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  1. welcome man
  2. Hey man, welcome aboard
  3. Welcome welcome
  4. yeah I think vocals would make it pop a bit more. Super tight production and it all fits well, just needs that little extra sizzle somewhere to make it stand out. But only my opinion!
  5. Yeah good work Matt, I like swells or whatever you call them.. really nice elements and sounds all working together.
  6. Wait am I crazy or does that say Matt Ingle? have you changed your name to NitroMonkey?
  7. Yeah too true, some people seem to overlook the "low end" jobs and cry about no work haha. Sweet as man, let me know.. If it works out with my leave dates I'll come along for sure!
  8. Shit yeah, what style is the EP? Finishing a full EP with a proper release is a goal of mine this year hay, good work man.. Yeah WA is bad apparently hay, I've been lucky getting work up in the Pilbara but a few friends are struggling with work too. What festival you playing man? might be down Perth way in May/June, would be sweet to hear your set
  9. Sweet thanks man, will play around with these ideas. especially layering, I think I've been trying to get 1 sound to do too many things.. When's the next LabRat banger coming out??
  10. How do you go about judging each elements volume and punch? is it more experience, a method you follow or do you use reference tracks? You're tracks sound so balanced, and I'm always struggling to blend everything together..
  11. ow wow.. how did I misread that? I mean thanks again Lab haha.
  12. Bloody kicks are my biggest issue I reckon.. Thanks for the feedback Cupe, appreciate it man.
  13. Hey man, welcome aboard
  14. Feel like I've been spamming lately but had a few tracks on the burner... Last one for a bit I think! Check it out and let me know, you're input has been awesome, so keep it coming
  15. Right that's awesome, I have barely done anything with the rack before.. never really understood why I would need it over just throwing the effects on the track anyway. I'll give this a go next time I'm mixing, it will be super handy to get a more specific control on each sound... thanks +1 +1