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  1. Hello ADJF family! I have just uploaded a trance mix which is more festival/big room as opposed to straight up trance. I know there are some areas I could refine but was hoping to get some criticism on it anyways - I want to be able to approach some people and obtain some work in the long run so any feedback is greatly appreciated there is always room for improvement and if you're interested there are more trance mixes on my soundcloud (as well as some house and techno stuff). Here goes:
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcoming! Sunny Perth is turning it on this week for us all
  3. Hi all, First off my name is Carl and I reside in sunny Perth. My preferred genres is trance, which includes all vocal and euphoric as well as psy and harder stuff but I also like to mess around with house and techno. Just looking for some people to connect with and learn from as well as help where I can. Cheers!
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