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  1. I honestly thought (based on what I've seen here) the DJ was being phased out. I guess I've blocked it out so much I have no idea what's going on anymore. I was on gumtree looking for a Machine and kinda flipped when I saw what they were still going for...
  2. I own, is nice sub. That's not a bad price for it either. I think I paid 700ish for it but that was 4 years or so ago
  3. weird. I deleted the original connection with facebook and connected again just so I could follow a few mates but it's weird how my mate did it before
  4. See I've already fucked up. Admins, can you please move to Techno section?
  5. Since my absence from the music industry I never had a second thought to write or release anything or promote another party. It's been 3 years now and since I sold my car I've been looking for another hobby to fill in my boredom. I fired up Trump'd again on a VERY small scale. There's a few releases under the Trump'd banner ready to go, which I'll post through out the year. My commitment levels are no where near what they were when I was full-time and I have no idea what's relevant but I'm gonna put out some tunes anyway. Here's the latest one. It's only available via stream on Spotify and Apple Music (amongst others). Once I sort out my distribution to Beatport I'll probably put out some DJ friendly versions for the venues and such. Enjoy.
  6. I feel like this list never changes. It's been years since I've looked at anything but the same controllers are still on that list. Are they still good controllers or no one is making anything anymore?
  7. I set up an account with facebook the first time but then reregistered with an email address so I don't really want to connect facebook incase it opens my old account. Don't really know how to delete it either
  8. Yeah I also don’t know how to follow people on Spotify without connecting to Facebook
  9. New release under my alter-alias, Ricashae. Enjoy the liquidy d&b vibes on this one.
  10. Problem with that is after a few spilt drinks those things are fucked haha there was a video going around of some guy who made his own booth out of mdf or whatever. That thing was covered in some spillage from some pretty heavy nights and this thing just collapsed on itself. The booth at the bar I play at is on its way out too. It looks super sketchy
  11. I'd say it would come down more to the production of the song and what you do with your melodies and what not rather than the sounds themselves. Take Virtual Riot as an example. Skrillex somewhat made those growl sounds mainstream. Virtual Riot hasn't done anything different to what Skrillex has done but it's what he does with his sounds that make his productions cool. Be creative as well. People sampling real life sounds and making pretty wild leads out of them. It's becoming a really popular thing so try diving into that and experimenting with different techniques. I made a pretty outrageous sound using the initial patch in Massive and other plugins to modulate and warp it. You don't want to sound like everyone else either so take existing sounds and play around with them to make them your own. Anything is possible when you click stuff.
  12. With the way technology is today I’d say there are a lot of people around the ages of 16-19 doing sound design. Back when I started it was a little more complicated and when you heard a 18 year old designing sounds it was kind of a big thing. Now it’s not overly impressive if I’m honest because synths and accessibility to information is very easy
  13. So who is actively is still djing in venues here? I wanna know what music is been played around the country. The scene in Perth has hit a big lull to the point the people coming into the venues don’t even know what they want to hear. I’m interested to hear what you guys are dealing with
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