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  1. Ideas for competitions

    Not hard I'd imagine. Good way for newbies to learn their tool and for seasoned vets to showcase their creativity. I'll make proper rules and then we can put it out there to a time frame. Should be easy enough for everyone to do.
  2. Ideas for competitions

    I thought of one the other day actually. It's aimed more for producers. I call it, The Initial Preset Challenge. The idea is to make the best / dirtiest / prettiest sound you can by only using the initial preset. You can use any 3rd party plugin you like but the sound must be the initial preset from your synth and that's it. You can use the master envelope only but you can't assign it to anything. You can also use the glide / portamento and make the sound mono or poly. To make it fair we can pick a synth so everyone has the same sound. Can be a free synth like Noise Maker by TAL if people don't have Massive or something.
  3. bristles - Falling (My latest YT release)

    Stereo width is super helpful for making things wider and gooder. The vocals sit nicely but are quite narrow. With some width they'll be mint.
  4. bristles - Falling (My latest YT release)

    Mint. I think the vocals could've done with a bit of stereo width but it's a nice track you got here
  5. What software will run my setup

    You should be able go use what you have with serato or traktor. Either if their sound cards should be fine as you'll be using the timecode cds. You can probably find an sl2 (serato) fairly cheap now
  6. It's a good thing because it is a great platform but I can't help but admit I was hoping to see it fall. It's gone backwards for so long. Fingers crossed it gets better
  7. It use to be amazing. You could read and send messages and share links as you could on their website. It turned to shit and now they have 2 apps doing what their old one use to
  8. Hopefully with new direction it'll be like the SoundCloud of old
  9. Well... this is what i was referring to in my comment on the other post. Make sure you got all your tunes coz my guess is it's gonna go. hearthis.at
  10. If you don't already have it somewhere then I would. I haven't seen any other articles yet but heard it got dangerously close last night
  11. Should sell. Sounds like this dudes ego got too big and he forgot why he started it in the first place
  12. That works. Didn't really know what you were going for here so was waiting for pics. Looks like it's coming along nicely. Side note - I haven't seen that Numark CD player is so, so long!
  13. ADJF Store update

    I feel like you're shouting at us when you do things like that