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  1. Thanks Lab, good idea.. I couldn't figure out why they weren't as prominent as I wanted. I didn't think of stereo width. Cheers for the feedback
  2. Hey @Cupe if you can throw this up that would be sweet?
  3. Here is my latest tune I've released. Got a proper reactive vid done for it too. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to listen
  4. Just read they are facing huge financial problems and may only have 30-50 days of money left to keep running? Shiettt
  5. hey man, welcome aboard!
  6. Hey man, not a bad remix at all. I felt a little like it was almost 4 different songs in one which kinda lost me a bit. Everything you had going on was cool but maybe you tried to put a bit much in there. Otherwise pretty sweet tune. Also p.s. it's a good idea to introduce yourself on the forum before posting tunes, it'll mean people will be more willing to stop by and give it a listen and more likely to give you honest feedback
  7. Hey Roger, welcome to ADJF!
  8. Thanks for giving it a listen..
  9. Thanks @LabRat. I really tried to push the bass in this one. Wanted to see how thick I could get it without it going muddy.. probably a bit borderline, especially on proper monitors haha.
  10. Thanks man! appreciate you taking the time to listen
  11. Hey man, I like it it. Good work on the drums and the bass.. I don't mind the resonance but might be a little over cooked. Good track though def got the feels from it!
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