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  1. New release under my alter-alias, Ricashae. Enjoy the liquidy d&b vibes on this one.
  2. LabRat

    Mixer Stands for concerts.

    Problem with that is after a few spilt drinks those things are fucked haha there was a video going around of some guy who made his own booth out of mdf or whatever. That thing was covered in some spillage from some pretty heavy nights and this thing just collapsed on itself. The booth at the bar I play at is on its way out too. It looks super sketchy
  3. LabRat

    Anyone under 18 that does sound producing

    I'd say it would come down more to the production of the song and what you do with your melodies and what not rather than the sounds themselves. Take Virtual Riot as an example. Skrillex somewhat made those growl sounds mainstream. Virtual Riot hasn't done anything different to what Skrillex has done but it's what he does with his sounds that make his productions cool. Be creative as well. People sampling real life sounds and making pretty wild leads out of them. It's becoming a really popular thing so try diving into that and experimenting with different techniques. I made a pretty outrageous sound using the initial patch in Massive and other plugins to modulate and warp it. You don't want to sound like everyone else either so take existing sounds and play around with them to make them your own. Anything is possible when you click stuff.
  4. LabRat

    Anyone under 18 that does sound producing

    With the way technology is today I’d say there are a lot of people around the ages of 16-19 doing sound design. Back when I started it was a little more complicated and when you heard a 18 year old designing sounds it was kind of a big thing. Now it’s not overly impressive if I’m honest because synths and accessibility to information is very easy
  5. LabRat


    Seeking some good top 40 remixes along the funky house / tech house vibes. Any house sub genre will do though. Anyone good to point me in the direction?
  6. LabRat


    Yeah had a look but they have nothing. I think this update was supposed to fix it. it'll continue to be drag and drop for me for now
  7. LabRat


    Yeah. Rekordbox updated last night and it still doesn’t work. I think there was an iTunes update not that long ago
  8. LabRat


    Does anyone have an issue / fix for rekordbox 5.2 so I can read iTunes 12.7 playlists? keeps telling me .xlm extension doesn't work
  9. LabRat

    ADJF Spotify playlist

    I was supposed to be Lab Rat (AUS) but it didn’t happen so my tunes are mixed up with the other guy…
  10. LabRat

    How to get your name around - Need Feedback!

    Problem solved
  11. LabRat

    How is the aussie music scene ?

    The Australian music scene is quite political. My best advice is just to keep meeting people and get involved with promoters. Where are you staying in Australia?
  12. LabRat


    I just copped the new version of rekordbox so I'm just importing my music into that. I figured I should just do it. However, I went to reformat my SD cards. Is FAT the same as FAT32? there's no option for FAT32 on the new MBP but from what I've read I'm just assuming that FAT will work fine
  13. LabRat


    Old boy here needs some new knowledge. I'm just wondering whether, 1) I can load my library on an external HD and convert to my music to my sd cards that way or does the music need to be on the local hard drive? 2) can I still use the old version? I have all my music on my old MacBook Pro and any new version of rekordbox just makes it piss (its a bit old). I would rather keep using that then put all my music on my new MacBook Pro because I don't wanna clog it up with shit while it's still new I haven't mixed for over 2 years and I see that rekordbox is up to version 5. I might be jumping back behind the decks and if I am I want to leave a good impression, starting by knowing how the fancy new tech works. Thank you kindly