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  1. hey all. check out the homie xhin's mix he recently dropped for dj mag. feel free to support him on bandcamp too he has a few releases recently. https://djmag.com/news/xhin-drops-raw-swinging-techno-dj-mag-weekly-podcast https://xhin.bandcamp.com/ https://mnshift.bandcamp.com/album/shift-ltd-001
  2. chopping it up with other folks actually definitely helps. as does practice in my early days i practiced beat matching heaps, and thought i was aiight. then i had one of my homies who dj's come thru and i learnt more in three hours then i had the first two months. so i 100% recommend hooking it up with people. also chuck your mixes up here for comment. even if its mega critical (lols... i remember how bad my first one was). all of it helped me. i mean i still suck but better
  3. yo use this place as motivation. post mixes ask for advice. join in mix comps (here or elsewhere). or even if you dont join use that as a mix idea and post it here. and go clubbing!
  4. looks like the change of someone maturing ...and a better camera phone
  5. price also moves based on demand kind of like shares. its a little more stable now that the discontinuation but back in the day every rumored story could double the price overnight. i used to find during festival season the prices are high as everyone wants to become a dj. i havent looked in a minit but i did once follow it for six months. and yeh 1200 mk2 would go from 400-1000. any of the newer models after that would add a bit of a premium. i wouldnt pay more than a thousand unless mint as and M5Gs
  6. a & r from unearthed? and they asking you for dough? check out agreements and shiz. but yeh thats a bit wierd given they are government funded and meant to be helping artists.
  7. eggssell

    Hey yo!

    yo. any homie of beatless must be aiight, so welcome
  8. also when both tracks are in the mix the main can get louder so you may need to keep tweaking as you bring up the channel fader. sometimes if you want elements of the outbound track to remain you need to even turn it up a little as you bring the fader down.
  9. only wazza from the main cats will (may) have one but prob not looking to offload. anyway hopefully someone will land here thru the magic of google. in the meantime lets marvel at 5 yr old ryusei absolutely smash it on the qfo. the dance move at the end still gets me everytime
  10. funnies page been pretty dead lately achally....
  11. anditz was already #biggtime but keeps on keeping on
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