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  1. lloydc

    NOMINATIONS: Chatroom prom king of 2015

    pending is a fagit
  2. lloydc

    [SYD] Pioneer XDJ Aero

    a cheap option for those wanting to use rekordbox perfect working order, and in pretty much new condition, with minimal use $500 (firm) i'll post some pictures when i have the opportunity
  3. lloydc

    ADJF Monthly Mix [August] - Techno

    in for this... WAY overdue for a mix i'm coming for you rotorcraft
  4. rips on techno though LOL u mad techno djs?
  5. watch and learn from this wizard
  6. lloydc

    beatport discount code

    step 3 isn't valid yet i'll play the waiting game
  7. lloydc

    beatport discount code

    yeah man, io've tried em already and they have expired I forgot about cyber monday
  8. lloydc

    beatport discount code

    anyone seen any new codes about yet?
  9. great... it's a political thread now i still don't get the paris/g20 thing. tomy wot r u doin m8?
  10. because she's a no talent WHALE that is getting awarded... tomy pls
  11. i liked traktor.. but i rekon rekordbox is where it's at.
  12. Time code isn't redundant as of yet. I still know a few guys that use it unless it's necessary (ie. old tech like cdj1000s), why wouldn't you just plugin the decks to the laptop and go down that road? obviously i'm talking about a club setting, but if it's at home, then naturally anything goes!