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  1. This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    Maybe time to close and open a Facebook group instead
  2. This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    You're not the only one. There's been heaps of posts that regulars and newcomers alike have ignored over quite a long period of time now. A good year, if not, longer
  3. This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    Maybe the new gen DJ's don't really care. There's plentiful groups on Facebook and some of them aren't holding up either. Depends on certain posts but there might only be 2 or 3 groups that people go to for advice. I know for one, most of our generation are well and truly over it. I've had the headphones hung up for a while and the whole time I've just stayed away from the scene. I don't even teach
  4. This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    You should have all those groups linked with all those social media accounts
  5. This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    you and your social media presence hey lol i'm surprised you don't have a separate account for other things
  6. This place is quiet af. What do we do?

    Run that comp. Good start to get some engagement
  7. That's all good mate. We're not saying you shouldn't be doing this. Personally for us, sorting our playlists in iTunes then bridging to record box is much less time consuming with the same result. Flac isn't supported but I don't have a need to use a format that doesn't benefit me. Besides, in the grand scheme of things, 99 out of 100 people I use to play to never knew the difference so importing MP3, AAC, wav and aiff into iTunes was all I needed and it served its purpose. Now I stream from Spotify so I don't have a reason to worry about sorting music anymore, which is actually quite nice
  8. Ableton: Can't locate samples

    I may do.. I think I've backed up 2 or 3 times since then so it should be on there. Good idea that one
  9. Seeking help from the ADJF family!

    Thank you kind sir
  10. Lads, I've entered a remix comp after so long away from the production tables. Trying to motivate myself to write some more tunes after all the bullshit over the last 2ish years. Anyways, could I please get some spam on this?! As most comps nowdays, they're taking public interest into consideration; plays, likes, reposts etc. Any help would be delightful <3
  11. Invoicing

    1. You would usually give the invoice when you rock up to do the gig. A few things to consider because people are getting so much worse at paying invoices now; - [If this is for a house party / private function] Require a deposit before the gig. This (usually) helps keep people honest. Require a certain percentage before the gig and then full amount after the gig. If you work for an agency then just invoice them and they'll usually pay you within the week, or what you've agreed to. - [If you're invoicing a club] You can try the deposit thing otherwise invoice them once you've played the gig or send it the day after. I sent my invoices the day after because my hours would fluctuate. Put on the invoice that you are to be paid within 7 days. If not, keep invoicing them until you get paid. If they fail to pay after a certain amount of time (2-4 weeks overdue) you will be able to take action but it's best to speak to your accountant or give a lawyer a call so they can help you with the terms of payment. You don't want to keep chasing money so have a chat with them and they'll guide you in the right direction. Also, yes, you do require an ABN to invoice. 2. There's heaps of free excel templates out there that have the formulas ready so you just fill in the blanks. It's by far the simplest way to start. 3. Bank transfer is best. I haven't seen too many people require you pay via PayPal but I'm sure they're out there. 4. You can claim travel and usually anything else that is required to perform your work. It might be worth having a chat to an accountant, or someone that's established in the industry. I never claimed that much because I was working in clubs. Just my headphones (amongst other equipment), USB's and travel.
  12. Looking at this turns my stomach haha when I think I've stayed on top of mine I always end up redoing it and it sucks wang. I use to create playlists in iTunes and bridge it across to Recordbox or Traktor / Serato. It made my life much, much easier than having them in folders
  13. XDJRX2 for use in clubs

    Most clubs shouldn't be but let's not open that can again 😈
  14. XDJRX2 for use in clubs

    You won't see them in clubs because most venue managers don't wanna make room to set it up, amongst other reasons. It's easier for them if you use the gear they have. It's no issue taking your gear in but it's worth chatting the the VM first so you're prepared
  15. Ableton: Can't locate samples

    Ableton has a seperate file (that's essentially a copy of the original file) that stores the information so if you're dragging samples from your hard drive you need to have it connected in order to open the project again. There's a function called collect and save which locals the files and saves them in the ableton project folder. Logic for example, automatically stores those files in the logic project folder so logic reads all the information from the 1 folder rather than sourcing all its info from a million different places