with development/improvement is to not get hung up trying to work on a single track for too long. Work on something for a week or two max, make sure you “finish” (arrange) it, then move on. You’ll find the more tracks you start and complete, the skills will improve over time rather than trying to perfect the first song you make. Plenty of content in the music production section of the forum to browse through as well, and of course make a new thread if you’ve got a question 👍.
  17. Came across this software called “Spleeter” which is made by Deezer, which looks like a streaming company similar to Spotify. You can input a music file into the software and it will use some AI magic to split the audio out into four stems (vocals, bass, drums, and other). Potential for this tech is pretty huge for things like getting the vocal or bass line separated out for live three/four deck mixing, or even making unofficial remixes and using them in your sets*. The software itself is a bit of a PITA to get up and going by the looks of it (I haven’t done it yet), so it’s not that easy to host it on your own machine. There are some websites which appear available . Again, haven’t used these yet so not sure if they have any copyright detection built in, but they make it pretty clear that you shouldn’t upload stuff you don’t have authority over. Here’s a longer read from the vendor https://deezer.io/releasing-spleeter-deezer-r-d-source-separation-engine-2b88985e797e What’s even better, is someone online by the name of “Azuki” has made an Ableton Max 4 Live plugin which integrates the Spleeter tech right inside Ableton itself. You can see how this plugin works (as well as how good the software works) in the video below. *I don’t condone copyright infringement, nor does the software.
  18. DDJ 200 is nearly half the price of the 400 which makes it an easy choice if just going for the cheapest unit. Just note it has no sound card built in - it uses a splitter to separate the headphone out on the PC into to two mono-only channels to allow your separate cue and main outs. Hope that makes sense? the DDJ 400 (which has a sound card for separate stereo cue and main outs) and the Traktor S2 are a better comparison and a similar price. The Pioneer unit will probably be easier to get going on, + have a more familiar layout if/when moving up to larger equipment (larger pitch faders make it easier to learn beat matching), whilst the Traktor stuff is a bit more advanced. Either will be fine, but I’d lean toward the Pioneer unit in your circumstance.
  19. Welcome 2020 certainly wasn’t great for anyone, including myself. Glad to see you getting stuck into some production, I’m taking some time off work to focus on some more production this year myself. What style of tunes are you making? Can’t help with anything FL (deep in Ableton) but do have Komplete.
  20. Yeah same here. I originally had a copy of Logic 9. Didn’t get too far into learning it as I started meeting people and everyone else was using Ableton, so it was just easier to jump on that so I could learn and collab easily. I doubt Ableton will include a pop out window/MIDI list item as the whole design aesthetic is so different.
  21. We have 4 of them in this house ha. All the storage optimisation.
  22. In the case of the Scarlett, inputs 1 and 2 have pre-amps, so you’d plug the mic into one of those. Inputs 3 and 4 (on the back) are a fixed level line input with no additional amplification, which is fine for a DJ mix as the signal out from your mixer is already amplified.
  23. This is pretty cool. Might look into it if I ever upgrade my CDJs
  24. Hope I’m understanding it correctly. Ableton obviously doesn’t have notes available in a list, however, you can still do bulk edits on notes: CMD + A to select all notes in the clip, or If you click on a note on the piano itself it will select all of that note within the clip Use shift key when clicking on a note to add/remove it from the selection (or the piano roll to select all midi data across multiple notes) Once the notes are selected, you can basically do whatever you want in bulk: If you drag a velocity slider it will move them all. You can also do linear gradient on the velocities (can find a vid if wanted) You can either mouse drag or use arrows to change the notes (use shift to move by octave) Shift + left/right arrow keys changes note length Legato button, well, makes them legato I can find a good vid on it somewhere. Is there other stuff you want to do that you’ve found easier in Logic?
  25. Can you link to a vid of something that shows what you’re trying to do? If it’s what I think it is, this is actually quite easy to do in Ableton. I personally think the new update is great - quite a few improvements to MIDI editor.
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