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  1. i will be in the future man cheers for da love!
  2. Well yesterday was 50 years since Martin luther king gave his infamous 'i have a dream' speech @ washington. so i thought it fitting to make a little drum and bass tune and play some of the well known parts of his speech over it. Enjoy. If you truely dig it, plz give it a comment and a facebook share http://soundcloud.com/swissdub/a-dream-swiss
  3. is there even any new people?
  4. Vassssup fellas! most of you probably know me, but ive been abscent for a while due to work and djing and producing and events and all the other things. but for those who have come around this year. i am le jonny aka Swiss, aka, 1/3rd of loosechange. will try stick around a bit more, love you whales
  5. bow before me my minions!!!!
  6. http://www.triplejunearthed.com/SwissDub1 If any of you get the time, give it a listen on my tipple j page and give it a rate and review and shit
  7. Dosent release any music. Gets nominated for producer of the year
  8. finished this a few weeks ago :3 http://soundcloud.com/swissdub/swiss-northern-lights-mastered
  9. 1.load kick drum 2.boost at 120hz by 64db 3.??????? 4. profit
  10. you have to mixdown your tracks first. you have to make sure that the master output is NOT hitting above -3db at the maximum (-6db is preferable) The way i do this is i mute all the tracks and solo the kick drum, and have that peaking at around -10dbish or there abouts, i then slowly unmute more sounds and adjust their volumes to match the kicks, while always checking on the master output, continue doing this to all your tracks and sounds so that all their volumes are matching up to that of the kick drum, in the process of doing this if your master is starting to creep up to 0db, try eqing some things or lowering the kick a bit more then adjusting everything else accordingly. your aim is to have everything eventually unmuted and the loudest part of your track hitting no more then -3db. you then export this and this the (Mixed down version) you can not play this, it will seem pretty quiet to everything that has been mastered. Now to master a track is a mind fuck, i just follow youtube video's or ask someone that knows how to do it to master for me (you just send them the mixdown and they can take it from there)
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