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  1. Thanks heaps my dude, no need to apologize! Glad you enjoyed it
  2. I don't wanna sound pushy or anything fellas, but if i could get some feedback on this mix, I would luv u long tyme
  3. fuuuuuuuuaaarrrk Changed my bloody URL so the link must have skitzed out Hope that works !
  4. Thanks Guys! The weather is currently shit, cold and wet, but that's the standard for Canberra this time of year I just posted a thread in the Drum & Bass Jungle forum with a mix I did yesterday, check it out if you have the time!
  5. Hey Dudes! I've just uploaded a mix to my soundcloud that I recorded yesterday Feel free to check it out, any feedback would be appreciated! Hope you dig it!
  6. Thanks guys! I'll be picking some brains, that's for sure!
  7. Hey there! My name is Scixors, I'm a 21 year old dude, spinning tunes in the capital city of Canberra! I've been a bedroom DJ for almost 2 years now and I've just started trying to get out into the scene. I currently DJ fortnightly on Saturdays for a couple of hours at a local Platypus shoe store and I also do house parties from time to time. (Hoping to extend to bars/clubs/events!) I play a huge range of genre's from House to Dubstep, Hardstyle to Bass House, Dnb to Psytrance, Techno to Bangers, everything aside from Hip-Hop and RNB. I have a massive amount of respect for all genres and the challenges they each posses, which is why i don't like to nail myself down to anything in particular, at least not yet! I produce my own music as well,(nothing too extraordinary at this point) I came across this forum looking for tips on my first gig (a 21st birthday) and found a plethora of awesome advice and funny people, (as well as some awesome threads that helped me pick my name!) I'm excited to get amongst the forum, learn as much as i can and share any knowledge i may posses! Thanks for having me dudes/dudettes!