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  1. I'm confused about controllers without jog-wheels or jog-wheel-type functions (and multiple Youtube videos have not made me any wiser!) but can still select/cue/play (Ie I realise some controllers are purely for effects or remix etc.)This is about adding basic digital capability to a vinyl/analogue set-up.For example: if I have a Xone:K2, can I map track selection, cueing and play functions? That is, can I use this set-up ... laptop>K2>analogue mixer ... to play tracks on laptop (using Traktor) but with total control from the K2 controller - so track/folder selection, cueing, play, pause, etc?Obviously the Traktor x1 can do this as it has a dedicated track select pot + the touch strip that replaces jog wheels.I'm new to digital djing so excuse my ignorance. What I want is a minimal controller that will remove any need for me to be fiddling with the laptop itself - so I need it to be able to select, cue and play! Because of my style of music I don't need to scratch or do anything fancy - just select a track from a folder; find where I want to start it from; and play it!Thanks
  2. My electrical engineering knowledge is not what is should be. Are there any potential problems powering SL1200s long-term with a step-down transformer (to convert from 100v, for Japanese models)? Is audio quality in any way affected (I ask this cos I know audiophiles are fussy about their power sources)? Cheers
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