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  1. P.S. I don't think I can transfer the Maschine software without Komplete, so it's probably easiest to sell just the hardware; you can buy the Maschine software standalone now though.. Also comes with the stand (to prop it up on a good angle to play and/or mount to a drum stand) and a deck saver, to keep that dust off. I have the original boxes etc.
  2. Bump - still using Ableton and not using the Maschine enough, going to sell and get a newer midi keyboard and/or a push. Giving first dibs to anyone in the ADJF fan before I advertise elsewhere.
  3. Moved to lighting & visuals forum. Do you have a question, or just sharing? P.S. welcome to the forum
  4. New features seem nice, but price just to get cloud sync is expensive.
  5. Haven’t tried it yet, but saw it mentioned online elsewhere and definitely looks interesting. Not sure how stable it is - I’ll do a bit more investigating.
  6. Anyone used this? https://enhancementsuite.me/
  7. Looks like anything older than 2 weeks is gone. @Cupe do you know what the retention is for twitch recordings?
  8. Giving this a run this afternoon
  9. Did an all vinyl live stream on ADJF twitch. Bit rusty in parts - was checking out some of my new records for the first time
  10. Bounce Audio in Prahran are good.
  11. They probably both run off 2.4Ghz which is common for interference. Microwaves etc. will also cause issue
  12. I'd avoid the 1/4" -> RCA adapters and ensure you're using TRS cables -> whatever your monitors support (XLR or TRS). This will help. This is a decent starting point to run through in order. https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/210293145-How-to-Resolve-Ground-Loop-Issues-Humming-and-Buzzing-Sounds- What I'd do next: -ensure you're using balanced cables and inputs on everything -try the ground lift xlr adapters -try DI box. If you have a mate with the adapters and/or DI box to test first that's always a good way to go.
  13. Desktop or laptop? Is the interface plugged into the computer directly, or via a USB hub?
  14. Comeback is in the works! Stay tuned for revival details.
  15. Moved to buy & sell section. Please post approx. location so people know where they'd have to pick item up from
  16. SSD is definitely the way to go these days! Hope it continues to work for you without trouble going forward 👍
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