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  1. TOTD?

  2. Hi all!

    Welcome friend!
  3. bristles - way jambu

    I like this man! I'm not really too familiar with electro but it has a good level of energy throughout the whole thing. I dig that bass line too! Keep it up my dude
  4. New Track!

    When i got home yesterday i took @LabRat's advice and bellcurved out the really high frequencies, not all of them, but enough to take off that sharp edge. It's a bit friendlier on the ears. I forgot to put it on my phone so i will update you guys with the track fixed track tomorrow! Thanks @Bristles! I'm glad you dig it!
  5. New Track!

    Thanks man! I will have a look at resonance when i'm back at home and eq it some more Appreciate your feedback dude
  6. New Track!

    Hey yo, I've just finished and uploaded and cool little DnB Track I made over the weekend. It's pretty chill, but i like the feeling it brings. Feel free to leave any feedback, constructive or otherwise, it's all welcome Hope you dig it!
  7. Pics of your Set-up

    Production/ Mixing setup + some *Rubbish photo qual*
  8. Running To The Sea - Spitfire Bootleg :O

    Dude that's actually beautiful! Reminds me of like Sub Focus or Flux Pavillion or something. I think you're right in terms of maybe going through and cleaning it up a little bit, just so it sounds more .... more? i guess? I dunno, but I really like it
  9. Hey Guys & Girls, Whattup?

    We can bury her in the same hole Parliament House has dug for our country lololol so edgy
  10. Hey Guys & Girls, Whattup?

    Hey Doddy man, Nice to meet ya! Aw really? That's wicked! I I'm not actually too familiar with any of those dudes but they sound like they knew what was going on! It's awesome to meet another Canberra dude on here! I'm sure we'll be running into each other on the forum!
  11. Hello fellow DJ'ers

    Hola Senor!
  12. The riser would work perfectly! that'd give ya heaps of leg room
  13. Any tips on mixing Techno?

    THAT is something i have to cultivate. I'm always doubling back to adjust the beat when it's actually fine, just because i'm unsure or don't trust my ears . I'm keen to give it a crack and see what i can do
  14. I liked @LabRat's idea of a slidey shelf thing for the keyboard and mouse so i made this , getting a wireless keyboard and mouse will make your life 20/10 so much easier + clear up some cord space. Then you can have your turntables and shit all in one place. Hell, you could even put the slidey drawer under the midi keyboard instead of in the center, to keep the workflow tight
  15. Any tips on mixing Techno?

    Thanks guys, no offense taken to anything at all, don't stress it I think @LabRat has a good point with the over thinking, I reckon i'm actually psyching myself out with trying really hard to think about what to do, rather than trust my instincts and the feeling of what I am doing. I feel as well that i may be impatient with my mixing of this genre. going for too many quick cuts and hard mixing rather than letting the tracks have time to breathe and dance together. I'll also watch some Carl Cox today at work because i'm lucky enough to sit on a computer for 8 hours a day In terms of beatmatching @NitroMonkey You are very right. I think I'm going to start setting my Serato to "Library" view and mix without any visual cues so I can really understand and get the hang of proper beatmatching by ear. I'm going to have a Mix tonight keeping all of this in mind and will post the results for critique. Thanks for taking the time fellas, I really appreciate it