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  1. Thanks Lab, good idea.. I couldn't figure out why they weren't as prominent as I wanted. I didn't think of stereo width. Cheers for the feedback
  2. Here is my latest tune I've released. Got a proper reactive vid done for it too. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to listen
  3. hey man, welcome aboard!
  4. Hey man, not a bad remix at all. I felt a little like it was almost 4 different songs in one which kinda lost me a bit. Everything you had going on was cool but maybe you tried to put a bit much in there. Otherwise pretty sweet tune. Also p.s. it's a good idea to introduce yourself on the forum before posting tunes, it'll mean people will be more willing to stop by and give it a listen and more likely to give you honest feedback
  5. Hey Roger, welcome to ADJF!
  6. Thanks for giving it a listen..
  7. Yeah everything costs so much now! I've been trying the $10 options here and there on FB and a few promo sites. Just tried a new one so see what happens with that. Looks like you have to invest $ into more than just plugins and samples haha. Thanks man, I think I asked this question before but it's a bit of an evolving struggle!
  8. Thanks @LabRat. I really tried to push the bass in this one. Wanted to see how thick I could get it without it going muddy.. probably a bit borderline, especially on proper monitors haha.
  9. Alright so I am trying to get my YouTube channel some attention. I've been struggling to gain any extra following for my music for a while. I feel like my tunes have gotten better but I haven't had any extra interest. So I'm looking for some pointers ADJF! I've noticed quite a few of you have a lot of Soundcloud followers which is no doubt because you've all been DJing and turning out good mixes and music for a while. But for myself, I live in the Pilbara where we don't have anything more than a local pub full of miners so i don't have a place to get exposure or a scene to work. I've looked at a few tip guides online etc but does anyone have any different ideas about getting some attention or how they started out gaining some following?
  10. Thanks man! appreciate you taking the time to listen
  11. Hey man, I like it it. Good work on the drums and the bass.. I don't mind the resonance but might be a little over cooked. Good track though def got the feels from it!
  12. Thanks man.. yeah tried to keep it simple but do a bit more than just a still image. Got another one up and a few more coming soon
  13. Check out my newest track if you get a chance please. Bit more energy through this one. Let me know what you reckon.
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