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  1. ryaank


    i've already tried that haha
  2. ryaank


    i'm not saying i want to copy them i'm just saying that's the sound that i'm looking for. Most of the Melbourne sound is like that and it's unique, hence, it's hard to find tutorials or anything on that note that's even close to what it is i'm trying to do. I know most of the produces are probably self taught but thought i may as well ask. Can anyone steer me in the right direction of how to go about what it is i'm trying to make haha would be greatly appreciated. Some written/video tutorials or just advice. Cheers
  3. ryaank


    how do you go about making melodies like this? I'm having trouble finding anything on the net as this is the sound i'm looking for cheers https://soundcloud.com/havoc-original/h ... t-original https://soundcloud.com/jack-lefty-roney ... e-that-ass
  4. the first video helped a bit, has anyone got anything else?
  5. thanks for the help guys but i need some low down in actually going about doing it myself rather then just a few words telling me what it is (i'm new to this) .. the tutorials on youtube don't really help me for what i want to make and the sound im trying to get. I'm having some trouble, mainly with the bassline/melody/build up and whatever in between. heres a few tracks with the sound im trying to look for. Hopefully you guys can steer me in the right direction and show me some tutorials or something that will help me out. Cheers. https://soundcloud.com/jack-lefty-roney ... aber-lefty https://soundcloud.com/samiosman-95/bra ... sman-remix https://soundcloud.com/brad_smit/chico- ... -brad-smit https://soundcloud.com/effectzrecording ... -serotonin
  6. Does anyone have any good tutorials for electro/house Melbourne shit? im finding it hard to get the sound especially with the basslines and melodys. cheers
  7. I am new to producing and was wondering if someone can please explain to me what mastering is. I see of a lot of tracks stating in the title "unmastered", and am just curious as to what it means, and how you go about mastering a track. Cheers
  8. it's a bit of an effort to contact every single person that you want to download their music but cheers for the replies
  9. Is the sound quality noticeable when playing at a club if its been ripped?
  10. Didn't know where to post this but when it comes to downloading music off soundcloud whats the most effective way to download it and retain its quality, because a lot of the stuff i download sounds like it looses it quality. Cheers
  11. Hey there im pretty new to djing and just recently picked up a set of 350 decks. I was just wondeirng when it comes to clubs and parties do you guys find using cds easier then usb's or vice versa? What do people use more and what is the reason for it? I can't really be bothered burning all these cds ahaha Cheers
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