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  1. The 2000's for the usb were great. Definitely made taking your collection from venue to venue so much easier. Everything after that became wank and it was Pioneer cashing in on the market. Fair play to them but I feel this thing isn't required
  2. Drug money. No need for it
  3. That's a super handy tip, especially for the native kicks like the 909. I sometimes layer my kicks using a similar process. I might go into more depth with the way I do it but this is a small rundown; Duplicate kick sample into new track > remove the tail in the duplicated kick to only reveal the transient > cut low frequencies > compress for sharp punch. Uses native plugins and you get some boosted transients
  4. AH 3d printing is spectacular. might be time to learn cad
  5. Welcome mate! Facebook dj / music groups are as good as what ITM were back in the days. It's a pissing contest and nothing more. Very hard to find good help in those things
  6. It's interesting to think how a third party plugin essentially can take over the shortcuts. Interested to see it in action but for the amount of time I'm using Live now I probably won't bother about it
  7. I thought this argument was reignited and was just about to wonder why until I saw the date. Time's have changed mate
  8. Looks interesting. Anything that can help speed up workflow is obviously for the better. Have you giving this a go @Mitch?
  9. has this been removed from twitch? Can't get it to play
  10. Been looking for music to be able to switch off to the last few weeks and in addition to the Sub Vibes playlist I made, this is essentially the Liquid Drum & Bass version of it. Hope these tunes help through these times. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/60C5MyQ2PVQNHfKc4F2ohX?si=otYOCN4gSRuQl-1tEv91zg
  11. Hey guys, I've been meaning to put this playlist together for ages and I've finally gotten around to doing it. I've collected a few super chill and super subby dubstep and trap stuff (not heavy scratchy festival shit) and thought I'd share it around with anyone that wants to vibe out. Not looking for Spotify fame (if that's a thing) but I'll be adding to it as I keep finding stuff. Enjoy https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0FNKUccZ9pHwKyg5WGMU88?si=NZf-q0O3TZq9HHtqR7SWew
  12. This one seems better than the last few haha
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