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  1. Are we doing the traditional ADJF all hands luncheon wine and dine extravaganza ft. pending this year?
  2. How are we doing transport to and from the airport?
  3. It works better for me financially if I pay at meat because I need to book my flights and stuff this week.
  4. Yeah cool when do I need to pay it by?
  5. I could probably do 220
  6. Hnnng might not be able to afford more than 200 for accom
  7. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    Who will funds be going to this year?
  8. Finally a st Paddy's Day meat
  9. I'm thinking I should run a trivia night this meat. Keen?
  10. Got my annual leave approved today.
  11. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    Holy shit melbz might work better for me as well
  12. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    HAHHAHAHAHA good one.
  13. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    So I'm 100% out lads sorry my laptop died so I need to replace it. I'll be there in your wank banks
  14. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    I might have to give this trip a miss. Finances are not good.