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  1. Thanks for all the feedback guys i will talk to the seller and discuss some price options cheers
  2. Hey everyone I have a mate who is willing to sell me 2 x technics 1210 MK3D and I wasn't sure what these are going for new ? i think they have only been used a couple of times and are in excellent condition, i want to be fair in my offer so looking for some help please cheers
  3. Transe

    Hey Everyone

    Hey what's the best way to share my mixes on here just upload wave file ? Going to work on something very soon cheers
  4. Transe

    Hey Everyone

    Hi thanks for all your welcome msgs I am based in Sydney and if anyone is interested in hooking up and mixing a few vinyl let me know I'm keen Cheers Jason
  5. Been out of the game for some time but have gained back my love for music once again been a vinyl dj since the 90s and big Trance lover cheers
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