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    all worked upon a certain rock old as creation, and it magically became fertile.
    that first EGG was named thought.
    Tathagata Buddha, the father Buddha, said 'with our thoughts we make the world.'
    elemantal forces caused the EGG to hatch. from it then came a stone monkey.
    the nature of the monkey was.......irrepressible!
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    2 x ST150, DJM-800, MPC 2500, Korg MS-2000r, taketsuru 17, black/ metallic V's, Kh10h
  1. yo
  2. yo use this place as motivation. post mixes ask for advice. join in mix comps (here or elsewhere). or even if you dont join use that as a mix idea and post it here. and go clubbing!
  3. yo
  4. yoo
  5. yo. any homie of beatless must be aiight, so welcome
  6. yo
  7. yo
  8. funnies page been pretty dead lately achally....
  9. anditz was already #biggtime but keeps on keeping on
  10. yo
  11. oh yeh four
  12. i just watched ep 5. yeah kind of ended abruptly. they were meant to bridge kool herc to when hip hop started becoming mainstream and filling stadiums. now i get NWA into Chronic got it into the mainstream charts and into suburbia. it still wasnt as everywhere as say 2000. so i think they needed to show post death row and bad boy, into roc-a-fella, no limit, cash money. where rap artists really became mainstream idols. i guess it wasnt meant to be hip hop history, but more just showing its evolution and change. i mean they didnt even touch the entire golden age, no native tongues!