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  1. Hi guys, Pretty new to these forums, but looks like there's some cool stuff. Nice to meet you all. I've been DJing for about 2 years now and have played at a few events across Sydney. I'd probably describe my sound as 'deep, soulful, tribal'. Keen to start learning production as well. Hopefully can pick a few things up from here and meet some cool people. Love, vibes and peace, Roger
  2. Hi all, I've put this promo mix together for a new house event next month. Deep and soulful vibes, hope you enjoy! Tracklisting: 01. A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum (Sir Piers and Si Ashton Mix) 02. Chaos in the CBD - Trust Is Key 03. GU - Forever Love (Instrumental) 04. Karizma - The Power 05. Jenifa Mayanja - You Will Stay (Beats-A-Lot) 06. Andy Caldwell - I Cant Wait 07. Sam Irl - You Don't Feel Enough 08. DJ Gregory - S2 (Beats) 09. Leela James - Good Time (Blaze Vocal) 10. Chaos in the CBD - Background Explorer 11. Golf Clap - Show You (Andres Remix) 12. Jill Scott - Whatever 13. Session Victim - Contribute 14. Folamour - Maybe I Did Burn Ya Place 15. Braxton Holmes - Disco Midget Anthem