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  1. Hey guys, Just hoping for an opinion on something. One of my wedding clients is asking for various mixes to be made of songs (X song from 0.23 till 1.10 then y from 0.56 to 1:07 etc etc) I was fine to do the first one (About 8 songs total) , however they have come back and decided that they would like changes done to the first one, plus another one made. After agency fee's, I only receive about $450 for the 5.5 hours I'm there (This gig was booked when I first started with the agency and was on a lower pay bracket). Considering it takes about an hour'ish to download all the songs, make the edits nice, make sure all the levels are okay, I think I should be able to charge for anything really over an hour (Total time spent) to do. Personally, I really hate doing it because it eats up my time after my day job too. Should I charge? What do you think is an appropriate rate for this kind of work? (Usual wedding rate is $100 an hour for my current bracket).
  2. Mad mic! I've got one myself.
  3. ADL wedding scene is fairly competitive. But there is quite abit of work in July and November especially.
  4. SolDios


    IDK why but this song just really appeals to me for some reason.
  5. Yeah those crane stands are epic. Alota money though.
  6. The setup these days with the new sub and screen, Setup (before cables) & packed up!
  7. "Used MDF wood, 5 cans of spray paint, material from spotlight & bathroom door lift away hinges. " Used diagonal corners and metal corner bracers. Cut all the wood, brace and glue it together, prime it all and paint. Then drill the holes and put in the hinges.
  8. Holy Thread revivel! https://www.pulselocker.com/info However this program now integrates directly with Rekordbox & Serato. I might hook up a proxy and see whats available on the trial. However it sucks that offline play is $20 a month.
  9. Not a brought but I just sold my Denons, Would rather see them go to someone cheap then have them sit under my bed for eternity. Pree much just put em and the mixer up for 500 and they were gone in seconds.
  10. Mother & Me built a Facade over the last two weekends. Probably ended up costing about $200 in materials. Used MDF wood, 5 cans of spray paint, material from spotlight & bathroom door lift away hinges. Overall looks pretty good, but I'd say if you have the money and don't have much time on your hands just buy one instead.
  11. The search in win10 shits me to tears. I swear 7 wasn't as bad as this.
  12. You guys are never gona let me live that down are you?
  13. For me it comes down to budget, The 15" macbook pro is a beast but last time I looked it was like $3k. The XPS is abit lighter on the wallet but is still a awesome machine though, Doesn't feel like a 15" laptop to hold too. I think the 15' macbook pro is a good choice as long as your okay with using adapters for ethernet and such. It really comes down to budget though.
  14. This, Just don't expect a sync button to be on em, you will most likely be on CDJ 900's or 2000 MK1's. TBH even 20m will be enough with em, if you can beat match by ear all you need to get used to is the track browser.
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