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  1. Lab Rat Can Still Mix!

    Will give this a listen when im at work on wednesday
  2. Hey Guys & Girls, Whattup?

    Welcome mate
  3. TOTD?

  4. Time to go back and listen
  5. ADJF Pro Soundcloud account costs

    Can hopefully pay you next week.
  6. New Router suggestions.

    I'm mainly looking for better consistency, less drop outs, less speed dips.
  7. New Router suggestions.

    Just the piece of shit my ISP gave me NBN 100 down 40 up
  8. New Router suggestions.

    I want a router thats not a piece of shit. Probably spend around the $300-$400 mark. Do a lot of streaming and gaming things.
  9. ADJF 2018 Meat - Hobart - 15-18th March

    Can't attend. I'm washing Duz's hair that day.
  10. Hey Everyone

    Gday cobber
  11. Hey yo!

  12. ADJF Awards 2016 predictions

    Its because no one bithered to do the official winners fred till like mid year haha
  13. Pretty sexy, I'd like to see one of these with usb tho
  14. TOTD?