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  1. https://livesets.com/capfive https://livesets.com/ should be able to use this. you whales are welcome
  2. Twitch would work, but it would most likely mute the recordings so dont even think about being able to save them.om twitch due to copyright bullshit. ill have a look around
  3. I approve this mix, it was very meaty and very sunday seshhy
  4. ❤ we should get another comp going!
  5. CapFive


    see you all on the battlefield lol
  6. A couple of years ago I would've believed that, but he is starting to make a name for himself, ylots so hard these days for kids to make a name for themselves because every Tom Dick and Harry are brining out albums
  7. I must admit I'm actually becoming a belieber lol. He might not have sat there and hand selected each track or created each beat loop and sample, but he is actually having some input to most of his tracks and being apart of the creation, which is more than most artists these days. I respect him for that, and these days Deadmau5 is fishing for attention by just raging at every other artist... he is starting to look like a real dick
  8. CapFive


    Hahaha all the greats are still here!
  9. CapFive


    Sup buddy! How's things!
  10. CapFive


    P.s I'm an ex VIP of the site and a former contributor
  11. CapFive


    Hey all! I'm a 29 year old ex DJ. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and I am looking to sort of ease back into the hobby
  12. Interesting got any samples of the songs? Were they remixes?
  13. I agree with the boys sol, prolly not best time for electro, some dance floor fillers would go better at this time top 40 and the likes, or what you could do is just approach the owner and ask his opinion, don't say she is pissing you off, just say she mentioned it and ask what he thinks you should play, and if he says listen to her, then he is the boss so do what he says
  14. Wow no one wants a $200 gig on the northern beaches?
  15. Hey guys, Once of the girls at work here said they need a DJ for a Kiddies School Dance that they are doing a lights job for. 5th December 2013 $200 cash for playing top 40 songs for 4 hours is easy money, must provide own DJ equipment (they might be able to source monitors for you. email me alex.caputo@magicdust.com.au if you are interested!
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