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  1. wow... they managed the hat-trick... all three reasons not to like it
  2. that was an interesting crowd, there seems to be a good mix of djs... not just the same few... think i will be looking up a few sets and podcasts over the next few weeks.
  3. might be able to make it down that night. i'll do you a trade. you can come down to my gig on the 25th april Anzac day eve at 24 moons
  4. font was hard to read in mozilla other wise good site, nice and basic also think of replacing the photos with events you have held as you start to get more gigs... i recognised a few to those images from back in 2003
  5. yeeee godsss sponge bob fest... i am no good to you as i really only know the housy venues though if you want some good vocal stuff try white Charlie's on chapel st 24 moons has a GREAT vibe (ACDC lane in the CBD)
  6. haha you'd be surprised source raver, pop crowds have a very short attention span. they tend to go nuts for lots of stuff they know. I've watched a mate (successful R&B dj) spin on many occasions, he's golden rules 16 beat mixes and mix out before the song is half way though... plenty of screaming girls there the truth is the POP crowd (eleco, Ministy, R&B ) all want to hear the best bit of the songs they know and they really dont care if you can mix for 32 bars straight.
  7. sooo where do you put your roadie? great work
  8. yer i've had these turntables for the last 7 years rock solid, though mine did have the loose screw, easily fixed though and the rubberised buttons went a shade of yellow about 3 years ago and are starting to lose their rubber coating
  9. oh the memory's of multiple day benders ending at revs' and trying to work out how to get home cause you have spent all your cash.. think those days are behind me, though i find my self going out to see people play these days not just for the sake of going to a club spent NYE at 24 moons and have been to heaps of gigs at alumbra, brown ally, white charlies, seven, though the craziest and best sound system i have heard was at The Market. though the crowd can be a little touchy feely with can be a little over the top. (gay crowd) if you haven't worked it out i love my soulfull house
  10. haha it would be quiet a drive... espcially seeing as i only have a motorbike
  11. hahah count me in as the old and cantankerous melb member
  12. Ok guys it has been two years since i made the desk and i am moving to a smaller apartment (stupid idea i know) so the desk is up for sale. say 200.. we can probably negotiate delivery in the melb metro area. the desk is still in pristine condition. i have started thinking towards dj desk Mark 2....
  13. hahaha wow i turn my back on you guys and it turns to childish behavior... as for the wheels i did look at them but at $30+ each for ones that can carry the weight and i would need 6 of them :S mmmm oh and if you where talking to me buck, yes i was a vector based drafting package... i used to be a drafty
  14. i will recomend the PMC250 to any one they are a great little mixer i am mixing on one as i type this
  15. nice work they have a really good reputation. still call me industry standard... but my next set will be hd25's
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