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  1. Doddy

    A Belated Hello

    Welcome buddy, Bris represent! Keen to hear what you have created
  2. Doddy

    Hi all!

    Hi roger, glad to have you around, welcome mate
  3. Oooh oooh ooh - this guy That said I haven't played on anything for quite a while so Im still getting back in the swing of things, and I moved up here about 2 years ago, so I would be keen to meet some people and have a jam with some like minded people. I only know ppl from work which is.....well......not many are into this kind of thing. The setup looked pretty sweet, I assume downstairs in someones house. Yeah defs gonna get a proper look after work and check your mix out.
  4. That mikmac dude played some nice tracks I thought. I just got to a point where I need to go to bed and figured I would check beatless's mixup tomorrow. Stoopid get up at 6 and work! that noisedisturbance guy was good, beat matching, eq and phrasing wise, but I just found it reminded me of a Melb party I went to years ago where the beat never changed for 5 hours and personally, I just can't handle that.
  5. Just about to start, interested to check it out. Thanks buddy
  6. Hey Wazza, I might take you up on that. I need to get back on my decks, as I hate the thought of being too heavy handed and just basically hella bad, spinning on someone elses equipment - heaven forbid break something (which I would feel obliged to pay for), but if your still open to this invitation in a few months I wouldn't say no. Let me get some practice in and will message you to organise a time that suits in the upcoming few months. Thank you....also quite a collection of toys you have
  7. Hi Wazza, thanks for the suggestion, im just taking a look at them now and checking out some reviews. Not sure what I will be going for but this definately helps in narrowing down a few possible solutions. Then to actually test/play and 'feel' the difference and decide. Thanks again, really looks the goods!
  8. Lol Canberra is too small you can't bury something and keep it under wraps. Someone you know will know, even though your sure no one will ever know....ya know?
  9. Ermahgerd, is that scratchy seal I see on the deck? Can't believe I almost missed that!
  10. That looks nice and well thought out. Really digging the triple monitor setup as well. I was drawing up some sketches for a new table/booth setup for home. And thought I had some good ideas, but today had an epiphany on the setup so I think I will sketch a few more designs and create a post. Just for an idea, it will be home made custom build, and right now I'm toying with the idea of a 'U' shape, with it going from my height setup, to middle height for production area, to missus height as I'm sure if it was available, she would spend more time mixing. So me and her back to back and the connection would have the pc and production pieces. I took a gander at a few sites, and after seeing a few table setups for $800 plus, I think I can get everything in for that price, if not a few hundred less tbh. Just want to work out design that pretty much would have everything needed. I will start a new thread and post up some drawings and see what you guys think. Just got home from an 11 hour day so might take a day or 2 to get on the pc and draw them up. Think I'm pretty lucky as I'm thinking this will take up a fair amount of room and we should have the room downstairs where I can build it and piece it together. Stay tuned!
  11. Hey Cupe, Have you still got this going or have you built it up already? If you have built it up, are you able to show some pics if its not too much trouble? I was actually searching the DIY thread over the weekend with the intention of getting ideas and building a new mixing table - but then I found a few designs that I think im going to start drawing out and sketch up for a all on one mixing and production booth. I dont really have any major requirements but height would be one, as im a fair tall buggar and dont like bending over to reach the decks....Actually that just inspired me, I think I will have to draw something up today while I think of it..... Sorry hijacking your thread... Hows the build coming along? Anything you have thought of since initial inception of the idea? Like 'damn I wish I had space for xxxxx built in'?
  12. Hey mate, likewise! Although I have moved up to Brisbane, more lifestyle decision than anything, I was actually down that way 2 weekends ago picking up a bird from my brother. Hella long ass drive! Anyways, keep on killin it and keep warm...stoopid frozen mornings and cold mixing fingers lol! Cheers,
  13. Hey buddy, just figured out my soundcloud login details. stalking....I mean following you lol.

    Also got started on cleaning out downstairs today and got a power board to plug in so should be back on the decks tomorrow and opened up Ableton tonight, first time in a long time. Just wanted to say thank you specifically as you have been really friendly and has made this much easier to get back into things. Thanks man :) 

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    2. Doddy


      Yeah I'm seeing a few things, and rekordbox looks good given the backing of both hardware and software done by pioneer. God knows their mixers and I assume cdj are industry standard. I recall playing in the djm 600 back in the day. But same goes with traktor with the NI line of products. But pioneer are newbies in the software side, so there's that.

      i agree time coded vinyl will be the way to go, then I will need to investigate and research the different 'controllers' and/or mixers. I do like the idea of setting a cue point with a press of a button and have been watching a few mixes on the z2 so atm I think that's what I am leaning towards, and that's why I started on ableton, was to add more production and homemade tracks to go with the mixing/scratching.

      anyways I'm sorry to regurgitate this to you, just wanted to kinda get advice from someone in the know and up to date with what's out there at the moment. 

      Actually one question, if I were to go the traktor route, I got confused with all the different naming and options. Is there one that can actually hook up multiple decks. IE a set for mixing and have a scratch set plugged in running on an extra channel from a 4 channel mixer type thing?

      Or would I need to buy them individually? I will keep researching but that will be the end requirement for final decision.

    3. Doddy


      Did you get your car sorted with the fluctuation in rpm as well?

    4. LabRat


      Pioneer is only industry standard because they bough their way in lol

      hmm... you can use 4 decks but you'll need to buy the bigger sound card, which I think is an audio 10 but I'm not sure...

      i don't know much about the Z2 but it does come handy being able to have those cur point functions on a mixer. When I was using time code vinyl I was using the dicers by Novation. They're super cool but you need to map them in traktor and it's a bitch! the dicers are plug and play with serato but not traktor which is why you need to map them. MIDI mapping in traktor is a very time consuming process. It took me 3hrs to figure out how to do it lol

      i think the z2 with the time code would definitely be a good option. I'm assuming they only make that 2ch so if you were looking for more you'd probably have to go 4ch mixer and then find a sound card that has 4 inputs 

  14. Ooh I like this, funky melody/bassline and hella chill track. Awesome stuff
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