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  1. Keep an eye out for open decks nights, they're a good place to start. The Vic used to do them, and I think Grumpys do as well.
  2. Needs best international user. 2 horse race with me and @eggssell
  3. Mitch. Since I left the rotor boys he's gotten some killer gigs, supported plump DJ's, Revolver, etc.
  4. Have a couple of podcasts or something to chuck on early in the night whilst you wait for a few people to get there. personally I'd mix quick(ish) because 18 year olds have the attention span of a goldfish at times. be prepared to play some super shit music, because that's what the people want.
  5. Welcome. Redline til ya headline.
  6. Have a 6 pack and you'll be a fucking rockstar.
  7. What's Chunky House? Not being a dickhead, would just like to know.
  8. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/headphones-dj/headphones/sennheiser/sennheiser-hd25-ii-dj-professional-headphones/67849/ /thread
  9. There are no Sanity's anywhere near Melbourne lols. Rarer than unicorns.
  10. You could chat to the guys at Bounce Audio in Prahran, I know they sell some second hand stuff.
  11. Ello lads, Thought I would make a new thread for this one, so here is part of the recording from our set on Saturday night. We had some serious tech issues (long story) so only got the first bit of it. Enjoy the feels.
  12. until

    Ew Well we're just down the rd so let us know m8!
  13. until

    All g chief. We should have a Sunday arvo gig coming up in Feb some time. They're pre chill and usually have guster food things
  14. until

    So we play tomorrow night but the set is at 1:30AM for 1 hour, so technically Sunday AM. Fak
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