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  1. I haven't seen Denon gear in so long. Almost a bit of a shame though because their stuff back in the day was bulletproof
  2. Not sure if there was a thread anywhere but if anyone is up for a challenge I have some ideas. These are more directed at music makers rather than DJ's but everyone is welcome to give it a go. The initial preset challenge This one is about using your creativity using nothing but the initial preset. Inside the plugin you can have control over the envelopes and filters but that's it. You're not allowed to chance the waveform. You can manipulate the sound any way you like using as many plugins as you like. The idea of this is to be as creative as you can by forcing you to use all those extra plugins you got that you may have shoved aside or just not used. It's a good way to understand how they work too. One sample challenge I saw this on YouTube and loved the idea. We all have 1 sample, can be a section of an acapella, a song or some other random audio sample, and we call create a piece of music around that one sample. The idea is to obviously use the sample in as many different ways as you can, challenging your creativity. If anyone's interested we can organise a deadline and I can come up with some more detailed rules.
  3. I was remembering something with a 3 in it so I had a look. Apparently these guys aren't too bad so it could be worth a call https://studios301.com/recording-mixing/sydney/
  4. I'll post a thread on a few different ways you can do it independantly
  5. Few different ways to do it but the easiest way now is to go though distribution platforms like Tunecore, Distrokid, CD Baby etc. It was a bit complicated to set up a proper label when I was going though those hoops with Trump'd (I was in the process of registering with Label Works) but since I scrapped that idea I'm only really putting my own music out I decided to use Distrokid. Some platforms, like Distrokid, don't upload to some places like Beatport so if you wanna put your music everywhere like that you just need to do the research to see which one works for you. They all take different percentages and have different fees too
  6. Cheers matey. Need to see a rotorcraft come back please
  7. New track is live on Spotify. Give it a like for Might upload the club mix to Beatport in the coming weeks https://open.spotify.com/track/3oB4IyWdPFqOKv9Sln7OAo?si=LYffjWGFSpuRA-zsC5ddNQ
  8. Would take it if someone wants to post it out to me haha
  9. Weird. I'll try in a different browser
  10. Cheers buddy. Gotta get around to slapping a Trump'd sticker on it then to actually use it! The day job has taken over so my other turntable is in parts all over my work bench at the moment.
  11. Righty... it was a bit of an effort but I FINALLY got my labels! The inspiration for my labels comes from the times where we use to pull off tape and write what our channels on the mixers are or even patch locations on some synths. It came out close enough but because they're so small some of the detail in the tape goes. I had a feeling that would be the case but if you don't try these things you won't really know how it's gonna go. Anyways, here's the actual final product and the F1 Pics aren't artistic but I just wanted to grab a few quickly and update. Still on the hunt for a tonearm / second hand deck for parts and I've pulled the other turntable open and have that ready for cleaning. Hopefully I get a chance to get the second one all sorted out and working but that'll be all on these for a while.
  12. Yeah I reckon it would be worth a shot but I need to lear how to not fuck up tonearms first 😂 Might start with the controllers since there's not much too them
  13. Thanks boss. All the labels have been designed and sent to print. I had this idea for the labels back when I was designing a compression plugin interface but it went a different way so it'll be good to see it come back and play the part. I've also been keeping an eye out on gumtree and marketplace to see if any come up that I could use for spare parts. Few people want drug money for them but it's also nice knowing I could possibly get some coin for mine once they're finished. Update to come soon
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