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  1. Bring the kick drum up a bit and maybe add more meat to the snare. Arrangement is good. Sounds fit well in the mix but lacks a bit of low end.
  2. WTF? That is the worst video I have seen. The pouts and stares are bad.
  3. An old mix I did that some of the deep dubstep heads might like. All done on the Technics 1200's and serato, no sync and no overdubs. Heads Down Vibes!
  4. Here's a mixtape of a load of tunes I've been feeling over the last few years. Finally dusted off the 1200's and done a mixtape for the car or just general easy listening. Mixed on my Technics's 1200's and Serato, no sync used and no overdub edits an 1hour of trying to wing it. Enjoy!
  5. tafoz

    A Belated Hello

    Cheers for the welcome. I will try and get some mixes out too.
  6. tafoz

    A Belated Hello

    Yeah, and got a UREI 1601S mixer that have both never needed any replacements.
  7. If anyone's got the time to critique this track on production and arrangement and overall feel please do. Open to negative criticism. I am also interested in what you think the genre is. It's dub influenced thats all I know.
  8. Some deep dark stuff this is. percussive sounds are cool like them. Like the way you've mangled samples to fit a certain tone. Solid work, needs to be appreciated on a warehouse system.
  9. I thought it would be time to introduce myself as I have posted on this site before and not said hello and much about myself. I am living near Brisbane and a vinyl junkie since the 90's collecting everything with a groove and head knock vibe from Hip Hop, Reggae, Techno to Jungle. I have been making music for maybe 10 years off and on and still shit at it. I am into a lot of styles of electronic music and have collected mostly drum and bass and dub influenced music however I am not one to stick to a particular genre as there's too much good music out there. I have been dj'ing off and on for about 20 years and strictly on my Technics 1200's. Started off attempting turntablism watching DMC videos of Dj Craze, Roc Raider and Australia's finest Dj Dexter. Played DnB and dubstep and techno and stuff in between. I signed up here to get feedback on music I make and whether anybody is feeling what I am. Any negative feedback about how my music is made is appreciated as I find too many people say my music is good but really they are just being nice. There's holes in my arrangement and production and seek others to point them out. I will attempt to comment on others music honestly as much as possible but due to the nature of my work and family life I may not be consistent on here. Thanks
  10. Nice vibes with this one, I like it. Just a suggestion on levels seems like you may of pushed hard and it's coming through with a bit of distortion (thats maybe what your going for?) also the bass seems a little muffled. Maybe bounce the bass down to 3 tracks, hi,mid and lo and eq to bring out that mid range bass sound. Then bounce all 3 tracks back to one again.
  11. Cheers for the feedback bristles. Thats funny cos I thought it needed to be more repetitive and less going on. Thats the problem with working in your own bubble.
  12. Thanks Mitch, will take that on board about panning etc. Track has been changed and stripped back a bit and will look at automating some panning etc.
  13. Apologies to those that were deeply offended by my posts, no offence intended. Posts were on 4 threads that my music may relate to as I was also asking for feedback on what genre people thought. I was not aware that a personal introduction was essential to gain respect in this forum again I do not mean to offend anyone.
  14. Was wondering if anyone would play this track as a dj or just general listening. Any feedback on levels and arrangement would be much appreciated. Pull it apart and give constructive criticism. Also curious of what listeners would class the genre. Thanks Ozz
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