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  1. I tend to stay a couple of revisions behind. Still on Mojave for the music stuff, and run a separate OS install for work/daily browsing. I suspect Ableton Live 11 will have M1 support in some form when it’s released in the next couple of months... Many have said both v10 and v11 beta are running OK with Rosetta 2, but there’s likely many audio interface drivers and VSTs which may not work.
  2. Thanks mate - bringing it back for 2021! Appreciate the repost .
  3. Hey fam, Been a while since I posted one of these. Hoping to do one each month. As things start to reopen down here, I greatly appreciate any social media action as I try to get some bookings + post any feedback below of course. Stay .
  4. Welcome (fellow Melbourne resident here)
  5. Came across this article - I wasn’t aware you could order instruments and effects to put the most used ones at the top! https://audioordeal.co.uk/ableton-features-you-didnt-know-that-you-probably-should/
  6. This is good stuff! Hope you're keeping well my friend
  7. https://www.ableton.com/en/live/ Come at me comping and macro improvements
  8. Yeah I can’t see many places adopting these until the current units start to fail/need replacing. Nothing compared to the CDJ1000 -> 2000 where they introduced USB sticks (i.e. game changer).
  9. New(ish?) wireless device. Has some basic built in sounds and functionality, however you get some pretty awesome capability when pairing it to your PC (works with MIDI over Bluetooth) and using their Max for Live plugin https://artiphon.com/pages/orba-by-artiphon Here’s a vid of a guy mapping it in Ableton
  10. In that case, some options for an entry level all in device would be something like: Pioneer DDJ400. This uses rekordbox software. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2. This uses Traktor software. For something a bit more advanced, you can get the Pioneer DDJ800 or Traktor Kontrol S4. Pioneer also have some more expensive all in one units which allow you to copy music to a USB stick and play without the laptop. However, if you’re just starting out the entry level models would be OK. To get up and running, you’ll need to pair the above with a set of speakers (also known as “monitors”) and a set of headphones. Not a hard and fast rule, but the better quality stuff costs more. If you want some recommendations for these let me know 👍
  11. Came across this software at the Melbourne Ableton user group Melbourne. Pretty cool software made in New Zealand, company is run by former CEO of Serato. It basically allows you to connect MIDI keyboard, pad controllers, and drum kits to your computer, then has a series of lessons that aim to improve your skills playing each instrument. Would definitely recommend if you're looking to sharpen your skills. https://melodics.com
  12. Great timing given most clubs are shut and what not, but Pioneer have nevertheless released the CDJ-3000. https://www.pioneerdj.com/en-au/product/player/cdj-3000/black/overview/ AUD4000 a piece.
  13. The Numark M2 is a mixer only. With this type of setup, you need to have 2 audio sources (usually turntables/CDJs) to plug in, then the Numark just mixes them together. to help recommend something appropriate: 1) Do you have any existing equipment? 2) Are you planning on/prefer a laptop-based setup, or prefer a standalone system which you can play music off USB drives?* 3) budget? *If going laptop-based setup, you need something relatively stable for it to work without issues.
  14. Saw these online, thought I’d share here.
  15. Do you have turntables already? If so, DVS (Digital Vinyl System), also known as “time code” may interest you. The X1/K2 controllers are designed with DVS in mind. With this setup, you use a special vinyl record and sound card which allows you to use your analog turntables as a jog wheel. You can then use the X1/K2 controller to navigate and choose tracks, set hot cues etc.. with this setup you don’t need play/pause as you use the turntable for that. Traktor and Serato are the two most popular software for this functionality.
  16. Nice article on Ableton’s blog https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/pad-it-out-10-ways-make-distinctive-pad-sounds/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=ableton%2Fblog
  17. Don’t believe so. Plenty of people use the transformers. Just get something better than your cheapo bargin bin transformer (don’t want it blowing up your tables) and you shouldn’t notice anything different. Turntables are a phono output, so power is just driving the motor.
  18. Had a good lol at this (it’s informational at the same time) Also, what I was actually looking for was a video to post regarding use of returns within an Ableton drum rack, which this outlines pretty well.
  19. Because we all love a sidechain compressor, right?
  20. Nice, will add this to the knowledge base
  21. @LabRat thought you might be interested in this.
  22. Short, sharp and to the point. First time I’ve seen anyone do this.
  23. For people looking to learn the basics of music/sound design, Ableton have brought out a couple of online training modules which are worth checking out: https://learningmusic.ableton.com/ https://learningsynths.ableton.com/ It all runs straight out of your browser, no installs or anything required; even works on mobile.
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