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  1. FabDJ

    Portable stand for micro mobile dj desk

    Went to Blues at Broadbeach, always stand next to the sound man and look at what stuff he has. Seems they are like me, get some 5 ply and make up some foldable tables and stands, rough as,and paint it black. Buy some sparkle paint from the two dollar shop and you are in showbiz.
  2. FabDJ

    What software will run my setup

    Virtual DJ once let you use a external mixer for a trial period and then charge you 120.00 for permissions. Paid them using ebay and they did not deliver. got refunded.My UCR 222 sound card does the trick with an external mixer.
  3. Just received eight jacks from ebay and I'm concerned by their weight. My mixer stands right of my laptop stand on a speaker tripod and I have it almost balanced with a mic clip and stubby and holder on the left hand side. the above adapters look good as they are gold plated but are about 250g in weight and now I have a right hand list on my rig that pisses me off big time. I place a wedge under one leg but then have a skewed pole and a level laptop. Being an ex chippie everything has to be plumb and level or I am disoriented.
  4. The rooms look too bright for recording, where is the damping? plasterboard and windows create too many reflections. I have worked in movie studios and made a few recording studios for mates with lots of acoustic insulation and hessian clad walls. some timber cladding also, like the Sydney Opera House.What is a domestic AC doing in a recording studio.
  5. FabDJ

    Building your own pa speakers

    Tried that often, by the time you buy the wood, speakers, crossover, padding,carpet, corner protectors, lifting brackets, reflex tube, stand socket, speakon/jack sockets, it costs about twice a much as buying one on ebay.
  6. Always pissed of how the DJ takes over the room, so I have made a platform for my PC and mixer that takes up less than 700mm square. So it's me and my stand on a tripod speaker stand and two speakers either side, one on a Sub. so I'm using 3m sq of floor space. My amp is under the stand and covered with black cloth to hide the wires. photographes requests. and a easy quick exit if I have had a few and make comments about the brides visible mustache.
  7. FabDJ

    Free software for recording.

    So I gets a behringer sound card on ebay and they recommend I download software called Audacity. Its all set up and I start recording. I buy all the connectors to produce separate channel inputs and outputs and check em all out, works fine. left and right. Screen shows I am recording in Stereo. Waveforms on the screen seem the same and after playback on a amp and checking balance left and right seems I am recording in dual mono. Forums don't identify a problem like this so I'm asking is there another free software package someone would recommend that records in stereo as I would like 6 inputs for recording instead of four on my XENY 802 mixer. Yep I know buy shit but, I only do this as a hobby and work for cake.lo.