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  1. Welcome! Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself. There's plenty of knowledge and experience around here
  2. For something to start with I'd say the DDJ200. Serato / Rekordbox doesn't look as intimidating as Traktor can
  3. Welcome mate. Not an FL user but I use Serum, Spire, most NI Complete stuff and FabFilter a lot. Happy to help out where I can
  4. Most of you guys have them hey? I know @OxyKon bought a few of them
  5. That's how I usually do it in Ableton. I think I got so use to it in Logic it's the one thing I'd like to see them include to their software. As far as what logic did / does in comparison to Live... it's been way too long since I've used Logic and I was on 9. I know X is so much better and has heaps of functionality but it's one of those things. Ableton is far better at throwing samples in with their warping feature, but Logic's native sampler is so much better so you can still achieve similar things anyway. I think it comes down to preference. I switched to Ableton because a lot of people I was collaborating with used it and it was just easier to switch
  6. So sad 😪 We need more space at home. When we eventually move into something bigger I'm going to build a wall with those IKEA boxes and finally set them free
  7. it's around 2mins in. MIDI event list is what I'm referring too. It's been a while since I've used Logic
  8. I probably shouldn't but I have vinyl stored away that needs to be played!! Right now they're back in storage. It just became too hard to stay on top of and trying to find parts almost turned into a full-time job. There's some local guys that repair turntables and said Stanton used Rane tone arms but I couldn't even find those. To take it to him to get it sorted, he wanted about $350 for each one. I think it would've been worth while if the plastics weren't so gross and they were being used every day still
  9. I reckon it's not worth the upgrade. The comping thing is probably the one they've tried to sell on more. I think it's a nice idea but it's not something I'd be lost over if I didn't have it. I think what Live needs is a proper midi note and velocity editor like what Logic has. The ability to select multiple notes from a list and change their values in one go, rather than going through the piano roll and pissing around with each note
  10. Yeah I think it came down to the humidity. Those little sachets you find in boxes probably could've helped these. I don't think I'll be doing anything with these anymore if I'm honest. It became way too hard to find a tonearm and it was taking forever to clean the plastics on the second one. I didn't have the time or the patience haha I'm happy I got as far as I did with them but when the time comes I'm just going to buy new ones
  11. My money is on the Scarlett. I've had mine for years and I love it. More outputs is good and depending on your budget you can pick up some with more than others.
  12. Having something USB is perfect. As Mitch said, Pioneer are a dominant force in the industry and you'll find what you're looking for across whatever budget you have. The Rekordbox software allows you copy your library with all your cue points and other markers onto USB, or SD card, and walk into any venue in the world with CDJ's and start playing. Their link system is great, meaning you only need 1 USB or SD card and multiple players will read the data of that one device. Another look would be Native Instruments. The Traktor range is quite good. Software wise, it may come across a bit daunting compared to Serato and Rekordbox but has a tonne more features, if that's something your boy could be interested in. The Traktor software and controllers allow you to be more creative control over samples and your set overall. As their controllers are unique to their software, it's quite easy to drop and drag samples and music. Alternatively, there are a lot of other products, mostly linked with Serato, that are perfect for anyone playing around or looking to get a feel for it.
  13. LabRat

    G’day ADJF

    Welcome! I've seen a few kids with autism take so well to music. Some pick it up in seconds where others just like the noise and the flickering lights 😁 Heaps of info on here throughout the years which I'm sure you'll find super handy. Alternatively, we're happy to answer any questions!
  14. The best way / easiest way is to record into audacity using your direct audio input on your pc or mac. You can do that by going straight out of the master channel, perhaps even from the record output. You can get twin rca > 3.5mm audio cables to make this happen. Alternately, you can get a small, cheap sound card to record into audacity. There's heaps on the market that'll make that achievable. How are you tryig to record it now? Are you going USB from the mixer to your computer?
  15. What operating system / specs you running? I've seen mixed reviews regarding OSX 11 and the M1 chip but ultimately sounds pretty stable.
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