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  1. Thanks LabRat going to send some current through em and see what comes out the other end with my multimeter.
  2. Love trance Verimon, Choof and trance, a marriage made in heaven.
  3. I use Speakon plugs for my speakers because I have no other choice as the speakers have speakon sockets only. What speaker plugs do you guys have? A mate has speakers with 6.5mm jack inputs that he is going to lend me for a big hall gig. I was thinking of buying speakon to 6.5mm adapters and using a couple of 800mm jack guitar patch cords to link them up to my speakers Any probs using guitar patch cords as speaker cable?
  4. Did you know that some DC fans have to have the wires crossed as they will not work as supplied? My amp fan failed Behringer H.O.S. so I bought a new one ebay 10.80 clipped it into the same plug and micro socket and it did not work either, only smoked. I took it to a amp repair shop and they replaced it and reversed the wires. They tried to charge me for two hours work when the job would only take 20 mins. So be mindful boys and girls that fan polarity may be the problem in some occasions that you can easily do yourself.
  5. How can I steal it and add it to my playlist.
  6. My demographic Nutbush Eagle Rock Cindy Lauper Anything Chuck Berry Anything Little Richard. Aussie 60s
  7. Ta
  8. Having a bit of trouble searcing for replies to posts. Someone will add something and when I scroll topics I have forgotten where I posted and someones name is in the last post column.so I'm lost. I have about 10% memory retention (too much sex drugs and rock and roll) well mostly drugs.sorry.
  9. Thanks Buck and Cupe Have pressed the button.
  10. What I sent in on that day, comes back to me at hotmail
  11. Every time I blog on to the forum I get a bucketfull of my emails on my hotmail when I get home at night, Is there a way I can stop this?
  12. Time for my medication and off to bed. Perhaps some other time. Bye for now. Fab DJ.
  13. Back home to the Gold Coast to embarass my family after a thirty year absence. Thinking of botoxing my scrotum,make me look years younger
  14. Nine months and two weeks and I'm out of here to follow my dream and make people laugh and have a good time. Wish I was lying, the ladies dont look at me like they used to.