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  1. Seeking people smarter than me. I'm going to replace my iMac and per usual I'm weighing up which options are going to work out best for what I need. Last night, a mate told me he's got a few of these laying around and if I wanted one he'll give me one. I know these are still in demand so I said I was keen to grab one. It got me thinking that, in theory, I should be able to overbuild something for a similar cost of getting one brand new but I need to know a few things first. I don't really know where to look, or what to do, but is it possible to build one of these up to spec of a new iMac or iMac pro? I'm talking 6 core i5 or 8 core i9 (whatever is it), all the wireless fruit, usb c, stacks of ram, graphics card for the 5k goodness and so on. considering this is basically just a box it should possible right? OR, is it worth just buying a brand new iMac and call it done??
  2. LabRat


    West Aussie Drum & Bass masterclass
  3. So is this still going through a usb hub?
  4. ok, because I wasn't already serious enough in my first post; start running a few comps again but really commit to it. I had the idea for the initial preset challenge yonks ago so we can get that going - I still got the rules somewhere. for the non producers you could have a quick cuts challenge which challenges non scratch dj's to learn some scratching techniques (could be bias to the ones who can actually scratch so you'll need some rules), mini mix comp, etc and so on. I can make up some comps with some proper rules. PM me or hit me up on the faceballs
  5. Popular Contributors of all time, most knowledgable, greatest dj of all time, greatest producer of all time, most plugins of all time, nicest modified car of all time, greatest vehicle wrapper of all time... when I think of more categories for me to win in I'll update my post
  6. Adding this adorable little beast to the list of things in the studio. Practise amp for the electric but packs a serious punch!
  7. They're in storage at the moment. I sold the Pioneers years ago and never replaced them. Thinking about bringing one of the turntables back out but there's not heaps of room once I start packing it up with all my work shit during the day
  8. So bit of an update after all the years of no updates. With a plummet in motivation and lack of general hobbies I've decided to invest some time in music again. Since I'm in the same room all the time with my other work, everything looks exactly the same as it has done for years and it doesn't exactly spark inspiration. I figured it was time to change a few things up. First Before Now So now it comes time to do something with that wall. The obvious choice are soundproof panels but I'll need to evaluate the room before I do that. Theres a product I can get where I can print directly to sound proofing materials so I might do something a bit custom and use it to advertise the business too - win win. Anyway, I put the old monitors back in and it's given me so much more room. Also joining the studio are these babies Here's a list of the shit I have on my desk at the moment - 2011 iMac running Snow Leopard is the star attraction running Ableton 9, Logic 9, and MOTU Digital Performer 10 DAWs (all in epic 32bit mode) - Scarlett 2i4 drives the audio - 2x Behringer Truth 4" monitors and a KRK 10" sub with a KRK polarity switch (on the desk) makes the noise - Akai Mini MPK, Novation Launch Pad and a Roland A49 are the midi controllers of choice - Korg Triton Extreme Workstation (in the other room) provides extra synth goodies when required - Washburn D10-sk and an Ibanez AW65 account for the acoustics - Ibanez G10 is called up for electric guitar duties Here's a list of the shit I hope to have on my desk soon - Join the 64bit nation and upgrade the iMac to join the 21st century - Ableton 10 is probably going to be the DAW of choice over Logic (probably a stupid idea in the end but I've been using Ableton for the last 3 years or so) - Plugins will require updating so I'll do that to Hopefully this keeps me amused for a while.
  9. I'm guessing you've downloaded the new drivers for it?
  10. Haven't tried but I'll keep an eye out here. Will be looking to update all my software at some point and going the 64bit world
  11. Yeah quirky things that cost a lot and I’ve done without for so long but eh, why not haha
  12. Bought my first piece for the studio in yonks! It's a switch that allows me to kill my sub without turning it off. It's a pretty simple device but helps the mixing process. Also, it's technically a foot peddle but eh, looks better on the desk
  13. digging this one man! making the paperwork much better this morning
  14. It's an interesting one. I don't know about the wifi thing but all the smoke machines out there can be triggered manually or via timer, so you switch it on and the machine will activate after a certain time for a preset duration which you've set. I'd say by now there'd be some apps to control these things. How much research have you done to see what's out there?
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