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  1. Yo keen to find female vocalist to smash some mind blowing trance euphoric vocals if anyone can point me in right direction
  2. Yo Anyone keen for mixing partner for trance music early 2000 to currrent ive got some of the biggest classics on vinyl always more coming from states will need storage unit lol keen to learn to scratch and build up that technique very boring 1 man band sydney based hills area or central coast
  3. Yo im looking to meet up with fellow turntablist and producers to collaborate with and practice love my vinyl mixing and keen to mix some breaks and learn to scratch better just bought myself some awesome kit for production Roland jp8000, ultra nova, virus indigo and virus Ti along with Ni scratch pro and traktor s8 just started learning production also from local teacher in ableton also from very nice guy, would recommend if anyone needed cheers guys hit me up with msg to meet up have chat Sydney based and central coast as I’m based in both
  4. Hey mate I’m down I’m in Sydney local to you based for work castle hill ive been a turntablist since early 90s im very keen to learn to scratch more I’ve been looking for someone things just work out in strange ways
  5. Hey, I was reaching out to see if anyone has a copy to sell of any of the Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate software ? I just want something to start with then i can buy the upgrade to Komplete 11 after that Cheers
  6. Hi, Thanks for the link on how to setup Maschine in 64 bit mode! I have been practicing laying out basic patterns using maschine, trying out the scenes and building some basic drum patterns, adding some Instruments and trying out making a melody. I was wondering what your thoughts were on purchasing more sounds for use in maschine, i have been on adsr site and not really sure if i need the maschine ones, or if i can use any of the others like the Massive ones there for example?. I was debating on signing up for the subscription on Adsr are you signed up with any of the sites that sell packs ? I am looking to build nice melodic trance melodies, harmonic Synth melodies, deep sweeping Synths and background sounds, anjelic sounds, above and beyond, Oceanlab are a few of my influences that i like that style. I was looking at the NI Komplete package, however its out of my price bracket at the moment, so i was wondering if i can get smaller packs and just build up as i go, would love to hear your thoughts and any advise from your experiences with starting out towards trying to make some nice sounds, i have heard that the other Synths are great like Sylenth and Nexus also. Cheers
  7. Hi thanks for the reply I have been spending a good amount of time using maschine and getting to go through the sound libraries Etc im using a windows pc I7 processor and 8 gig ram and I started to get a few patterns going and noticed the sound was glitching sometimes then my pc froze, does that sound like I should be changing my Pc ? If I was to get a mac would that be better for performance issues ? thanks
  8. Hey Thanks Guys, Thought I would keep you posted on my progress I have been analysing songs to see how they are compiled and am having a good time using Maschine, someone mentioned to me if I want a good sounding synth then sylenth and nexus are a good option, do you know how these work if I can use it along with Maschine software ? Also what would you suggest i would use to bring samples into Maschine, or are there any plugins available with decent samples that I could start with for using mainly for trance music? I eventually would like to lay vocals over anything that I end up putting together any ideas on starting out with samples, this can be done in machine or is an external plugin also an option ? Cheers
  9. Hi Thanks very much for the help I have been practicing in the maschine software on my laptop just trying to get my head around the scenes and making patterns, I have made a few patterns with drums and synths etc and started to compile together but having trouble in laying it all out to attempt to write enough patterns in sequence to create a song, I guess the more I practice the better, when writing the song is there a format that I should be sticking to etc for how many bars intil the next section etc of the track, I am just not sureas I am a bit of a novice at this I have been told about ableton is the go to for the compiling the song side of things yes, but I don't have a copy at this stage, would you suggest I try to get it or work with maschine for a while first? Cheers again!!
  10. Hey Have been mixing since the 90s Old school, techno, House, Trance, Hard Trance etc and recently decided to step into some production for the first time of Trance music to start with as it is one of my favourite styles Purchased the NI Machine Mk2 and was looking for some advice on where to start with learning to layout some of my own trance tracks Thinking of getting some lessons through my local shop also as they offer this I have a laptop loaded with the Maschine software, Massive, wil be buying a audio interface unit that has stereo inputs which was recommended from my local shop Also good to mention i bought the S8 Traktor flagship controller also loaded with Traktor Scratch pro 2 which is more for mixing but thought i would mention it incase its going to be usefull with the production also Thanks
  11. Thanks for all the feedback guys i will talk to the seller and discuss some price options cheers
  12. Hey everyone I have a mate who is willing to sell me 2 x technics 1210 MK3D and I wasn't sure what these are going for new ? i think they have only been used a couple of times and are in excellent condition, i want to be fair in my offer so looking for some help please cheers
  13. Transe

    Hey Everyone

    Hey what's the best way to share my mixes on here just upload wave file ? Going to work on something very soon cheers
  14. Transe

    Hey Everyone

    Hi thanks for all your welcome msgs I am based in Sydney and if anyone is interested in hooking up and mixing a few vinyl let me know I'm keen Cheers Jason
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