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  1. Check out my new track titled Floating on waves by Eddie Cola
  2. All the best with the wedding and congratulations mate. Definitely possible, here is my new entry/mix of 32 tracks, the 31st track drops at exactly 27:54. therefore being 30 tracks in under 28 minutes. I don't think it is possible to better this, and will still try yet I stand corrected if someone wants to prove otherwise...this was not with any hot cue drops, just mixing tracks if you are wondering... From a fun loving mix you have seemed to of gotten yourself into a bit of strife with a sticky 30 track situation, take my mixing parameters above into consideration if wanting to break a sweat... haha good luck mate! Thanks for trying mate, good effort nonetheless and great idea for a competition. So thanks.
  3. Yeah dropping tracks can be a lot of fun, I just love mixing them though which is why I found this comp quite funny
  4. Nice however the comp should be open to all genres!!! I noticed you mixed hardstyle as well..i tried to ID as many of your mixed tracks as I could but had no luck in doing so except for the few that I already have which I included ... Nonetheless this was a strange competition compared to other DJ comps I have seen...an interesting challenge. I only found out about these forums when a new friend of mine was nice enough to share its existence on my sound cloud page. How he found me was some 007 shit - I followed you back by the way if you are reading this...thanks! while I came across this comp i decided to make an account to submit and I beat your record by the way KeyboardWarrior... An aus dj forum sounds nice for us downunder good work. I went on beatport so all fresh tracks in my mix if you where wondering check it out. I put one of my own productions on it as well. . .Dragon! You should share a mix LabRat and a few tracks you are a producer as well? I am new to these forums and I can see you contribute heavily, nice to meet you, how many tracks could you say you could fit in 30 mins if you had the time? I know I can mix approx a track a minute but can't take this comp that seriously haha all respects ofcourse. OxyKon are you going to submit something, come on. . . Anyone else going to try or is it just me and KeyboardWarrior? - E Cola
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