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  1. Hey everyone, i'm after a set of active PA 15's for my living room for xbox and movies mostly, music too but only streamed stuff for now. I'm adding a 4k blu ray soonish cause the audio on some of the streamed movies i've purchased is a bit iffy. I can't audition anything where i am i'll be buying online and getting delivery. Right now leaning towards the Icoa 15a, i'm sold on the coaxial design with the rotating tweeter. It's the only PA in a 15 inch that i can find that can be used as a horizontal centre channel speaker in surround sound. All the other speakers are mid tweeter layout and i don't want a vertical centre speaker just for the looks. I've seen some 12's in wedges that would work but i want 15's all round including the back plus they were only passives. I'm also digging the screen on the back with the digital volume read out so there's no guessing with level matching.Given this are their any other speakers i should be looking into? I know enough not to go off all the specs on paper, but i've always been a bit skeptical when it comes to plate amps from diy days, but i definitely want built in amps for this app. Most the class d amps on these powered pa's look around the same size but at this price point most hint towards 1000 rms compared to the 300 of the Icoa's. The peak spl is also a bit low at 128, some other brands state around 130db continuous with higher peaks. They dig a bit lower though at 48hz. I used to run a pair EP4000's to audio nirvana 15 coaxials, when i couldn't deal with the fan noise i changed them to A500's but they always had plenty of power in reserve and never broke a sweat. How do the class D's go on the Icoa's? I've had Pioneer LX stuff before and for movies they were far better than my best class A's, things like glass shattering and guns reloading sounded like they were happening in the room. But they were considered good amps. Does anyone own or have first hand experience with the Icoa 15a ? Can you tell your listening to a point source driver like other coaxial speakers if they were side by side with other pa speakers that use a top mounted horn? Maybe a strange question with the class d, but if left on for a while with no signal or even just turned down real low, do the amps still get warm? Most of the things in my household get left turned on these days for long periods, i might game all day then the same setup gets used all throughout the night. Even sitting idle any of my ht or 2ch gear still gets warm to the point where if i'm not using i'll take notice and switch them off, be good to not worry about that. Also i couldn't find on the web do they amps have a soft start ? Thats what we used to call it, say if someone turns a speaker off but leaves the level up accidentally it wouldn't thump when it was switched back on. Any input would be awesome !!
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