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  1. pastelautumn

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    just brought a roland sp404!
  2. pastelautumn


    ^ love a bit of karizma!
  3. pastelautumn

    Pics of your Set-up

    I'm on 2x CDJ900s and a xone92 mixer. Recently got a roland sp404 which has been great!
  4. pastelautumn

    Smile for a while mix

    Put together a mix for the Frankfurt/Berlin based record label and party series Smile For A While. Been a huge fan of their output, so do check out their releases. The mix features some freshly acquired tracks, inspiration and wax from recent travels in Europe. Hope you enjoy.
  5. pastelautumn

    Mix for Deep Seahorse Podcast

    Hey guys, put together a mix for Deep Seahorse Podcast, they are an Australian based mix series, with music across a spectrum of styles. Hope you guys enjoy! Pastel Autumn, or Roger Dong as his real alias is, is a Sydney based DJ who has warmed up dancefloors including Home Nightclub, Goodbar and the Greenwood Hotel. A curious listener and not a fan of genre apartheid, his typical palette can range anywhere from soulful / deep house; to funk, disco, tribal and techno. If the mood and emotions are right, its worth giving it a spin! https://soundcloud.com/deepseahorsepodcast/pastel-autumn-podcast-063