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  1. Free software for recording.

    So I gets a behringer sound card on ebay and they recommend I download software called Audacity. Its all set up and I start recording. I buy all the connectors to produce separate channel inputs and outputs and check em all out, works fine. left and right. Screen shows I am recording in Stereo. Waveforms on the screen seem the same and after playback on a amp and checking balance left and right seems I am recording in dual mono. Forums don't identify a problem like this so I'm asking is there another free software package someone would recommend that records in stereo as I would like 6 inputs for recording instead of four on my XENY 802 mixer. Yep I know buy shit but, I only do this as a hobby and work for cake.lo.
  2. Couple of questions about speaker leads

    Thanks LabRat going to send some current through em and see what comes out the other end with my multimeter.
  3. Hola from sunny Perth

    Love trance Verimon, Choof and trance, a marriage made in heaven.
  4. I use Speakon plugs for my speakers because I have no other choice as the speakers have speakon sockets only. What speaker plugs do you guys have? A mate has speakers with 6.5mm jack inputs that he is going to lend me for a big hall gig. I was thinking of buying speakon to 6.5mm adapters and using a couple of 800mm jack guitar patch cords to link them up to my speakers Any probs using guitar patch cords as speaker cable?
  5. I have a reasonable collection of playlists of various genres and I read the crowd, they will soon let you know if they think a song is crap.If they are all up dancing you know you have hit paydirt and I play some more similar songs Save your most popular songs for the ebb and flow on the dance floor. You don't want to be playing your best tracks while they are moving off for a piss or a rest.
  6. Sandbags for stands

    Got some good quality sandbags for steading lighting stands from Ebay. Orange striped for hi viz, cost 22.00 each from camera shops I got 4 for 4.00 each. Forums say they should weigh 7kg to be of any use, max weight they can hold is 10kg. I put 5kg of sand in them and it seems to be a enough for my lightweight lighting setup. Good for workouts also. Was thinking of nicking some from roadworks signs but got to be a responsible citizen nowadays .
  7. The end of the line for DJ's

    Looked up Nitelife web site Lab and it doesn't tell how their system works. Can you explain?
  8. The end of the line for DJ's

    Most of the DJs I have met up here on the Gold Coast are up themselves arseholes. I'm a customer and they have been employed to entertain me and the other patrons. Entertainers? they seem to imply they are giving you the grace of their time and exclusive playlists (Austereo top forty, dah) I have come up to introduce myself and they don't give me the time of day. Glad I don't see them again at the same venue, no wonder the managers opt for piped music or live bands,can't beat bands for filling a venue.and a dance floor.
  9. Pretty well seeing the end of DJing as we once knew it. People buying powerful wireless speakers from JB for the home and every pub and venue having a pa system that has a 3.5mm socket for the party people to plug in from their phone. Just sent a mate home with 2000+ songs on his phone for his next party. He has bought a wireless jukebox that anyone can use, kids,.grandkids, first in best dressed for bluetooth pairing. There is an app for equalization, bass and volume boost for 2.30. You can buy party effect lights from KMart. Another mate got 1000 songs pre installed for free with his new car.
  10. Good Lighting Setup To Mobile DJ With?

    I have the above the lasers were 14.00 and the smoker was 60.00 ebay. I make my own juice with a 10.00 bottle of glycerine from Woolies and distilled water same place 300ml G 700ml water. Instant light show for under 100.00
  11. Good Lighting Setup To Mobile DJ With?

    I am getting lazy and for house parties I use mainly a couple of cheap lasers and a smoke machine. Cans and pin spots on a chaser even with long snoots spill too much light on average white painted interior walls. Derby's are too blinding in small spaces so I only use it in halls. Hell of a lot of cabling to install and uninstall lights which takes up too much time. I prefer a couple of leads for the lasers and the smoker at my feet. I made a small timber bracket that you can attach with drawing pins to the top of door architraves so no stands are required Turn off all the lights and blind em with lasers, they will be pissed in an hour anyway.
  12. Gear barriers?

    A mean arse face and a don't fuck with me attitude seem to keep em away. I like to put myself and gear in a defensive position that is not easily accessible and no flat surfaces nearby for drinks to be placed.

    If you want to practice being a DJ why not rip your CD's to a laptop folder and download Virtual DJ for free. Plug your earphone outlet to your home sound system cd input and off you go.
  14. Beginner turntable question

    Recommend you go to Whirlpool re usb turntables. Even if you rip out the junk pre preamps you still have electronics in the way of a clean output. Just my opinion,
  15. Beginner mixer?

    I have a Behringer two channel mixer I have had for ages, of late I use the mic input to run a Galaxy phone for requests and background so I don't mess up my playlists on the other two channels. Works well and was about 120.00.