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  1. If only you could find this stuff for free on the internet...
  2. Bristles

    bristles - Falling (My latest YT release)

    Thanks man, haha great feedback
  3. Bristles

    bristles - Falling (My latest YT release)

    Thanks Lab, good idea.. I couldn't figure out why they weren't as prominent as I wanted. I didn't think of stereo width. Cheers for the feedback
  4. Bristles

    The new 'promo my shit on social' thread

    Thanks man, appreciate it!
  5. Bristles

    The new 'promo my shit on social' thread

    Hey @Cupe if you can throw this up that would be sweet?
  6. Here is my latest tune I've released. Got a proper reactive vid done for it too. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to listen
  7. Sorry been away so a bit offline.. cheers @Cupe
  8. Bristles

    Rinse FM Archive disappears off Soundcloud

    Just read they are facing huge financial problems and may only have 30-50 days of money left to keep running? Shiettt
  9. Bristles

    A Belated Hello

    hey man, welcome aboard!
  10. Bristles

    The new 'promo my shit on social' thread

    Cheers @Cupe awesome call!
  11. Bristles

    I See you Baby (RadioStarX Remix)

    Hey man, not a bad remix at all. I felt a little like it was almost 4 different songs in one which kinda lost me a bit. Everything you had going on was cool but maybe you tried to put a bit much in there. Otherwise pretty sweet tune. Also p.s. it's a good idea to introduce yourself on the forum before posting tunes, it'll mean people will be more willing to stop by and give it a listen and more likely to give you honest feedback
  12. Bristles

    Hi all!

    Hey Roger, welcome to ADJF!
  13. Bristles

    bristles - way jambu

    Thanks for giving it a listen..
  14. Bristles

    Gaining a following

    Yeah everything costs so much now! I've been trying the $10 options here and there on FB and a few promo sites. Just tried a new one so see what happens with that. Looks like you have to invest $ into more than just plugins and samples haha. Thanks man, I think I asked this question before but it's a bit of an evolving struggle!
  15. Bristles

    bristles - way jambu

    Thanks @LabRat. I really tried to push the bass in this one. Wanted to see how thick I could get it without it going muddy.. probably a bit borderline, especially on proper monitors haha.