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  1. a cheap option for those wanting to use rekordbox perfect working order, and in pretty much new condition, with minimal use $500 (firm) i'll post some pictures when i have the opportunity
  2. lloydc


    welcome aboard bro
  3. I was going to suggest google apps, but it's gmail really... not what you wanted.
  4. thanks tomy.... might have something for you to sign in about 10 years
  5. roger that, will look naow edit: this them? https://refx.com/products/vengeance/samples/
  6. i'm plenty noob at this production thing and was looking to buy a sample pack or two, just to arrange a few beats and get the hang of FL studio. just wondering if you guys could link me to some decent sample packs or labels that have some decent tech house/house sounds. ty men
  7. one tweeter doesn't seem to be working... it may just have a loose connection inside, or it may be rooted entirely. other than that, they are in good working order... and LOUD! even at half volume which is the highest they have ever been turned up, they are loud. $100
  8. I've added SoundCloud and Youtube tags to your post.
  9. i used to have this as my previous setup, pretty damn dope
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