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  1. Check out my newest track if you get a chance please. Bit more energy through this one. Let me know what you reckon.
  2. Hey guys, Today I launched my YouTube channel - bristlesmusic. Here is my first release on the channel with a lot more on the way soon. Been in the works for a while and I finally feel like I've got a few tracks ready to go. If you want to subscribe feel free and as always feedback and ideas are welcome. Thanks for all the feedback and support so far, I've learnt a lot from everyone and really appreciate having an open forum to connect with people like me. Cheers, John
  3. Hey guys, Haven't done house much for a while but in Bali at the moment and all the house here got me itching to try a new one. If you have a chance let me know what you think and if you have any feedback let me know!
  4. Yeah I hear ya.. I'm surprised how many people ask for feedback or ask a question and then just ghost. No thanks or replies.. strange etiquette
  5. feisty! This ^ I've found lately by changing things on the 3rd bar then the 8th or something like that will help it sound less repetitive. Rather than adding or taking something always 4 or 8 bars apart.
  6. No worries, ever have more specific questions let me know and I'll help where I can.
  7. Yeah Lab nailed it there. Don't put pressure or expectation on your work, but don't limit it by thinking it will be shit straight out. If I could go back and give my old self tips I guess they would something like; 1. Learn one thing at a time. If you think you need to understand compression or EQ for example - learn it. Don't learn "just enough" to get a little better without getting comfortable with it. Not that you may fully comprehend it straight away but take the time to really get to know each thing you learn. 2. Don't dismiss music theory. I am still catching up on what I wish I learnt years and years ago with this one. Scales and chords will turn a jingle into a piece of music even in "EDM". It will quickly become clear as you make more music that knowing theory takes it to the next level. 3. Pick one DAW/Synth/Plug-In for what you need and get to know them. Similar to tip 1 but so important. I got so wound up in all the software and gear out there that I wasted the first 2 years of producing by not understanding anything I was working with. "Mastering" a few skills and programs will trump jack of all trades any day. 4. Sound design is awesome but not crucial. You will find your own sound. There is a lot of hype about new sounds and that's awesome but not everyone has to be the next Skrillex. There are artists out there that created something new like Flume and Skrillex (agree or disagree) then there are artists like DeadMau5 that, IMO are so good at what has been 'done' it takes it's own shape. A painter uses the same colours as everyone else but he paints his own picture - just worry about your picture not your paint. 5. Finish as many projects as you can. Possibly the most important for myself! I have tonnes of unfinished work, but every time I finish something I learn at least 2 things. If you don't learn something creative you will learn something technical and vice versa. Theory, structure, FX, mix and then master as much as you can. 6. Find a few people to give you honest feedback, don't spam everyone. Only a few of my friends ever give me real constructive feedback so i've learnt to only ask them (like @LabRat - Thanks man!). It means more and will help you way more than getting people give you half arsed comments like 'I don't like this kind of music but it's cool'. (The Skrillex, Flume and DeadMau5 points are just the examples I could think of. Some of you may disagree but just my opinion. Don't hate on me ADJF) Anyway TLDR; keep on keeping on and always ask if you want advice! oh and have FUN!
  8. haha very true. It feels good to start putting together the set up you want.
  9. step 1 - say goodbye to the next 2 years of your life
  10. Only if it's cool though Hmm.. @LabRat? *shrugs unhelpingly*
  11. Nice man! I really should spend some more time making sounds. Mucho respect!
  12. I like it, solid melody and some nice sounds and textures.. But I'm not the best to judge trance, never really gotten into it. What synth do you use? and is most of that you're own sound design?
  13. I can understand your "pain". I've been producing for years and apart from briefly owning a USB Hercules DJ controller for a couple months before moving and selling it, I have never DJ'd. Now looking into setting myself up to possibly do live performance one day is a headache. One minute I think Launchpad then the Push then just Pioneer decks etc. Something that I hear a lot that resonates with me is 'whatever lets you get what's in your head out to the world'. Finding that is the hard part though I guess...
  14. Welcome man
  15. thanks guis congrats as well!