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  1. So, I'm in a situation where I've been dj'ing for about a year. I wouldn't say I'm the best but I think I might have some potential. The problem is I don't know what other people think, it seems like people are either just not interested or feel bad for saying it's terrible. Hopefully I can get some feedback from total strangers, honest opinions at that . For any professional Dj's out there, is there any tips on how to get people to rate your work and how to handle criticism? Please have a listen to my latest mix on SC; it's a Jackin' House Mix I did. ANY feedback will be appreciated!
  2. That's a good point, well to be honest I've only ever gone once so perhaps they had some event on? I love New Guernica, probably one of my favourite night clubs. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be sure to check em' out
  3. Funny that you guys mention that, I'm actually a bartender there on the weekends
  4. Hey Mitch, I'm a massive fan of house/deep/tech and techno. I'm hoping to capitalize on this since the Melbourne scene doesn't really have much going with these genres aside from places like revs, cloud9 etc. I'll be sure to load a couple of mixes on here to get some genuine feedback!
  5. Thanks Matt! I think you hit the nail on the head with the "remain humble" point. I'm currently aiming for 3 months as a goal to get my first gig fingers crossed. I appreciate the honest feedback
  6. Hi! I won't bore you with any long stories so I'll get straight to it. I've always had a passion for Dj'ing and music production but it was only last year when I decided to do something about it. Fast forward to today and I feel confident enough to show the world my passion and invite you to join me achieving my goal of becoming a world renowned DJ/Music Producer. I lived in NSW for about 5 years before moving to Melbourne mid last year and I'm trying to build up a network to get a few gigs. I've never played at a club or private event before so I'd welcome any advice from experienced DJ's. It's harder than I thought to get people to give you their opinion on your mixes which is why I thought it might be best to show you guys who have similar tastes. Follow me on SC - Ty Desroches - ANY feedback will be welcome
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