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  1. digging this one man! making the paperwork much better this morning
  2. It's an interesting one. I don't know about the wifi thing but all the smoke machines out there can be triggered manually or via timer, so you switch it on and the machine will activate after a certain time for a preset duration which you've set. I'd say by now there'd be some apps to control these things. How much research have you done to see what's out there?
  3. Lots to learn from here for sure! And we're amazing 😉
  4. LabRat


    currently listening
  5. Hey dude! Yeah there's a few common names that float around here. So DJing wise, I started when I was 15 and started doing 16, 18 and 21st parties and stuff. Moved into the wedding scene but hated it so entered a few dj comps and started playing in nightclubs. It's a pretty hard gig here in Perth. Breaking into the scene is pretty much like anywhere else but on a much smaller scale. I started playing in venues when I was 19 and pulled the pin when I was about 26. I had a decent run but I there were a few people that didn't want me around and drove me out of the biz. Kinda sucks but I'm happier this way. It was getting real messy towards the end and I was losing all the passion I had for it. Producing wise, probably been doing it as long as I've been djing. I have some stuff floating around the usual online stores, had some of my tracks played by some Aussie big wigs back in the day which is always nice. I also played alongside a few of them. I felt stuck here in Perth, like I couldn't progress any further than where I already got. The scene here changes at a rapid pace too so unless you adapt you really have a short life span. But that's ok coz I played some killer shows and broke some hearts (other djs egos) in the process so I'm happy with that 🙂 I'm still claiming I was the only DJ to ever have an encore at my last residency haha I'm also claiming that I promoted one of the biggest Saturday night events the city had seen in recent memory. I'm willing to debate that with anyone that thinks otherwise 😂 All that aside, I still dabble in a bit here and there but definitely not taking it as serious as I once was. Having said that, I have been fishing around for the motivation to get back into it so we'll see what happens in the future. So that's a super small and watered down version of my life. Who's next?
  6. LabRat


    If you’re gonna go to that extent just start saying no. You can’t keep borrowing gear if there’s no respect for it
  7. LabRat


    super glue the master gain so they can't move it
  8. LabRat


    Pretty much what Scottie said. Having a limiter at home would be total overkill. Most venues don't have limiters. Just make sure your master level doesn't peak or is at a certain level the whole time.
  9. Pioneer and the rest of them don't really make anything easy. I never used the rating system when I was playing but it make sense that you should be able to rate the tracks at the venue then bring them across to rekordbox on when you load the usb in. Glad you got it figured out now
  10. New EP planned for release soon
  11. yeah I don't really know what's relevant anymore. I got more stuff that doesn't really fit in anywhere but it sounds cool
  12. I honestly thought (based on what I've seen here) the DJ was being phased out. I guess I've blocked it out so much I have no idea what's going on anymore. I was on gumtree looking for a Machine and kinda flipped when I saw what they were still going for...
  13. I own, is nice sub. That's not a bad price for it either. I think I paid 700ish for it but that was 4 years or so ago
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