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  1. Ishkurs guide to electronic music is a great interactive reference to the history of Elec music http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/
  2. yer i've had these turntables for the last 7 years rock solid, though mine did have the loose screw, easily fixed though and the rubberised buttons went a shade of yellow about 3 years ago and are starting to lose their rubber coating
  3. haha it would be quiet a drive... espcially seeing as i only have a motorbike
  4. Ok guys it has been two years since i made the desk and i am moving to a smaller apartment (stupid idea i know) so the desk is up for sale. say 200.. we can probably negotiate delivery in the melb metro area. the desk is still in pristine condition. i have started thinking towards dj desk Mark 2....
  5. hahaha wow i turn my back on you guys and it turns to childish behavior... as for the wheels i did look at them but at $30+ each for ones that can carry the weight and i would need 6 of them :S mmmm oh and if you where talking to me buck, yes i was a vector based drafting package... i used to be a drafty
  6. i will recomend the PMC250 to any one they are a great little mixer i am mixing on one as i type this
  7. nice work they have a really good reputation. still call me industry standard... but my next set will be hd25's
  8. what are those speaker stands? they are wicked nice work looks like a solid build. that's the biggest problem with cdjs is you require front loading access. CBG - i've had some basic skills but nothing special.
  9. am interested in the vestax eliminators can you post a few photos?
  10. my turntables stay on all the time as does the mixer only cause i'm lazy as for the material it is plywood i have a bit of a love hate relationship with MDF. it is highly toxic to work with and doesn't give that lovely warm wood finish that i was after next time i will use a thicker ply though this one had a few issues with warping as you see it it end up costing me around $300 form bunnings including the belt sander Def - to post and image host it on some thing like face book (great cause i shrinks them i to a usable size) right click on the image a select 'save image location' then click on the IMG tag above on the repy window and paste the images url (should end in .jpg) and click the IMG tag again and you have posted an image would love to see both your designs and projects
  11. Blodders


    personally i'd go the yamaha HS80m then the M Audio x8 and then the krks i really didn't find them that special the yamahas on the other hand you can hear every bristle in a drummers hi hat brush and they are about the same price as the krks i found the krks a little muddier around the top and bit bass heavy saying all that i'm more of a soulful/ old school house head and am not all about the "banging" tunes
  12. BENNY BOY hey mate welcome
  13. finally got to have a listen to it, kept thinking i had the wrong mix.. only to realise that its a good electro mix not really what fits in to the jackin category
  14. Episode 002 is NOW out www.flipsided.com.au so check out my Rovescio Tracce podcast Track listing Body Language (Dub) -Yogi & Husky – Salted Like I Want To – Lisa Shaw – Salted I Gotcha Back (Groove Junkies Edit) – Charles Dockins – Morehouse I Want To Thank You (Jellybean Benitez Feel The Spirit Club) – Susu Bobien – Jellybean Soul Chicago – Chris Robson – Guesthouse Jazzified (Nacho Marco) – Karol XVII & MB Valence – Loco Outta Ya Wheelchairs – D-T3ch – Maracuja Why Dont You – Gramophonedzie – Guesthouse Life (Pezzner) – Mark Farina – Om Records its available for download and to stream from the site. all feed back will be rewarded ;P
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