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  1. Twitch usually takes down copywrited music but can always try
  2. Are we doing the traditional ADJF all hands luncheon wine and dine extravaganza ft. pending this year?
  3. How are we doing transport to and from the airport?
  4. It works better for me financially if I pay at meat because I need to book my flights and stuff this week.
  5. Hnnng might not be able to afford more than 200 for accom
  6. I'm thinking I should run a trivia night this meat. Keen?
  7. Holy shit melbz might work better for me as well
  8. So I'm 100% out lads sorry my laptop died so I need to replace it. I'll be there in your wank banks
  9. I might have to give this trip a miss. Finances are not good.
  10. i nearly did mine today but then remembered my days i work might change because of uni so will wait until 1st semester next year
  11. Speaking of, still got those 350s? Would love to come around and give em a thrash.
  12. Yeah as labrat said also doesn't hurt finding out what gear the club runs because not all clubs run pioneer set up.
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