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    Perth based Pom. Newbie DJ with an eclectic taste of house/disco/techno/electro/breaks
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  1. Aw nice that's good to know! Just wondering as I'm pretty slow to log onto the laptop and see notifications on here. Is there an app or a way of getting notified of messages/being able to reply quicker?
  2. Thank you :) I'm actually a pom but I now live very happily in Perth!
  3. This was a good read 😊 thank you! One thing that’s worrying me a bit is not knowing the cdj’s enough and something malfunctioning. Or the person before me having ridiculous settings. Best get doing my research before I get out there!
  4. Hi everyone. Just here to say hello and introduce myself. I’m Lucy, started learning to DJ about 6/7 months ago now just for fun for myself and friends. It very quickly became an obsession. There were times when I felt a bit overwhelmed. I love lots of genres and vibes from each genre and a lot of it was proving to be difficult mixing (disco I’m looking at you 🙄). I’ve had lessons with a local school and been apart of a really supportive online DJ school community through a Facebook group. I’m now more comfortable with original disco and many other genres and I’m having the time of my life! Not sure why I never did this earlier! It’s the best feeling ever getting compliments on your music taste and I dream of being around a community of people all dancing and having a good time to the music I choose to play. Anyway I’ve just had a lot of really good feedback and love from a mix I posted from DJ’s around me who I admire, which is a massive confidence boost. And I have my first gig at one of my favourite bars at the end of this month. Now all of a sudden I feel like a real DJ 😊 And I’ve become that obsessed I’ve took the plunge and signed up to an online production school starting soon 🙏🏽 Anyway that’s me. Looking forward to getting involved with this forum because it’s the community of DJs around me that’s really given me the hype and motivation to keep giving it my all 😊
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