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  1. Welcome buddy, Bris represent! Keen to hear what you have created
  2. Lols I like cake...
  3. Hi roger, glad to have you around, welcome mate
  4. Hey Labrat, firstly thank you for taking the time to write this up. Secondly, screw you for posting this up while im at work and can't check it out till I get home! Nah all jokes aside thank you for the write up, really appreciate it. I think that will help me and others to at least get a grasp of what is going on and there should be enough information between your write up and the vids for us to continue on our journey and search for things relating to the topic. Thanks heaps mate, +Rep fo sho!
  5. This guy also is pretty awesome and has lots of stuff I recall watching way back when Hope these worked, as im at work and get ICT security 'access restricted' so, yeah..... Also I saw there is a manual for that piece of hardware, might be worth having a quick scroll through or find the online manual pdf and 'ctrl + f' and search alot quicker that way
  6. I just had a quick googlefu and found this Its for the audacity settings to record the dj mix. Looking at some images, it looks like it has rca outs and usb, so I would try - as others suggested to me previously - with the rca > 3.5mm jack and get that into the pc and then record via audacity. *Note* take this with a grain of salt as I have not recorded a mix to a pc before. All this new digital trickery is harry potter wizard style IMO - That said some 'product' + record dj mix how to's should show you a few options.
  7. I'm not 100% but I would assume the usb link would be enough, I have copied vinyl to hdd via usb cable and audacity previously, but from what I can recall, I don't think I was able to hear it through speakers. I just ended up cropping etc and with vinyl you can slightly hear it from the stylus on the record, but there was a visual representation that shows up in audacity. Have a play around and do some tests, it was fairly straight forward from memory. Sorry I can't be more thorough with my answer and I'm sure some of the other guys here will be able to add more detail
  8. Yeah nitro, I kinda noticed it literally after I posted and realised there is a whole section to it. So defs my bad! Time to keep on reading and researching I thinks. Just blown away by how much things have changed.
  9. Herpa deeerrpp, just saw the traktor v serato thread. I will look in there first. That's what I get for asking questions without searching
  10. Hey guys, so again asking some simple/dumb questions, stumbled across this while at work today, and just wanted people opinions on going to the digital side of turntables. (scared!) Obv im thinking the biggest PITA is going to be copying vinyl to digital format...not hard but FML would take a lifetime. Other than that, I wanted to check on what peoples opinions are and which one they thought was better and why. Ie Serato has multiple cue points, Traktor has ...... I will search and dig around as im sure there wil be a topic on here somewhere, but also wanted to get feelers out for others opinions. If it helps I was leaning towards serato only because I have used it once or twice - familar with it more but really have no loyalties, but then I saw traktor is NI and I have Maschine, so that might be something to consider as well. Anyways, keen to hear your thoughts
  11. Hey Wazza, I might take you up on that. I need to get back on my decks, as I hate the thought of being too heavy handed and just basically hella bad, spinning on someone elses equipment - heaven forbid break something (which I would feel obliged to pay for), but if your still open to this invitation in a few months I wouldn't say no. Let me get some practice in and will message you to organise a time that suits in the upcoming few months. Thank you....also quite a collection of toys you have
  12. Hi Wazza, thanks for the suggestion, im just taking a look at them now and checking out some reviews. Not sure what I will be going for but this definately helps in narrowing down a few possible solutions. Then to actually test/play and 'feel' the difference and decide. Thanks again, really looks the goods!
  13. Preach it brother Great read, thanks for taking the time to put this up. Here have an upvote/repvote
  14. This is really uplifting and puts a whole new perspective on learning. I think I have learned something today Of course, I think you have had alot more exposure in this regards, where for me, its me doing the stuff and friends whatever coming over and saying its shit but having no way to advise why its shit, just 'it doesn't sound good'. And I think the key point as well in confidence in your abilities. We can all drive right, but when its your first few times, technically you can drive but are not confident in doing so (or anything new to you etc) but with familiarisation and repetition, that confidence grows until your doing stuff subconsciously without thinking - changing gears, indicating and lane checking etc. But getting that confidence off the bat and some guidance sounds like the best recipe. Thanks Lab
  15. @Bristles From what I gather you have been into the producing side as well, any info or little tricks you do or have that can make it a bit easier for the rest of us? I think the 'don't expect your first track to be a banger' and 'it takes alot of crap tracks before you make a good track, so get the crap tracks out of the way as soon as possible' mentality definatley rings true.