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    RichoKidd is a local DJ/Rapper/Producer residing from and growing up in Perth, W.A

    He has been following the local hip hop scene since around late 2008/early 2009, and was a fan of international hip hop for many years before that. After listening to releases from artists like Hunter, Downsyde and Drapht (as well as acts from all over Australia), RichoKidd instantly fell in love with not only the music, but the culture that hip hop represents.

    By 2010 RichoKidd had been watching people he looked up to perform, and write music he loved, for around two years. He thought to himself; "I want that! I want the admiration that I give to these guys. I want to be up there performing my heart out to a crowd of people who all know my name". For a long time he felt he would never go anywhere and kept his music pretty much to himself and would occasionally freestyle in front of close friends and parties. It wasn’t until one night after a gig he was freestyling to his friends and a stranger complimented him and said “do you write music, cause I’d love to hear it?”

    After a few years of laziness and half-assness (not even a word) he decided it was time to actually put some effort in. So he started working on his first project Next Level. A FREE digital mixtape featuring some original beats and some jacked. After performing unheard music from the mixtape he decided to take some time off performing to put together the free release.

    After the initial release of Next Level, and a positive reception, he chose hung up his pad and pen and put his hands back on the decks.

    Now its 2015 he has decided to continue with both elements of this thing called hip hop. Currently working on his debut E.P with production from local Perth producer/MC Soma as well as DJing for Parkbench Philosophers and many other projects, I would suggest keeping an eye out for this kid, as he has nowhere but up to go!
  • Equipment
    2x Stanton T62 Turntables
    1x Pioneer DJM 250 Mixer
    1x Traktor Kontrol X1
    1x Traktor Kontrol S4
    1x Steinberg Ci1 Sound Card
    1x AKG P220
    1x NI Machine Mikro
    1x NI Kontrol S4
    1x NI Kontrol X1

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  1. It depends if you are a Serato or Traktor user too, I have the Traktor Kontrol S4 and I love it, I probably didn't even need to go with the S4 and, if you're just starting out, the S2 might be a bit of a better option as it is a smaller unit.
  2. This is a very nice guide man. You've answered a lot of questions people would go hunting when deciding what gear to buy. Big ups man!
  3. Woah. Bit of a step back in time on this thread. Well, here's a "where is he now" post. I've become a pretty well respected DJ in the hip hop community, as well as an MC. I have now linked up with some other MC's and formed a crew called New Found Heights. I have performed at countless shows and even was lucky enough to support SBX on their last tour. I'm still doing weddings and birthdays for extra coin (which usually goes right back into equipment purchased). It's good to be back on ADJF full time!
  4. 2016 is here and we are starting off the year with a BANG..Dank Presents...~~~~ JFB - (2015 UK DMC CHAMPION) ~~~~3 x UK DMC Champion & all round party rocking DJ!JFB is definitely an artist to regularly look out for. His successes have mainly been obtained from his technical ability to smash lots of differently styled events, crossing all the musical genres from Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hiphop, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Electroswing, Ghetto Funk, Breakbeat, & Drum & Bass.In recent years the art of turntabilism has become very popular again with new equipment and techniques such as video scratching, instant sample creation and midi button bashing, representing a dramatic change in direction within the discipline for more musical ears. Few other artists have been at the forefront of these fresh developments than Brighton’s very own JFB, a scratch DJ and party rocker extraordinaire who has won the UK DMC Championships in 2007, 2011 and 2015! Yet unlike many turntablists, JFB also knows when to stop beat-juggling and start dropping bombs - ultimately it’s all about making the people dance. This is an artist who’s fully immersed in bass culture and therefore many of the tunes you will hear him spin, will be his own special edits and remixes. He has a multitude of successful videos on Facebook & Youtube, with millions of views! You can check out JFB's scratch routines, live gigs, tracks, video scratch routines & collaborations.. see for yourself by typing 'JFB' into youtube or google. JFB has collaborated with many respected artists, such as doing remixes and dj mixes for Fatboy Slim who quoted 'JFB is the thinking man's Grandmaster Flash'. Plus he was the resident scratch DJ for Rob Da Bank on Radio 1 during 2013/2014. Not to mention his partner in crime Beardyman where they have joined forces for their many Battlejam projects. JFB has played a stupid amount of amazing festivals, clubs, venues & parties such as 'Big Beach Boutique 2008' in Brighton, a regular favourite at Rob Da Bank's Bestival, plus other festivals like…LoveBox, BigBeach Festival in Japan, E4's Underbelly, Secret Garden Party, Big Chill, Beach Break, Greenman, Sunrise, Glade, Eden, Balter, Symmetry, Lindisfarne, Valleyfest, not to mention Glastonbury Hell Stage Shangri-La, Boomtown’s newest stage Banghai Palace and Ghetto Funk’s own festival Shindig. He has also performed at International festivals like Shambhala (Canada), Rabbits Eat Lettuce & Rainbow Serpent (Australia) and Wicked Summer Fest (Italy). On the corporate side, he has been seen scratching throughout the London 2012 OLYMPICS in the BMX arena and video scratched for the UK NFL Fan Rally in Trafalgar Square. In conclusion, if you let JFB loose on a pair of turntables and a mixer, he will make sure your party goes off with a double bang…producing mind blowing results that are just jaw-dropping! Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turntablistdj Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BATTLEJAM Twitter: https://twitter.com/jfbscratch Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jfbdj FEATURING LOCAL SUPPORTS ~ TEMPLE ~ SOHO b2b SAMMY MC ~ MIDSOLE ~ HIGH POWER PRE SALE TICKETS AVAILABLE VIA OZITX ~ http://tickets.oztix.com.au/?Event=59029 ~ $25 AT THE DOOR THIS EVENT IS 18+ // VALID ID WILL BE REQUIRED DOORS FROM 9:30 // LATE
  5. I've been given advice from my homie Rob Shaker (who is one of Perth's best behind the cuts) and, well its not really about the gear, but the skill. Learn the basics on basic bitches, uh I mean, equipment. Then go from there!
  6. Welcome Welcome Welcome
  7. I have watched this like 8 times today, possibly up there with some of my favourite sixy shit! After Utopia, I think we will be seeing a new and improved 360!
  8. I will be using it with Pro Tools. Once I figure out how to plug it into my Digi 002R. Does it work in the sense when I move a fader/knob on the mixer it'll do it on Pro Tools? Just want to make sure its going to work the way I had planned </noob question>
  9. Some of you may have seen, I just picked up these little baby, but I don't really have any idea on where to even start with it. Let alone how she goes. Any information about this little beast would be sweet. Have you used one before? Does she go aiit?
  10. It's pretty old but the guy I bought it of said sounds like a gem. How much experience have you had with it @Cupe? My next job is to figure out how to connect the mixer to the interface (I'm assuming I go from mixer output to interface input)
  11. We have progress! Today we picked up the rack case and a mixing console for a couple hundred bucks. Apparently there is a bit of history in the console, in that Limp Bizkits current sound engineer used to own it in his home recording studio in Perth. Here are some shots; As you can see, its no where NEAR complete. I still need to score some studio monitors, computer monitors, wireless mouse & keyboard as well as a few cords and cables, but the bare bones is starting to come together!
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