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  1. Natey180

    New Justice

    Just heard your track on Triple J - Congratulations!!
  2. Natey180

    scratching practice

    Hey Didzz Just watched your YouTube video - nice transforms! I joined this forum yesterday solely looking for someone to QnA with, neckminit you upload your practise...... Check out my post; Reply if you are nearby and keen for some cuts Hope to to hear from you
  3. Natey180

    Scratch QnA partner/s

    Great point Mitch, I'm from Castle Hill which about 30 mins North West of Sydney CBD. So Mitch I noticed you got decks, keen? Hahaha For those even slightly interested, I'm not looking for someone who is advanced or highly skilled. Just someone who is interested in turntables like me. Ive been a DJ for 16 years. Ive played in clubs all over Sydney & have supported DJ's like Nick Skitz, Bexta & Mark Dynamix to name a few. I would be happy to share my knowledge and understanding on djing with anybody and everybody who wants to hang out and scratch. All you need are two turntables & the ability to reply to this post.
  4. Hey everyone Are you a Turntablist? Sick of scratching all alone in your bedroom? ME TOOOOOO I'm looking for like minded turntablists out there to jam with. Grandmixer Qbert got soooo good because he had another dj to bounce ideas off, practice with, learn from and improve. This is how the scratch QnA was born. Do you know who he practised with??? If so, you and I will get along just fine. I can host, or travel, all I need is someone like minded and keen for some cuts.....is that you? If so, drop me a line. No time wasters pls. Lets make this happen!!!