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  1. I go mostly to bars here at Broadbeach and am disappointed that the young patrons are listening and dancing to 70s 80s music. They shitcan me when I play it but its ok if they are in a new venue and its played.
  2. For ease of portability I carry and use my wireless mic receivers in a bag. I have two and have ordered another one that will make up a stack of three. Stick to manufacturer recommendations of 1m from wall and floor. Anyone had issues setting them up like this?
  3. Good to buy top end gear but then I would stress about it being damaged or stolen. I get most of my materials from skips on building sites and if it gets smashed or I forget it behind, I'm only up for a new can of black matt paint and another scrounge
  4. Been going to a few gigs in Broadbeach and always look at what the sound guys are using nowadays Decided like me, all you need is a sheet of 5ply a jig saw and a few cans of matt black paint. Ingenious hinged bits and pieces to support their equipment that flat packs for storage and transport. Always come away with new ideas.
  5. Bought a 300mm mirror ball for about 100.00 weighed about 5 kilos. Would be a problem to hang and stress my rotor so took it back My opinion mirror balls are dull compared to laser lights, see them around but next to useless in large venues.
  6. Went to Blues at Broadbeach, always stand next to the sound man and look at what stuff he has. Seems they are like me, get some 5 ply and make up some foldable tables and stands, rough as,and paint it black. Buy some sparkle paint from the two dollar shop and you are in showbiz.
  7. Virtual DJ once let you use a external mixer for a trial period and then charge you 120.00 for permissions. Paid them using ebay and they did not deliver. got refunded.My UCR 222 sound card does the trick with an external mixer.
  8. Just received eight jacks from ebay and I'm concerned by their weight. My mixer stands right of my laptop stand on a speaker tripod and I have it almost balanced with a mic clip and stubby and holder on the left hand side. the above adapters look good as they are gold plated but are about 250g in weight and now I have a right hand list on my rig that pisses me off big time. I place a wedge under one leg but then have a skewed pole and a level laptop. Being an ex chippie everything has to be plumb and level or I am disoriented.
  9. The rooms look too bright for recording, where is the damping? plasterboard and windows create too many reflections. I have worked in movie studios and made a few recording studios for mates with lots of acoustic insulation and hessian clad walls. some timber cladding also, like the Sydney Opera House.What is a domestic AC doing in a recording studio.
  10. Tried that often, by the time you buy the wood, speakers, crossover, padding,carpet, corner protectors, lifting brackets, reflex tube, stand socket, speakon/jack sockets, it costs about twice a much as buying one on ebay.
  11. Always pissed of how the DJ takes over the room, so I have made a platform for my PC and mixer that takes up less than 700mm square. So it's me and my stand on a tripod speaker stand and two speakers either side, one on a Sub. so I'm using 3m sq of floor space. My amp is under the stand and covered with black cloth to hide the wires. photographes requests. and a easy quick exit if I have had a few and make comments about the brides visible mustache.
  12. Thanks LabRat going to send some current through em and see what comes out the other end with my multimeter.
  13. Love trance Verimon, Choof and trance, a marriage made in heaven.
  14. I use Speakon plugs for my speakers because I have no other choice as the speakers have speakon sockets only. What speaker plugs do you guys have? A mate has speakers with 6.5mm jack inputs that he is going to lend me for a big hall gig. I was thinking of buying speakon to 6.5mm adapters and using a couple of 800mm jack guitar patch cords to link them up to my speakers Any probs using guitar patch cords as speaker cable?
  15. Got some good quality sandbags for steading lighting stands from Ebay. Orange striped for hi viz, cost 22.00 each from camera shops I got 4 for 4.00 each. Forums say they should weigh 7kg to be of any use, max weight they can hold is 10kg. I put 5kg of sand in them and it seems to be a enough for my lightweight lighting setup. Good for workouts also. Was thinking of nicking some from roadworks signs but got to be a responsible citizen nowadays .
  16. Looked up Nitelife web site Lab and it doesn't tell how their system works. Can you explain?
  17. Most of the DJs I have met up here on the Gold Coast are up themselves arseholes. I'm a customer and they have been employed to entertain me and the other patrons. Entertainers? they seem to imply they are giving you the grace of their time and exclusive playlists (Austereo top forty, dah) I have come up to introduce myself and they don't give me the time of day. Glad I don't see them again at the same venue, no wonder the managers opt for piped music or live bands,can't beat bands for filling a venue.and a dance floor.
  18. Pretty well seeing the end of DJing as we once knew it. People buying powerful wireless speakers from JB for the home and every pub and venue having a pa system that has a 3.5mm socket for the party people to plug in from their phone. Just sent a mate home with 2000+ songs on his phone for his next party. He has bought a wireless jukebox that anyone can use, kids,.grandkids, first in best dressed for bluetooth pairing. There is an app for equalization, bass and volume boost for 2.30. You can buy party effect lights from KMart. Another mate got 1000 songs pre installed for free with his new car.
  19. I have the above the lasers were 14.00 and the smoker was 60.00 ebay. I make my own juice with a 10.00 bottle of glycerine from Woolies and distilled water same place 300ml G 700ml water. Instant light show for under 100.00
  20. I am getting lazy and for house parties I use mainly a couple of cheap lasers and a smoke machine. Cans and pin spots on a chaser even with long snoots spill too much light on average white painted interior walls. Derby's are too blinding in small spaces so I only use it in halls. Hell of a lot of cabling to install and uninstall lights which takes up too much time. I prefer a couple of leads for the lasers and the smoker at my feet. I made a small timber bracket that you can attach with drawing pins to the top of door architraves so no stands are required Turn off all the lights and blind em with lasers, they will be pissed in an hour anyway.
  21. A mean arse face and a don't fuck with me attitude seem to keep em away. I like to put myself and gear in a defensive position that is not easily accessible and no flat surfaces nearby for drinks to be placed.
  22. Looks Awesome Sol I use black cloth pinned to my stand, the photographers don't like looking at wires for their shoot or my hairy legs.
  23. The landlord is asking what happened to the bathroom door hinges lo
  24. I worked at ABC television Gore Hill in set construction, now you can do the same thing with laser lighting.
  25. I have a Skytec 18" powered sub speaker and works great, only thing, I have to place it about 10m away from me as it gives me a throbbing headache. If you want to go home early turn it up and the cops will be around soon enough to close the party down, guaranteed.
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