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  1. How to get your name around - Need Feedback!

    Problem solved
  2. How is the aussie music scene ?

    The Australian music scene is quite political. My best advice is just to keep meeting people and get involved with promoters. Where are you staying in Australia?
  3. Rekordbox

    I just copped the new version of rekordbox so I'm just importing my music into that. I figured I should just do it. However, I went to reformat my SD cards. Is FAT the same as FAT32? there's no option for FAT32 on the new MBP but from what I've read I'm just assuming that FAT will work fine
  4. Rekordbox

    Old boy here needs some new knowledge. I'm just wondering whether, 1) I can load my library on an external HD and convert to my music to my sd cards that way or does the music need to be on the local hard drive? 2) can I still use the old version? I have all my music on my old MacBook Pro and any new version of rekordbox just makes it piss (its a bit old). I would rather keep using that then put all my music on my new MacBook Pro because I don't wanna clog it up with shit while it's still new I haven't mixed for over 2 years and I see that rekordbox is up to version 5. I might be jumping back behind the decks and if I am I want to leave a good impression, starting by knowing how the fancy new tech works. Thank you kindly
  5. Going to your house
  6. have you got equipment yet?
  7. I didn't have intentions of coming to this but could kill 2 birds with 1 stone that weekend so I shall deliberate
  8. The Story of Us

    My EP is finally out. Here's a copy and past from the ol' faceballs "On a personal level, it's been a hell of a ride. I started this so long ago, about her. I never though I'd share this and I spoke so little about it but it feels good to have this out in the open. 6 years on and I can finally close this chapter and move onto the next. I guess it's kinda cliché with the release being on Valentines Day but it's definitely the icing on the cake."
  9. Posting tunes to get me that hat-trick for producer of the year
  10. MrAlchemy

    Hi friend. Welcome
  11. Free Plugins via Splice

    These are always double-up's of stuff I've posted before but it becomes relevant when it on page one so enjoy these again https://splice.com/plugins/free_plugins?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paid-social&utm_campaign=acquisition&utm_content=sounds
  12. So I'm putting a stint on the old, but new side project. I got some tunes I might share under this name but we'll see what happens. Still finding it hard to be motivated and make music after the break
  13. This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    Maybe time to close and open a Facebook group instead