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  1. natty

    Starting all over again

    I live in south of sydney but work in town.
  2. natty

    Starting all over again

    I did a Dj course a while back now and i really enjoyed it but after a while i lost motivation as i wasn't able to put enough time into it due to work. I want to give it another go but i know ill put more effort in if had a buddy who was maybe a bit more experienced than me to get me back into it. I live in Sydney and i use serato and a pioneer DDJ controller, very basic. I've had a few friends tell me there is a growing demand for female Djs or just more chicks in general in the industry so i figure its worth giving ago if the consumers are starting to demand it. If there another beginner out there who maybe wants to T up and collaborate that would be awesome Thanks
  3. natty

    Giving it ago again

    Hello Im Natty and I did dj lessons over a year ago for fun. I really enjoyed it but unfortunately i didn't get enough time to really pursue it . Ive starting again at home on my Serato controller but after about half hour or so i get a bit unmotivated and switch off. I was never a pro but knew all the basics and i was very keen to learn more especially some production soft-wear. Id like to start back up again as i did enjoy it but i do need a little motivation or buddy to work with. Id love to work with another dj maybe in there starting out stages or more experienced to get myself back into it again. Any advice on how to start all over agin would be helpful too Thanks