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  1. Mixing in key is the only way to mix! As for the jew's here... I have a gift for you all in the Spitty's Random Finds thread
  2. Welcome!
  3. welcome mate. hope you find that motivation!
  4. If you got an hour to spare, have a watch of this. Some cool tips for Live users too.
  5. Here's a little promo mix I went gone and did. Share the festivities if you think it bangs... #Bang0rzAintDead
  6. haha gotta start somewhere
  7. just get some random vocals and chop them up
  8. Hi mate. Pick our brains as much as you like
  9. has a nice chilled sound. the drums are nice and tight too. those ambient sounds are nice and liquidy and flow well with the track. i would love to hear some kind of vocal in this, even if it's chopped. real decent first attempt
  10. From what I've seen it's a bit interesting here. I say that because there's people who cry out that they have no work, and in particular industries I agree, but there's still a lot of work out there and I think people are getting a bit lazy... In my field of work (signage and vinyl application) there's a lot of work. The guys I work with just can't figure out how to get it, and they're spanners so they couldn't catch a cold if they tried. But back to the tunes lol my Ep is like experimental hip hop / electronic. Not sure when I'll release that yet. The festival is a video teaser for nyd. I'll get the deets and pm them to ya. If you're interested I'll see if I can get my mate to get you in
  11. if the sample is good enough you can definitely get the sound out of it but you'll only know once it's in your project. as for the next banger, probably around May lol. i finished my EP so next for that is all the artwork and i'm gonna shoot a music video for one of the tracks with my uncle, which should be good fun. now i'm trying to get my head back in the "bangers" game so i've got a few tracks on the go at the moment, i just need to finish the bastards haha i'm playing a festival in May so i'm gonna work hard to get some tunes done for then and then i'll release them one by one soon after that. i don't have a day job anymore which is shit but kinda good for now coz i can focus on getting some tunes done for it
  12. umm... referencing tracks is always good but there are a few different ways you can get the kick to punch through (as an example). So if we're talking about the kick, you can side chain the bass elements to the kick so the bass sounds "duck" to give the kick more space. Layering the kick is helpful too. in it's simplest form, 1 sample can be the main body of the kick where all the thump is and then the top layer can be a click which will be the snappy part of it. EQing and compression are always key in separating the elements. Kick wise, it's good to roll off around 40hz. compression is good to control the volume of the kick and you can always get a good snap of the transient out of it. with everything though it just takes time and practise. just keep playing around with different things and see what works best for you in that project. adjusting the volume does help to haha but just keep the eq and compression in check if you do
  13. first link seemed to work for me but listening to the second one anyways. i'm only listening on my iMac speakers at the moment but it sounds pretty mint through these. all the sounds are nice and clean. interested to see where this goes. seems like a good platform at the moment
  14. only spamming if you drop and run mate lol i like it. the kick is at a nicer level in comparison to the last track i heard. i reckon it could still be a bit louder so as the bass comes in it doesn't get washed away by it but it's better than the last track. it's got a cool vibe and i kinda like the fact there's just a bass line as a "drop" but if you're gonna do that try experimenting with some other interesting bits to throw in the background of it so it give those sections a bit more movement. never the less, still some good work my friend
  15. welcome buddy